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  In order to deliver our cricket predictions, FBT uses a number of resources and data files. It is this unique combination of historical data, real time news feeds and statistical analysis that allows us to arrive at cricket predictions that are loaded in our favor. Whilst some of our tools and data is proprietary, much of the information we use to assess spreads and fixed odds value is openly available on the internet. To introduce some of the concepts we employ to arrive at our best cricket tips we’ll look at some examples and how the tools are used. As we’ve said previously, history is a great predictor of future behavior in many walks of life – cricket betting is no different.

  Let’s take a recent example of the 10th edition of the IPL in India. A total of 60 matches are played including the group games, eliminators and final all played within 6 weeks. In 2017, Sporting Index had set an aggregate totalRun Outs market for all 60 matches at 59-61 at start of the tournament, or approximately 1 per match.However,20 matches into the tournament there had only been 10 run outs so the price had dropped to 49-51.

  At FBT we decided to explore the behavior of certain markets in 10 match blocks to see how events unfolded throughout the tournament (see graphic below). By splitting the tournament into 10 match blocks we wanted to see if patterns emerged during the tournament and whether those patterns were consistent across previous editions of the tournament. We found something interesting. More run outs seemed to occur towards the end of the tournament with far fewer in the early matches. Therefore we felt a buy of run-outs after 20 games was probably a very safe cricket tip we could give out. Particularly when looking back over the final make-ups of previous tournaments which had rarely come below 59.

  Here is where we utilize our useful data sources to look at previous history. Previous results and scorecards can be found here amongst other places Below is an extract we created for the first 22 matches of the 2017 IPL edition (of course we have every match in our database). What you will see is that only 10 run outs had occurred after 20 matches. We actually track all 60 games of every recent IPL edition and in every case run-outs came in at over 59 for the tournament and in some cases above 70. Therefore a buy at 51 seemed in our favor.

  Cricket Tips Resources

  Indeed, as the tournament progressed the number of run outs per game steadily increased and the final make-up was 59 run outs, giving us a profit of 8x our stake.The reasons behind this increase in the moving average as the tournament goes deeper may be numerous. Perhaps teams start taking more risks as they push for wins, perhaps the pitches get harder to bat on as they age or perhaps players have adjusted to conditions better. The point is, we really don’t care. The fact is that we’ve observed this pattern over a number of IPL T20 tournaments so have a reasonable sample size. Therefore, as we know happens over time, we buy run outs towards the middle part of the tournament and sit back and take the profits ….. it is not a linear market and we take advantage of that.

  As you can see from the above table we also track a number of other IPL T20 markets such as Total Sixes, Total Wides, 50 ups (runs scored above 50), Total number of 4’s and match results etc. Furthermore, we can filter on individual teams and grounds (pitches) to see typical make-ups of different markets in those conditions and then play short term individual games as well. The same type of analysis can be completed for batsmen’s runs, bowler’s performances and many other cricket predictions. The data can also be directly used to evaluate fixed odds cricket markets, which is exactly what we do when we provide fixed odds tips.

  This ability to look back at history and find any test match or ODI played in the last 100 years is vital for predicting the future.Although the system is not fool-proof (pitches, teams and playing behavior of course change over time) we are only looking for an edge, that’s all. If we look at enough data we will always discover betting value and that is what we’re after at FBT. Take some analysis from a couple of years ago on South Africa’s Test Match history. To come up with some free cricket tips we analysed all tests played at South African stadia going back a few years (we used to get the data). We pick some of the most common Series Spread Betting markets (Total Wides, Sixes, Run outs, Ton ups etc) and mapped it out as below.

  Cricket Tips Spreadsheet Resources

  As you can see we’re able to total up the results across many of the venues and look for any anomalies. We’ve highlighted one in yellow. That is Total Series Wides. The spread betting companies had set them at 23-26 for a four match series in South Africa. As you can see in the most recent set of test matches in the country we averaged 10 per game, the group before that 14 and then just over 11. As such, for 4 test matches we might expect a spread around 35-37 or something similar. So trusty FBT suggested a buy of Widesand a considerable profit ensued.

