Andy Roberts voices concerns over bowlers’ plight in modern-day cricket

Andy Roberts voices concerns over bowlers’ plight in modern-day cricket. Roberts asked for a more equitable balance in the IPL’s Impact Player rule, pointing out that the current system unfairly favors batters.

Andy Roberts, a former West Indies speed bowling great, has expressed his reservations about bowlers in current cricket. He emphasised bowlers’ small margin for error, as well as the stringent rules that define wides and no-balls.

He also asked for a more equitable balance in the Impact Player rule in the IPL

Claiming that the current system overwhelmingly favors batters. He also called on the International Cricket Council (ICC) to act and make changes to remedy the imbalance. It is worth noting that his comments came following Virat Kohli’s unlucky dismissal from the IPL 2024 match between RCB and KKR on April 21.

“One inch down the leg side, it’s wide; one inch over the head, it’s no-ball. So they know where each ball is heading. Once you know where the ball is going, you may prepare for the shot. I’m not sure what I would do if I were playing today. You’ve got fewer than two feet to make an error. They should make the rules a little more equitable. Everything is designed for batting. “The ICC needs to step in and make a few changes,” Roberts told ‘Indian Sports Fans’ founder Sunil Yash Kalra during a live TV show on India News.

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Here is how cricket is tilting towards the batters

Many people have criticized the IPL’s Impact Player regulation, pointing out its limitations on the role of all-rounders within clubs. Recently, India captain and Mumbai Indians batter Rohit Sharma, as well as top bowler Mohammed Siraj, expressed strong objections about this rule.

It is worth mentioning that the IPL’s impact sub-rule has allowed teams to score more than 250 runs in some games. Aside from this problem, the introduction of two new balls in limited-overs cricket has presented bowlers with challenges, as the balls have not aged sufficiently for reverse swing.

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