Court asks Diwakar and Das to list specific allegations

Court asks Diwakar and Das to list specific allegations. The case has been postponed to April 3.

Former India captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni sued for defamation by his former business partners, Mihir Diwakar and his wife Saumya Das. The duo filed a petition against Dhoni in the Delhi High Court, demanding a permanent injunction and damages. The lawsuit filed to prevent the 42-year-old from making any defamatory or harmful statements about them in the media.

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Dhoni’s lawyer told the court that the defamation claim against the cricketer was unsustainable

Following that, Justice Prathiba Singh’s single-judge panel refused to issue an interim order against the Chennai Super Kings captain. As well as other media outlets and social media platforms, prohibiting them from uploading or publishing any alleged false defamatory statements against the plaintiffs. The case adjourn to April 3, 2024.

On Monday, Singh also ordered Diwakar and Das to clarify the claims against media outlets that allegedly defamed them. The court asked the complainants to explain how news of Dhoni’s cheating complaint defamed them. Advocate Siddhant Kumar, representing the news agency ANI, said that the media outlet publish true reports indicating that Dhoni filed a complaint against Diwakar and Das. The lawsuit launched against the cricketer. Facebook parent company Meta, X (previously Twitter), Google, YouTube, and 30 media outlets and digital portals.

Notably, Dhoni accused the duo of defrauding him of over Rs 16 crore by failing to execute a deal to create cricket academies in 2017. Since then, the duo has denied any fraud claims. Diwakar and Saumya petitioned the High Court for an injunction prohibiting Dhoni and others from making defamatory charges against them about an alleged breach of contract. They said that Dhoni’s charges against them are ‘wild, untrue, unjustified, vengeful, vicious, and unwarranted.’

Senior counsel Satvik Verma, representing the couple. Contended that the media has already label them guilty, which is not justified given that the case is still ongoing.

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