  Without and the historical results, this type of analysis would not be possible. As you will see from the above graphic, we could track all the events, and although it took time, find that needle of value in the haystack. This needle is what our clients see as a free cricket Tip. The same principles can be applied for match supremacy, forecasting fixed odds cricket match winners, player performances and many other cricket markets. The spreadsheet resource you see above is one of many that FBT has constructed to track different facets of cricket. It is these resources that our clients are benefitting from when they use our services for Cricket predictions. We are happy to share this inside knowledge because if our clients succeed they are more likely to refer us to their friends and family and via Social Media, which is key to our growth. The point is, you don’t need to see the entire process or do all of the work that we do, just simply benefit from the Tips!

  Our library of cricket resources cannot be explicitly posted on our site because other cricket tipping sites will take advantage for their advertising and affiliate purposes – not something we wish to promote. However, you are free to contact us and ask for specific data points and if we have them we will share with you for free. We do not make special offers or promotions or even try to benefit financially from our data – other than to underpin our tips. We are a service for the average punter and wish to remain as such. Visit our free Cricket Tips page now and get the latest entries – it could be the start of your profit making relationship with FBT. Happy Cricket Betting and Good Luck – our resources are your resources!

cricket betting tipsterCricket Betting Tips Australia

  Cricket Tips

At SportsBet Kings, cricket tips are provided regularly, and you can check them out before any big event. Our experts do their research for every event, and we even cover undercard fights because we know it can be challenging for punters to find info about them. They also help punters create effective strategies.

  Don’t know how to bet on boxing matches? In the following section, you can find the best and most popular betting types/options chosen by our experts.

  Cricket is a game in which the underdog team often wins, so don’t think you will win if you bet on the stronger team. To predict this, you will need extensive knowledge and years of experience following cricket games and teams. That is why finding a reliable person who will give you accurate and precise cricket betting tips is crucial. Usually, a person well versed in cricket games provides his predictions for some fee. 

  For example, you can pay weekly, or if you love betting, a monthly fee and receive cricket tips from someone who knows better. So, this is a subscription-only service,? but often you can find free tips on online sportsbooks.

  In addition, remember that not everyone can be a betting tipster. This requires a great knowledge of the game and the teams. Of course, if you are not satisfied, you can always cancel the subscription to your betting tipster and find a better one.

  There are many different cricket bet types, so there’s no way that you’ll ever get bored. However, you must choose the correct type of cricket bet. A popular bet is the match bet, where there can be only three outcomes; a win for team A, a win for team B, or a draw.

  Another interesting bet is an outright winner, where you should guess the last standing team, or in other words, which team will win the tournament. The top bowler bet is where you should predict which player will be the top bowler at the end of the match with the most wickets in the game. A top batsman bet is where you should guess the player that will score the most runs in the game.

  So, as you can see, these things are hard to guess without the prediction of an expert opinion.


Based on these things, they never rely on luck but on hard facts, and that’s why they are experts in this field. So, it is always the right choice to turn to their services. You can get free betting tips and predictions, but you can also pay a weekly or monthly fee to a cricket betting expert and receive the betting tips with an explanation if you want to.

  Whichever way makes you feel more sure that you might win is the best for you, but know that a professional and educated opinion will always increase your chances of winning!

  First of all, cricket betting tips are important if you want to increase your gains. A nudge in the right direction might provide you with that.

  Secondly, you will get an expert opinion about the upcoming match and the result, which is a big step forward.

  Thirdly, and very importantly, if you need to learn more about cricket, the cricket betting tips will provide you with every important detail and upgrade your knowledge for future bettings without wasting time. You will save precious time because you won’t need to research and learn much about cricket.

  Once you start searching for a cricket tipster, you will notice many of them on the internet. But finding a good tipster is relatively easy. You need to check a couple of reliable tipster websites and choose one. Remember that there is no guarantee that you will make money, but leaning on the prediction of someone more educated in the sport is always good.

  Once you find your tipster, check its reviews and experience. How many successful bets does he have? Is he legitimate? The best legitimate tipsters always track their bets to prove they know what they are doing. What about a money-back guarantee? If you are unsure, but the one you are interested in offers a money-back guarantee, don’t hesitate to try the services.

  Here, on SportsBetKings, you can find the most accurate and reliable betting tips and insights for cricket and other popular sports. Sign up for free, and use the advantages to help you win.

  Also, there are different cricket betting tips, but you can give a betting tip from your tipster for the exact bet you want to place: such as match bet, tied match, completed match, top bowler, top batsman, and even tournament outright winner, and many others.


Also, you can always read the opinions of a tipster who shares their tips online for free, so if you want to get better informed, there is no harm in checking them out.

