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  This time exploring one of the most popular sports in the world, but one that is not talked about so often, today we will talk about how to bet on Cricket!

  Considered to be baseball’s "cousin", cricket is a sport that has millions of followers around the world.

  In countries like South Africa, Pakistan, India, and Australia cricket is considered one of the most popular sports, even surpassing football.

  The basic rules of cricket

  In cricket we have two teams with eleven players on each side, just as in soccer.

  The cricket field has three divisions on each side: a Rectangle or "Pitch", an Inner Circle or "Infield", and an Outer Circle or "Outfield".

  The rectangle is in the middle of the pitch, where the batting attackers stand.

  Each striker plays with a cricket bat, while at the ends of the rectangle are two defensive players, the bowler and the batsman.

  At each end of the rectangle are placed the "Wickets", which are three wooden stumps, with two pieces of wood called "Bails".

  The scoring system in cricket is as follows:

  If a team has won 100 runs and lost 3 wickets, the score is shown 100/3 or 100-3 (read as 100 to 3).

  If a team has won 200 runs and lost all its 10 wickets, the score 200 all out is shown, in which case that team’s innings is finished.

  Types of cricket games

  A recurring question on the subject is how long does a cricket match last?

  Cricket has undergone many adaptations since its inception. There are reports of matches lasting around 10 days.

  However, to facilitate transmissions and information, new forms have been developed around the world.

  Test Cricket

  This is the most traditional form of cricket, with matches of longer duration, played over 5 days.

  For more specific points related to how to bet on cricket, it is worth remembering that matches can end with 2 results:

  Victory for one side
A draw

  The matches are divided into a kind of three sessions per day, totaling 15 until the last day of play.

  This implies, therefore, constant adaptations by the players, so that they adjust to the conditions on the field and also to the weather, which can vary in just one day. Everything can influence the performance.

  One Day Cricket

  The One Day International (ODI) was created to adjust the sport in broadcasts.

  The adaptations started in the 1970s and feature 1 match divided into 50 overs for each team, making it easy for the competition to take place in just one day.

  In this game mode, the highest number of runs is the most important to declare the winning team. It is worth remembering that the ball (in white) and the uniforms also have some differences from test cricket.

  Another point that is different are the fielding restrictions for the team captains, who can only field two players outside the 30-yard circle during the first few overs.

  T20 Cricket

  With its adaptation from the 2000s onwards, T20 has further changed the sport and consolidated an even faster way of completing the game, which is usually played in the afternoon or evening.

  The number of overs is further reduced, dropping to 20, in matches of this type of adaptation. Because of greater dynamism, this is one of the weapons to try and expand the sport even further.

  As in one-day cricket, there are restrictions on the space given for the first few overs, with regard to the players positioned by the captains. This limitation is restricted to six, as the matches have fewer overs.

  In the other 14 overs, five players are allowed to stand in the same position, facilitating the play.

  Markets for Cricket Betting

  Cricket offers some simple markets that we are already used to, but also several virtually unique markets in the sport.

  Check out some of the most common betting markets in cricket below.

  Match Winner

  This is probably the most popular of all cricket betting markets and one where most bettors will look to start.

  Here, we are just looking to bet on the team that we think will win the game.

  In Test cricket, there is room for a drawn game while in the limited overs formats, it’s all about selecting one of the two teams taking part.

  Top batsman

  In this market, we look to get behind the player we think will score the most runs for his side.

  It is one of the most popular cricket betting markets and, away from the match winner’s option, is probably the one that gets the most attention.

  Again, there is a slight difference here between Test cricket and the limited overs formats.

  In 50 Over and T20 games, each side bats only once and the task is simply to bet on the batsman who is thought to make the highest individual total.

  In Test and first-class cricket, teams are allocated two innings. The important point to note is that the top batsman markets for test and first-class cricket relate only to the first innings. If a second innings is required, it does not count.

  Man of the Match

  This is an easy market to explain but, with 22 players in contention, it can be a tough one to call. Because there are many contenders, the odds in the Man of the Match betting are relatively long in comparison with others, and there can be some nice profits when we make the right call.

  It’s a self-explanatory cricket betting market where we’re looking to stake on the man or woman who we think will be given the Player of the Match award.

  Toss Winner

  Before each match, the two captains toss a coin to decide who bats first and who will take to the field. In this cricket betting market, the task is to bet on which team will win that toss.

  This is a 50/50 bet so you can expect the odds on both teams to be the same. The price will vary depending on the sportsbook you use, but they will generally be in the region of 9/10 – or 1.9 if you are using decimal odds.

  Due to the fact that the coin has a 50% chance of landing on heads or tails, you might not think this is a bet to get excited about, but it is still one of the most popular cricket betting markets in the world.

