Australian Great Slams Moeen Ali For “Whinging” Over Schedule: “If Plane Had To Depart For IPL…”

Australian Great Slams Moeen Ali For “Whinging” Over Schedule: “If Plane Had To Depart For IPL…”. Michael Clarke, a former Australia captain, criticized Moeen Ali for complaining about his busy schedule. England will play Australia in an ODI on Thursday after defeating them on Sunday in the T20 World Cup final.

At the Melbourne Cricket Ground on Sunday, England’s cricket team won the ICC T20 World Cup after defeating Pakistan by a margin of five wickets. At Adelaide Oval, they will face Australia in the opening game of a three-match ODI series on Thursday. Many athletes and support personnel have expressed their annoyance with the length of the delay between two assignments. Michael Clarke, a former captain of Australia, criticized Moeen Ali and other English players for “whinging” as he vented his unhappiness with the tight timetable.

According to Moeen, the scheduling of the series is “horrendous,” making it exceedingly challenging to sustain the same level of intensity during each game. In response to Moeen’s protest, Clarke stated that he wouldn’t be making the same statement if the Indian Premier League plane needed to depart immediately following the T20 World Cup.

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“If it was playing in the T20 World Cup and then the next day get on a plane to depart for the IPL, I don’t think you’d hear anybody whinge,”

Fox Sports cites Clarke as having said.

“Players can’t complain about the international schedule when they’re taking the opportunity to play domestic cricket as well for franchises for money when you can have those six or eight weeks off. Then you’d be as fresh as a daisy. I’ve obviously found that very hard.”

Only three days pass between the T20 World Cup and the ODI series for the England team. However, Moeen made it clear that giving your all throughout the ODI series isn’t always feasible.

“Having a game in three days’ time, it’s horrible. “But it’s better than two days’ time. If it had rained on Sunday, it would have been two days [if the reserve day came into play]. As players, we’re kind of getting used to it now. But to give 100 percent all the time is difficult when you’re playing every two, three days,”

According to Moeen.

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