  Still, it is a better decision to turn to a professional betting tipster, as that will boost your knowledge and the chances of gaining profit.

  Everywhere where sports betting is legal, cricket is legal too. Even countries that don’t have a cricket team still allow cricket betting. And that is pretty understandable, considering cricket is a very, very popular game.

  You probably know that this sport is incredibly popular in India, but do you know that it is banned in most parts of that country? But although that is so, people still find different ways to bet on cricket and other sports, mostly online.

  There are some things you need to be careful with. For example, avoid signing up for courses that promise to teach you how to win in cricket betting and guarantee you’ll win. These courses are scams; you’ll only lose money, so don’t fall for this.

  If you lose a bet, don’t double the next one in hopes of getting back the lost money. This isn’t a guaranteed tactic, and it often fires back, resulting in losing even more money, so don’t do it. If you don’t care about how much money you’ll use for betting, you might quickly suffer financial problems. No matter how sure you are in the predictions, it’s a basic rule to refrain from betting more money than what you have.

  You might have won the first or the second time you’ve bet, but it takes time to understand the game and to predict the outcome.  So, sit and calculate how much money you can spend. Don’t go over that number, no matter how much you trust your betting expert.

  Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced bettor doesn’t matter. The cricket betting tips will allow you to increase your chances of winning. So, always consider them because using them before placing your bet can greatly help you win

  You might not be good at playing cricket, but you can be excellent at betting on it. This bat-and-ball game is a very entertaining sport to watch, but what makes things more exciting is betting on its matches. Of course, with a little help from cricket experts and their betting tips, your chances of winning will significantly increase.

  Considering the odds the bookie has predicted are not always right, using cricket betting tips is the right choice. But to even approach the right ones, you need guidance from someone with more expertise. Hence, it is always better to consult with someone who knows better, even if that costs you something. Good luck!

cricket betting tipsterCricket Betting Tipster Review – Bowled over by the profits?

  In this Cricket Betting Tipster Review, I’ll be checking out the only cricket tipping service on the Betting Gods website. With a high strike rate and steady profits, why don’t more people follow this cricket tipster?

  What is Cricket Betting Tipster?

  How does Cricket Betting Tipster Work?

  How long does Cricket Betting Tipster take to set up?

  How long does it take to use Cricket Betting Tipster?

  How much can you make with Cricket Betting Tipster?

  How much does Cricket Betting Tipster cost?

  Cricket Betting Tipster Review Advantages

  Cricket Betting Tipster Review Disadvantages

  Cricket Betting Tipster Review Conclusion and Overall Rating

  As with greyhound tipping, there are very few cricket tipsters. There are hundreds of horse racing tipsters and dozens of football tipsters. But, the cricket and the dogs are often overlooked.

  Given what you can make from following these tipsters, it’s always confused me why there aren’t more of them. More puzzling is why more people don’t follow them, so I’m taking a closer look to find out.

  You’ll only get 1 or 2 tips a day. This surprised me considering the amount of cricket played around the world these days. These tips will be arriving between 7 and 8.30 am. They usually involve backing one team to win or a certain player to be the man of the match.

  The average odds are 8, but with prices static, there is no problem with the tips arriving at that time of the morning. Unless the match is about to start, you can put your bets on after you’ve finished what you were doing.

  You can access this service through the Betting Gods website. And, you’re up and running as soon as you’ve parted with your cash. But, there is one more thing you need to do before you sit back and wait for the first tips to arrive.

  You’ll need to make sure you have live and active accounts with Bet365, Betfred, Betway, Boylesports and William Hill. You’re bound to have accounts with these bookies anyway, but you may not have used them for a while.

  You could also just do this on Betfair if you wanted, if the markets were available and the liquidity was there. I was a bit disappointed that there was not more money in these markets given the popularity of the sport.

  This will take you just a minute or so to do, less if you’ve got everything already set up on your phone. You’ll find all the bookies have apps you can install. AAnd even Betting Gods has an app that will get the tips to you faster than the email. Don’t rely on this entirely though, as it’s had its problems.

  This is not difficult to do or long-winded but a tipster stands or falls on whether they can make you any money.

  The profits are massive but they are solid. This has only made £1800 since March 2018 but £75 profit each month for about a minute on your phone isn’t bad value. The win rate is a bit under 40% so there are no long losing runs but this service is having a bad couple of months at the moment.

