‘Steamed or boiled food with no spices’ Star RCB batsman Virat Kohli discloses his food regimen

‘Steamed or boiled food with no spices’ Star RCB batsman Virat Kohli discloses his food regimen. One of the world’s fittest cricket players, Virat Kohli encourages everyone to prioritize their health.

India’s great batsman Virat Kohli is among the world’s fittest players. The former India captain is revered in the cricketing world for his amazing athleticism on the pitch. Kohli even changed the way Indian cricket approached fitness, making the “Yo-Yo Test” a key factor in the selection of the Indian team.

The well known cricketer recently revealed his diet plan, which enables him to maintain his physical fitness throughout the cricket season and give each game his all. Kohli is seen detailing his diet, which consists mostly of steamed or boiled foods without any seasonings, in a video that has gained popularity on social media. He continued by adding that the flavor of his food did not upset him.

“90 per cent of my food is all steamed, boiled. No masala. Salt and pepper, lime, that’s how I eat. I am not a big fanatic about the taste of food, I don’t care about the taste. Salaads I enjoy with a bit of dressing. Pan-grilled good with a bit of olive oil or whatever. No curries, I only eat daal (lentils). I would eat rajma and lobhiya as a Punjabi can’t skip it. I would eat daal (lentils) but no masala curries,”

Kohli said.

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Kohli is now leading RCB in the forthcoming Indian Premier League 2023.

In recent years, Kohli has hardly ever missed a game due to injury, which is evidence of his dedication to remain healthy. The Delhi-born cricketer has frequently acknowledged in interviews that he did not begin his career as a fitness nut.

He didn’t like the way he looked, so one day he had a realization as he looked at himself in the mirror. The star cricketer immediately adjusted his habits, which helped him become more agile and started working wonders on the field. Since then, Kohli has not looked back and has modeled excellent physical health for the rest of his team.

While Faf du Plessis recovers from a rib injury, Kohli is now leading Royal Challengers Bangalore in the forthcoming Indian Premier League 2023. Virat is also hitting really well right now, with five fifty-sevens, 333 runs, an average of 47.57, and a strike rate of 142.30 in eight innings.

With four victories from eight games two of which came under Kohli’s direction RCB is currently ranked fifth in the standings.

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