Hawk-Eye founder Paul Hawkins responds to Michael Vaughan’s DRS criticisms

Hawk-Eye founder Paul Hawkins responds to Michael Vaughan’s DRS criticisms. Hawkins expressed dismay with Vaughan’s idea, stating that it is unfortunate to hear such remarks from someone of his status.

Hawk-Eye founder Paul Hawkins chastised former England captain Michael Vaughan for making incorrect claims about the Decision Review System (DRS) amid controversy during the ongoing Test series between India and England. Joe Root’s dismissal in the fourth Test sparked intense discussions over the DRS. Root given LBW despite on-field umpire Kumar Dharmasena’s reluctant answer to India’s appeal, implying that the ball pitch outside the leg stump. However, following examination, ball-tracking technology reveal that the ball pitch just in line, forcing the umpire to reverse his earlier verdict.

This spurred debate about the DRS’s openness, particularly after Zak Crawley was disqualified twice on marginal calls. England captain Ben Stokes called for the removal of the umpire’s call, while Vaughan emphasize the importance of increase transparency, advocating the installation of cameras on DRS operators.

“I’m not claiming somebody is cheating. I’m attempting to provide an answer for when a decision is made and everyone disagrees with it. If the individual on Hawk-Eye is filmed, the noise is silenced. The trucks now house the most essential decision-making operators. We need a camera in the truck to get a sense of how everything comes to that decision. Wisden cited Vaughan as saying, “All I want is full transparency.”

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While discussing Vaughan’s recommendations, Hawkins provided a detailed explanation of the activities of DRS operators

Aas well as the amount of people involved in generating visuals post-review and how they function. He further emphasized that cameras are installed within the vans for quality control purposes.

“In typical production, there are three persons on the Hawk-Eye tracking side of the system, while another person handles the UltraEdge. So, one person handles the virtual reality – the output side. – Two independent people handle the tracking, ensuring that there is no single point of failure. The cameras feed into two different tracking systems, each with its own set of readers and operators. And so every single ball – you’ve got effectively two watches. You’re checking that they’re always the same, and you’ve got quality control between the two systems. ” Hawkins explain on The Analyst podcast.

Following the clarification on the cameras in the DRS vans, Hawkins expressed dismay with Vaughan’s statement, stating that it is unfortunate to hear such words from someone of his standing. He emphasized that Vaughan, as a media person, is responsible for ensuring factual correctness in his utterances.

“I believe the criticism is somewhat ignorant. It’s bad for Vaughan since he’s an obviously brilliant athlete who I enjoyed watching play. He’s also a great pundit who is really entertaining. However, I believe it is a responsibility to the game, in terms of journalism. Perhaps a little more preparation in terms of his work as a journalist can help him explain what’s going on with cricket’s massive fan base, ensuring that what he writes is factual. “Just as Hawk-Eye has an obligation to be factually correct, perhaps journalists do as well,” he added.

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