‘Everybody knew he was different’ – Rajkumar Sharma, Virat Kohli’s previous coach, recalls his early years.

‘Everybody knew he was different’ – Rajkumar Sharma, Virat Kohli’s previous coach, recalls his early years. In a video that RCB published across their social media channels, ajkumar Sharma discussed Kohli’s formative years.

The RCB and the Delhi Capitals, led by David Warner, will play in the 50th match of the IPL 2023 on Saturday, May 6, at the Arun Jaitley Stadium in Delhi. Since the Bangalore team will be playing there, Virat Kohli will be playing in Delhi for the first time.

A video of Kohli as a child was upload on social media. By Royal Challengers Bangalore in the days leading up to the game. Rajkumar Sharma, the 34-year-old’s boyhood coach. Ponder on Kohli’s formative years and describe how he was in training in the video.

“On May 30, 1998, he came to me with his brother and his father. Within a few days, we could see that he was very different from others—a very active, very hyper, and very naughty guy. He was very determined and dedicated; he wanted to dominate from Day 1. He had tremendous self-belief that I can do anything. Shalaj and Virat were very thick friends from my academy,”

Rajkumar Sharma said.

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Rajkumar Sharma: He’s special and god-gifted talent

In the video, a few of Kohli’s childhood memories are discuss. The video also features his mother, his boyhood pal Shalaj, and his coach. Rajkumar Sharma recall a training-related event in which Kohli requested to play with older players. Rather than younger ones since they couldn’t get him out.

“Virat never used to get out to the juniors teammates, so he came to and said, ‘put me in the elders group’. He once got hit on the chest, but he told his mother, I’ll play with elders only. He’s special and god-gifted talent,”

 Rajkumar Sharma said.

Additionally, Shalaj’s mother says in the film that the legendary Indian batter used to inquire. About what she had prepared for lunch during practice and even requested that she prepare particular dishes for him.

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