  Series Winner

  In international cricket, it is rare to see sides face each other in a single game.

  There will usually be a series of games, usually with a minimum of three games between the two teams.

  The winner of the series is a cricket betting market that allows you to bet on the team you think will win the most games and claim whatever trophy you are willing to win. Odds are available for each side and there may also be prices available for a drawn series.

  To Score a Century

  This is another individual market and it’s typical of the options that are available for the best batsmen in the side.

  The sportsbooks will list several of the batters involved for each of the two teams and the job of the bettor is to decide whether or not they will score a century.

  There are two simple options here – yes or no: Based on current form plus other statistics such as a record against the upcoming opponents, it’s time to make an informed decision on whether that player will go past three figures.

  Top Wicket Taker

  This market works in a similar way to that of the top batsman. Here, we are looking for the bowler who we think will take the most wickets in an innings.

  Once again, there are different ways to approach this depending on whether this is a limited overs game or a test match. In 50 Over and T20 games, there is just one innings where this bet will be decided. In test matches and other first class cricket where this market is available, Top Wicket Taker will apply to the first innings only.

  First Wicket

  There are several cricket betting markets linked to the first wicket. In most cases, when you see the use of this term, it relates to the likely dismissal method. Therefore, the task at hand here is to bet on whether the first batsman will be dismissed via Bowled, Caught, LBW, Run Out or by some other method.

  Most sportsbooks also have a separate market based on which of the two batters will be dismissed. Take a look at the two batters that will be out and decide who is likely to be out first.

  Finally, the bookies are also known to publish markets based on which team will have the highest first wicket partnership. There are many different options here, and when you see a market being listed for First Wicket, make sure you are aware of which one is being used.

  Total Match Boundaries

  This is one of the most active cricket betting markets for experienced punters who like to analyse the many statistics that are attached to the game.

  As the name suggests, the job here is to bet on how many boundaries that you think will be scored during the game.

  The sportsbooks who declare in this type of market will publish a series of lines and, for this example, we’re going to assume that we’re staking on a T20 match.

  A common line may come in at 20.5 while there will be others – 18.5, 19.5, 21.5, 22.5 and so on.

  Two different options – Over and Under – will appear next to each line. The bettor will then decide whether to go Over or Under that chosen line. Using our 20.5 as an example, an Over bet will pay out if there are 21 or more boundaries while an Under bet will return a profit if there are 20 boundaries or fewer.

  No Bet Draw

  This is an option in test and first class cricket matches where the draw is a possible outcome. With this type of cricket betting market, the bookmaker simply takes the draw out of the equation, leaving you the possibility of placing a "winning" bet on either side.

  This means that the odds of a win will decrease, since we now only have two markets instead of three. However, it makes things simpler for the bettor and this is one of the most popular cricket betting markets as a result.

  Well, that was a little longer than normal, but we hope this helped you get a best undertanding of cricket and how to bet on this awesome sport.

  And remember, the best way to make the most of all your bets is to !

cricket betting forumHow’s Pele doing in the hospital?

  Pelle is known as the black maniac of football around the world, the king of football is ill during the World Cup in the hospital bed.


  Brazil won the highest number of titles in the Football World Cup.The artistry on the ball and the pairing of stars and superstars are in this paradise of football. Pelle is above all of them. Known as the black maniac of football around the world, the king of football is ill during the World Cup cricket betting forumHow’s Pele doing in the hospital? in the hospital bed.


  Currently the Brazil team is busy playing the World Cup. The whole world is now in the madness of football. The joy, the cheerful color, the organizer of the World Cup in the exterior, the organizer of the World Cup. In the meantime, the news of football legend Pell’s illness, brought depression to everyone. He is currently admitted to a hospital in Sao Paulo, Brazil.


  The king of football enjoyed the current football World Cup before being admitted to the hospital. He also hoped to win Brazil in the World Cup. However, football fans are moving in the news of his hospital in the middle of the World Cup.


  The 12 -year -old has been suffering from colon cancer for a long time. His daughter, Kelly Nasimento, told the media that he was admitted to the hospital for regular treatment. “I brought my father to the hospital for regular treatment,” he said. No new problems or serious conditions were created, “he said.


  Meanwhile, news of the admission to the hospital in Pell has spread to the whole world to inquire. Pell’s family expressed his gratitude to such love. His daughter also thanked everyone for this. “Many people have heard the news of my father’s illness,” said Nasimanto.


  It should be noted that Pele has a record of winning three World Cups as the only footballer in football history. Besides, he scored a thousand goals in professional football before officially retiring. That is why he is also considered as the best footballer in history. He also wishes Neymar to win Hexa at the Qatar World Cup.

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