Kickboxing Rule: How to Play Kickboxing

Kickboxing may be a generally modern, full-contact sport and military craftsmanship. That has its roots in a few other military disciplines. With the cutting edge sport of kickboxing starting within the USA within the 1970s. It was an amalgamation of a few other striking expressions put into a more recognizable. American concept, masculine by holding competitions in a boxing ring.

Japanese karate, Muay Thai, western boxing, the French kicking craftsmanship of Savate. And Korean Taekwondo is all in portion capable for the present-day don of kickboxing. With the wear taking off quickly and also being prevalent around the world. In any case, it was in America and Japan that were (and still are) kickboxing strongholds.

Object of Kickboxing

Like its near relative – boxing – the point of kickboxing is to defeat your adversary by utilizing kicking and punching strategies to thump them out. Constrain the arbitrator to halt the battle. Or to show prevalent abilities in both resistance and assault to win on the judge’s points cards. Kickboxing could be a full-contact sport. And as well as being adept at striking with both their hands and also feet. Kickboxers have to be a great fit and adaptable, as a few of the foremost viable procedures are kicks to the head.

Players & Equipment

Kickboxing Rule

Kickboxing requires relatively few pieces of equipment.

  • Boxing ring: Kickboxing nearly continuously takes put in a boxing ring. The precise size may change depending upon the diverse associations and promotions.
  • Boxing gloves: Kickboxers wear control boxing gloves and these may be in any colour. Underneath the gloves, kickboxers utilize hand wraps to assist keep their clench hand in shape and avoid any wounds to the knuckles and wrist.
  • Footpads: Since kickboxing uses the feet as a striking weapon, pads are worn on the feet to secure them. This can be a principal distinction between kickboxing and its close relative, Thai boxing, in which boxers don’t wear foot pads (and are moreover permitted to strike with the knee and elbow).
  • Groin guards and mouth guards are also worn by all kickboxers.


There may be distinctive strategies of scoring depending upon each distinctive person’s kickboxing association, but the tremendous lion’s share uses the sort of scoring as utilized in boxing. Judges (or in a few cases, fair the arbitrator) score each warrior in each circular depending upon their performance.

Kickboxing Rule

Winning the Match

Like boxing and Muay Thai, there are several ways in which a fight can be won:

  • Knockout: Typically where one fighter striker strikes their rival rendering them unable of carrying on. The striker is at that point pronounced the champ after a count of ten. Which gives the other warrior a chance to induce up and also proceed to battle.
  • TKO: Typically a specialized knockout and is when the referee decides that one warrior is now not able to guard themselves, instantly finishing the battle and pronouncing the other warrior the champ.
  • Points: If no knockout or TKO occurs during the fight, then the fight goes to points. The judge/referee’s points on a scorecard are added up and the fighter with the most points is declared the winner. If the points are equal at the end of the fight then the fight is declared a draw.

Rules of Kickboxing

Kickboxing Rule
  • All kickboxing matches should take place in a boxing ring.
  • Any competitor in full contact kickboxing must compete against a fighter in the same weight category as themselves to ensure a fair fight.
  • After listening to the referee’s instructions, both fighters touch glove and the fight begins.
  • Rounds usually last 3-minutes and the number of rounds depends upon the experience of the fighters involved. There is a 1-minute break between each round. Championship fights are usually over 12 x 3 minute rounds.
  • Each fighter must attempt to defeat their opponent by using punches and also kicks to the body and head in an attempt to knock their opponent out.
  • If both fighters fail to knock their opponent out or force the referee to stop the fight, then the fight is judged on points. The fighter with the greater number of points is declared the winner.
  • If both fighters have the same amount of points, the match is considered a draw.

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