lay meaning in cricket bettingWhat is lay and back in betting in hindi. Lay Betting Guide – A Chance to Play the Role of a Bookmaker

lay meaning in cricket bettingBetting glossary of terms

  Action: Having a wager on a game.

  ATS (“against the [point] spread”): If a team is 5-2 ATS, it means it has a 5-2 record against the point spread, or more commonly referred to simply as the “spread.”

  Backdoor cover: When a team scores points at the end of a game to cover the spread unexpectedly.

  Bad beat: Losing a bet you should have won. It’s especially used when the betting result is decided late in the game to change the side that covers the spread. Also used in poker, such as when a player way ahead in the expected win percentage loses on the river (last card).

  Beard: Someone who places a wager for another person (aka “runner”).

  Book: Short for sportsbook or bookmaker; person or establishment that takes bets from customers.

  Bookie: A person who accepts bets illegally and charges vig.

  Buying points: Some bookies or sportsbooks will allow customers to alter the set line and then adjust odds. For example, a bettor might decide he wants to have his team as a 3-point underdog instead of the set line of 2.5. He has then “bought” half a point, and the odds of his bet will be changed.

  Chalk: The favorite in the game. People said to be “chalk” bettors typically bet the favorite.

  Circle game: A game for which the betting limits are lowered, usually because of injuries and/or weather.

  Closing line: The final line before the game or event begins.

  Consensus pick: Derived from data accumulated from a variety of sportsbooks in PickCenter. The pick, and its percentage, provides insight as to what side the public is taking in a game.

  Cover: The betting result on a point-spread wager. For a favorite to cover, it has to win by more than the spread; an underdog covers by winning outright or losing by less than the spread.

  Dime: Jargon for a $1,000 bet. If you bet “three dimes,” that means a $3,000 wager.

  ’Dog: Short for underdog.

  Dollar: Jargon for a $100 bet. Usually used with bookies; if you bet “five dollars,” that means a $500 wager.

  Edge: An advantage. Sports bettors might feel they have an edge on a book if they think its lines aren’t accurate.

  Even money: Odds that are considered 50-50. You put up $1 to win $1.

  Exotic: Any wager other than a straight bet or parlay; can also be called a “prop” or “proposition wager.”

  Favorite: The expected straight-up winner in a game or event. Depending on the sport, the favorite will lay either odds or points. For example, in a football game, if a team is a 2.5-point favorite, it will have to win by three points or more to be an ATS winner.

  Fixed: A participant in a particular game who alters the result of that game or match to a completely or partially predetermined result. The participant did not play honestly or fairly because of an undue outside influence.

  Futures bet: A long-term wager that typically relates to a team’s season-long success. Common futures bets include betting a team to win a championship at the outset of a season, or betting whether the team will win or lose more games than a set line at the start of the season.

  Halftime bet: A bet made after the first half ended and before the second half begins (football and basketball primarily). The oddsmaker generally starts with half of the game side/total and adjusts based on what happened in the first half.

  Handicapper: A person trying to predict the winners of an event.

  Handle: The amount of money taken by a book on an event or the total amount of money wagered.

  Hedging: Betting the opposing side of your original bet, to either ensure some profit or minimize potential loss. This is typically done with futures bets, but can also be done on individual games with halftime bets or in-game wagering.

  High roller: A high-stakes gambler.

  Hook: A half-point. If a team is a 7.5-point favorite, it is said to be “laying seven and a hook.”

  In-game wagering: A service offered by books in which bettors can place multiple bets in real time, as the game is occurring.

  Juice: The commission the bookie or bookmaker takes. Standard is 10 percent. Also called the “vig/vigorish.”

  Layoff: Money bet by a sportsbook with another sportsbook or bookmaker to reduce that book’s liability.

  Limit: The maximum bet taken by a book. If a book has a $10,000 limit, it’ll take that bet but the book will then decide whether it’s going to adjust the line before the bettor can bet again.

  Lock: A guaranteed win in the eyes of the person who made the wager.

  Middle: When a line moves, a bettor can try to “middle” a wager and win both sides with minimal risk. Suppose a bettor bets one team as a 2.5-point favorite, then the line moves to 3.5 points. She can then bet the opposite team at 3.5 and hope the favorite wins by three points. She would then win both sides of the bet.

  Money line (noun), money-line (modifier): A bet in which your team only needs to win. The point spread is replaced by odds.

  Mush: A bettor or gambler who is considered to be bad luck.

  Nickel: Jargon for a $500 bet. Usually used with bookies; if you bet “a nickel,” that means a $500 wager.

