PCB’s revenue is predicted to more than double from the previous cycle.

PCB’s revenue is predict to more than double from the previous cycle. Pakistan has agreed to the ICC’s new financing arrangement.

The PCB has agreed to the ICC propose finance plan, which will result in the board obtaining more than twice its present earnings. The decision decide during the ICC meeting and annual conference in Durban. South Africa, from July 10 to July 13, where the PCB delegation discussed a wide range of issues.

The International Cricket Council’s “Financial and Distribution Model 2024-27. ” Promise to invest the most money ever in international cricket. Offering a substantial chance for the sport to expand and thrive. When deciding the distribution share among members. The technique considers both on-field and off-field performance variables. Such as cricket rankings, success at ICC competitions, and financial contributions to the ICC.

Given this development, the PCB has been aggressively seeking greater information and clarity on the reasons for allocating weightage to each criterion and calculating distributions. The PCB advocated deferring the decision to the next ICC conference, citing worries about a lack of accurate information, data, and calculations.

However, the majority of members believed that postponing the decision not an option and decide to approve the plan.

While respecting the majority’s judgment, the PCB expressed its dissatisfaction on principle.

According to the PCB’s statement, the new financial model takes into account the team’s performance in ICC tournaments and bilateral cricket, as well as the board’s big fan base, resulting in significant commercial value. As a result, the PCB’s revenue share will more than quadruple as compared to the previous cycle, allowing for greater investment in developing cricketing abilities and propelling Pakistan Cricket to new heights.

“Team’s performance in men’s ICC events and bilateral cricket, the PCB’s own huge fan base. Which leads to significant commercial value, the PCB rank amongst the top-four nations in this model. ” According to The News.

India is predict to receive 38.5% of the expect revenue. Australia and England receiving 6.25 and 6.89%, respectively. According to ESPNcricinfo, the $3 billion TV rights contract for the years 2024-2027 will likely generate the majority of Pakistan’s 5.75 percent share of the ICC’s expected earnings.

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PCB chairman Zaka Ashraf also review the future Asia Cup 2023 program

During the ICC meetings, PCB Chairman Zaka Ashraf met with officials from different cricket boards on multiple occasions, focusing on collaborations and programs targeted at mutually beneficial cricket development and growth.

Furthermore, on July 15, officials from the PCB and the ACC met to discuss the itinerary. Logistical arrangements, and marketing campaigns for the Asia Cup 2023. The confirm itinerary is anticipated to be announce later this week, which has piqud the interest of cricket fans.

With the ratification of the ICC’s new financial model, the PCB stands to gain much more money. Allowing for greater investment in the sport and offering Pakistan Cricket the opportunity to achieve extraordinary success.

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