It is critical that the yo-yo test be performed in public: Sunil Gavaskar

It is critical that the yo-yo test be perform in public: Sunil Gavaskar. Earlier this month, the BCCI reinstated the Yo-Yo fitness test and the Dexa (bone scan test) as eligibility requirements for selection to the Indian cricket team.

The BCCI reportedly issued a verbal warning to India cricketers in August. Not to publicly reveal the Yo-Yo test score, characterizing it as ‘private information .’ The Apex Body acted after India’s star batter Virat Kohli reveal his Yo-Yo test score on his official social media account.

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Sunil Gavaskar, the great Indian batter, disagreed with the BCCI’s policy

Claiming that revealing the yo-yo test score would only inform the public whether any player who did not satisfy the required fitness had been selected.

“If it is true that unless the minimum standard of the Yo-Yo test is not met. Then the player is not eligible for selection then it’s all the more important for this test to be done in the public domain. So that the public that follows the game in their millions know. There are no players who have not met the minimum standard in the team. ” Gavaskar wrote in his column for the Mid-Day.

The 74-year-old went on to say that just because Shubman Gill had a higher yo-yo test score than Kohli does not mean the latter is less fit. He went on to suggest that the age gap between the two should not be overlooked. The veteran should be recognize for his level of fitness.

“There was a lot of excitement when Kohli released his Yo-Yo score. Which was higher than the limit set by the BCCI trainers. ” Shubman Gill’s higher Yo-Yo score than Virat was far from one-upmanship. The age gap between the two must not be overlook. The elder must be respect for his level of fitness. “The BCCI then directed that no one post their Yo-Yo test scores, which may have saved some blushes,” he continued.

For the uninitiated, the BCCI reinstated the yo-yo fitness test and the Dexa (bone scan test) as eligibility criteria for selection to the Indian cricket squad earlier this month.

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