  Oddsmaker (also linemaker): The person who sets the odds. Some people use it synonymous with “bookmaker” and often the same person will perform the role at a given book, but it can be separate if the oddsmaker is just setting the lines for the people who will eventually book the bets.

  Off the board: When a book or bookie has taken a bet down and is no longer accepting action or wagers on the game. This can happen if there is a late injury or some uncertainty regarding who will be participating.

  Over/under: A term that can be used to describe the total combined points in a game (the Ravens-Steelers over/under is 40 points) or the number of games a team will win in a season (the Broncos’ over/under win total is 11.5). Also used in prop bets.

  Parlay: A wager in which multiple teams are bet, either against the spread or on the money line. For the wager to win (or pay out), all of them must cover/win. The more teams you bet, the greater the odds.

  Pick ’em: A game with no favorite or underdog. The point spread is zero, and the winner of the game is also the spread winner.

  Point spread (or just “spread”): The number of points by which the supposed better team is favored over the underdog.

  Proposition (or prop) bet: A special or exotic wager that’s not normally on the betting board, such as which team will score first or how many yards a player will gain. Sometimes called a “game within a game.” These are especially popular on major events, with the Super Bowl being the ultimate prop betting event.

  Push: When a result lands on the betting number and all wagers are refunded. For example, a 3-point favorite wins by exactly three points. Return on investment (ROI): In PickCenter, ROI is the amount (according to numberFire) that a bettor should expect to get back on a spread pick.

  Runner: Someone who makes bets for another person (aka “beard”).

  Sharp: A professional, sophisticated sports bettor.

  Spread: Short for point spread.

  Square: A casual gambler. Someone who typically isn’t using sophisticated reasoning to make a wager.

  Steam: When a line is moving unusually fast. It can be a result of a group or syndicate of bettors all getting their bets in at the same time. It can also occur when a respected handicapper gives a bet his followers all jump on, or based on people reacting to news such as an injury or weather conditions.

  Straight up: The expected outright winner of the money line in an event or game, not contingent on the point spread.

  Teaser: Betting multiple teams and adjusting the point spread in all the games in the bettor’s favor. All games have to be picked correctly to win the wager.

  Total: The perceived expected point, run or goal total in a game. For example, in a football game, if the total is 41 points, bettors can bet “over” or “under” on that perceived total.

  Tout (service): a person (or group of people) who either sells or gives away picks on games or events.

  Underdog: The team that is expected to lose straight up. You can either bet that the team will lose by less than the predicted amount (ATS), or get better than even-money odds that it will win the game outright. For example, if a team is a 2-1 underdog, you can bet $100 that the team will win. If it wins, you win $200 plus receive your original $100 wager back.

  Vig/vigorish: The commission the bookie or bookmaker takes; also called the “juice.” Standard is 10 percent.

  Wager: A bet.

  Welch: To not pay off a losing bet.

  Wiseguy: A professional bettor. Another term for a “sharp.”

lay meaning in cricket bettingLay Bet Calculator

  All our calculators are completely free for punters to take advantage of. We aim to add value to punters’ betting with accessible and easy-to-use bet calculators, which will help them to make confident and successful decisions.’s Lay Bet Calculator is fully automated and is designed to calculate the liability for you, and it will show you the potential profits that you can earn from the wished bet. Our Lay Bet Calculator is straightforward to use, and quite literally you are only requested to do 3 things:

  Enter the stake that you are ready to invest in your bet.Add the odds that you will use, and make sure that you are taking advantage of?the highest bookmakers’ odds?for each of your bets because they will bring better results.Add the commission amount (if applicable).
Once you are ready with the above information, our Lay Bet Calculator will calculate for you the potential profits as well as the liability that you have. Nowadays, the lay betting strategy is adopted by plenty of punters in order to secure a profit by taking advantage of the?bookmakers’ offers.

  Lay betting is a type of betting that is only available on the betting exchanges. In simple terms, a lay bet is an option where you are placing a bet on that a specific event will not happen. For example, when you are betting on regular bookmakers like bet365, you are backing a selection, which means that a certain event will happen.

  Let’s get Manchester United vs Liverpool game. If on the one hand you back Liverpool and you are placing a bet on that they will beat Manchester United, and the game will not finish in a draw.

  However, if you Lay Liverpool you are effectively saying that they will lose or the game will be a draw.

  Another way to explain what lay betting means is to observe it as an option that allows you to play the role of the bookmaker. Instead of betting on an event happening, you will be betting on an event not happening – exactly this is what the bookmakers do all the time.

