‘The ODIs in the UAE in September could have resulted in player fatigue and injury,’ Jay Shah in response to Najam Sethi

‘The ODIs in the UAE in September could have resulted in player fatigue and injury. ‘ Jay Shah in response to Najam Sethi. The statement follows Sethi’s criticism, in which he question the ACC’s choice to hold the Asia Cup in Sri Lanka despite his proposal that it be held in Pakistan or the UAE.

Former PCB President Najam Sethi’s comments about the venue for the 2023 Asia Cup have prompted BCCI Secretary Jay Shah to respond. After India and Pakistan’s match call off, Sethi urge that the tournament be held in the UAE rather than Sri Lanka.

The answer follows Sethi’s criticism of the ACC’s decision to avoid hosting the Asia Cup in the UAE this year. Citing previous examples of matches being play in similar conditions, including two IPLs and an ACC ODI event.

Shah explained the reasoning behind hosting the Asia Cup in the island nation rather than the UAE

He emphasized the distinctions between the T20 format of the 2022 Asia Cup and the current tournament’s 50-over version.

“The Asia Cup 2022 edition play in the T20 format in the UAE. It’s important to emphasize that the dynamics of a T20 tournament cannot be directly compared to those of a 100-over One-day format. ” Jay Shah told Indian Express.

Shah emphasize that input from high-performance teams expressed worries about playing ODIs in the UAE in September, citing potential player weariness and injury risks ahead of the ICC Cricket World Cup.

“ACC members received feedback from their respective high-performance teams in this context. Expressing concerns about playing One-day matches in the UAE in September. ” Such a schedule could have result in player tiredness and an increase risk of injury, especially so close to the ICC Cricket World Cup. ” He noted.

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In response to the issue surrounding match allocation in Pakistan. Shah state that the decision reach in collaboration with all parties.

“All the full members, media rights holder, and in-stadia rights holders were initially hesitant to commit to hosting the entire tournament in Pakistan. This reluctance stemmed from concerns related to the security and economic situation prevailing in the country,” he added.

Shah also shed light on his role as ACC President in trying to find a mutually agreeable solution. He mentioned accepting the hybrid model proposed by PCB in collaboration with ACC management. 

“In my capacity as ACC President, I commit to finding a viable and mutually agreeable solution. To this end, I had accept the hybrid model that proposed by the PCB in collaboration with the ACC management. However, it’s important to note that the leadership of the PCB underwent several changes. This resulted in some back-and-forth negotiations, particularly regarding crucial aspects such as tax exemption and insurance for matches. ” He concluded.

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