  Something which is absolutely mandatory to understand before placing your first lay bet is the liability that comes with the lay bet. When you are placing a backing bet with £10 regardless of the odds, your risk is capped at £10. For example, if you back a horse to win a race with a £10 and the horse finishes 6th you will only lose £10.

  However, that will not be the case when you place a lay bet. If you think of yourself as a bookmaker, you will have to pay out the winnings. Why? Well, if you lose your bet the bookmaker will keep the stake, but in case you win the bookie will have to pay out your winning, and that can be more than your original stake because of the odds. It is exactly the same way with lay betting. If the selection you placed a lay bet on wins, you will have to pay the winning to the person who has backed this selection. The amount you have to pay out is called liability.

  The following example will give you a better picture of what exactly lay betting means and how it works

  If you lay a horse with odds 5.00 and stake £10, your liability will be 5 x 10 = £50. So if the horse you are laying wins you will have to pay out £50.

  When you are new to betting the lay bet concept may be slightly difficult to understand, this is why we have developed a lay betting calculator that will help you see what will be the potential liability for you. We advise you to either use our Lay Bet Calculator or any other but please make sure you always know your liability as otherwise, you can lose massively with lay bets. Besides, if you use a?tipster?who posts regularly lay bets, make sure that you calculate all the amounts before placing any bets. If you want to learn more about lay betting, feel free to check our extensive Lay Betting guide, which will give you more ideas and details about this betting type

  The Lay Bet Calculator will be a helpful tool for those who want to get out of the annoying calculations when they are placing lay bets.

  It will help you to quickly understand how much exactly your liability and your potential profits are. The calculator will also deduct the commission that you will pay to your betting exchange, and at the end, you will know your net profit. Even if you are not an experienced punter, you don’t have to be worried, the calculator is user-friendly, and you can take advantage of it without any difficulties.

  Furthermore, the Lay Bet Calculator is fully automated, which means that you will be sure you know correctly your liability and potential profits. We are well-aware of that many of you are placing many Lay bets, that’s why our Lay Bet Calculator is 100% free, and you won’t pay any fees even if you use it thousand times. Also, if you are not in front of your PC, the calculator will cover you – it works on any mobile devices or tablet, so feel free to use and enjoy our Lay Bet Calculator!

lay meaning in cricket bettingMeaning of back and lay in cricket betting. Learn More About What is Back and Lay in Cricket Betting!

  Meaning of back and lay in cricket betting This is a position that is used a lot because of the amount of times the hook and the pull shot are used by batsmen. The intent is for it to bounce exactly underneath his bat or on his toes, in the block hole. However, if you give not so high oddsor even better, those always in your favorwagering sites ensure that they win all the time.?Meaning of back and lay in cricket betting
Taking a back and a lay bet at the same time is also a way in which experienced bettors look to lock in a definite profit.

Meaning of back and lay in cricket betting Lets say youre laying Barcelona at odds.50 against Manchester City with a stake. In theory, the practise can reduce losses and potentially even guarantee a win so lets take a look at what it actually means. Using the formula above, you can calculate backing and laying bets to make money without the need to log in and let the system do the work for you at a betting exchange. This charge is calculated as a proportion of the projected winnings. There is one very big operator in the Betting Exchange space but there are many more available.?Meaning of back and lay in cricket betting
This is done in the live markets where the odds are shifting all the time once a cricket match begins.

Meaning of back and lay in cricket betting Back and lay is a term in gambling that means the player who has been dealt the first card, either lays down the cards or backs up their hand. Think of it as a liability and the stake as the profit. Usually results in the batsman being caught out.?Meaning of back and lay in cricket betting
Let s say that you ve taken a back bet before a match has started and, as the game gets underway, the chances.

Meaning of back and lay in cricket betting When you win a lay bet, what happens next? The winning team gets positive value, losing team the negative value. This type of bowling is the only type allowed in all official cricket matches. The number of continuous overs a bowler bowls before being relieved.?Meaning of back and lay in cricket betting
Back to lay is another method that lies at the core of the sports betting market.

Meaning of back and lay in cricket betting Betting calculator The back and lay betting calculator is one of the most important tools for matched bettors.?. Common variations include 'Howzee?' (how is he? However, Betfair still leads the way in terms of size and popularity.?Meaning of back and lay in cricket betting
However, this method is best for experienced players who have seen the ups and downs of the game.

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lay meaning in cricket bettingWhat is lay and back in betting in hindi. Lay Betting Guide – A Chance to Play the Role of a Bookmaker

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