  The lower profits are reflected in the price and £9 a month in fees is among the cheapest I’ve seen. £79 for a year is even better and there’s a £1 7-day trial if you think £9 might be a bit pricey. A service where the yearly subscription is about the same a month’s profit is a good deal in my book.

  Should you need it, there is a 30-day guarantee via Clickbank. So, you’ll have no problems cancelling or getting a refund if you need one. The 100pt bank does seem a bit over-cautious. And, unless the current bad run gets much, much worse you won’t need that much at all.

  This is quick and easy to do and because the odds don’t usually drop like a stone, you can put these on at a time that suits you. You don’t need to know anything about cricket to do this, except what time the match starts.

  On top of that, the monthly fees are really low and won’t take a chunk out of your profits.

  This is handy really because if you had to find a fault in this service, it would be that the monthly profits are a bit low. Considering the amount of cricket that gets played around the world, I would have hoped there would be more tips and more profits.

  I think that this is why there aren’t more cricket tipsters and followers. Which is a really, because if this service could multiply what it was doing by 3 or 4 times, it would be brilliant.

  As it stands though, this cricket betting tipsterCricket Betting Tipster Review – Bowled over by the profits? is a good little service you should definitely look at, if you’re a bit bored with the same old stuff from other tipsters.

  You can find out more here

cricket betting tipsterCricket Betting Tipster Review

  Welcome to this Cricket Betting Tipster review, lets take a closer look at this cricket tipster from the betting gods network.

  Having delivered over £1600 profit and with an average monthly profit above £50 it’s certainly a tipster to check out.

  How to join Cricket Betting Tipster: Betting Gods Page Here

  Tipster Name: Cricket Betting Tipster


  Platform: Betting Gods – Website/Email/App

  Headline: “You know what Cricket is, but did you know that you can take money from the bookies’ pocket by betting on it?

  Since early 2018, Pankaj has made £1,645.78 profit with his Cricket betting tips, which you can be following every day.

  With an average 36 tips per month, all sent well in advance of the games, this is one of the easiest tipsters to follow EVER!

  So, are you ready to beat the bookies with this pro Cricket tipster?“

  Service Cost: £1.99 for 15 day trial then just £7  a month

  Profitable: Yes

  Tipping Style: Average

  ROI: Consistently at about 12.5% or above

  Where To Join: Betting Gods Page Here

  Well, that’s the big question, and I have to say it’s very cheap to begin with at just £7 a month there’s a lot of wiggle room for profit.

  Always worth taking the trial offer with betting gods, you get 15 days for £1.99 and you also have a 30-day money-back guarantee too so you can get that refunded if you are not happy with the trial results.

  Averaging over £50 a month in profit for an outlay of just £7 a month is very interesting to me and I will be live trialing ti with you all in the near future no doubt.

  Overall it seems like a profitable tennis tipster service and one worth taking a proper look at for yourself.

  This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is join-cricket-betting-tipster.png

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is join-cricket-betting-tipster.png

Have you used the Cricket Betting Tipsters service before? Please create your own review and leave star ratings based upon your findings when being a member of this service. This enables other readers to make an informed decision on joining the horse tipster in cricket betting tipsterCricket Betting Tipster Review – Bowled over by the profits? question.

cricket betting tipsterCricket Betting Tipster – Final Review

  We have reached the end of our six month trial of the Cricket Betting Tipster and here are the final results:-


? -23 points

Strike Rate:
? 36%

Bank Growth:
? -23%

? -5%

Average number of bets:
? 2 per day

? £1 for first 7 days then £9/month or £79/year




  You can view full results here.



  One of the strange things about cricket betting is that even though there is a massive amount of money wagered on the game, there are very few cricket tipsters around.

  In fact this is only the second cricket tipster we have ever reviewed here at Honest Betting Reviews, with other service having been discontinued.

  So if this trial had gone well, then the Cricket Betting Tipster could have rather cornered the market – in being pretty much the only successful cricket tipster out there (that we know of at least)!

  Unfortunately however things never really got going for them during our trial, with a loss of 23 points made in the end.

  Here are the results for the trial in graph format:-


  As you can see they went down quite badly early on but then fought back well in the second half of the trial.

  We followed the tips over the course of six months so gave them a reasonable amount of time to prove themselves, but as we say they couldn’t quite manage to get into the red.

  The trial was no disaster either though and with less than a quarter of the bank lost, we think a NEUTRAL rating is fair in this instance.

  Perhaps a service to keep an eye on if you are a fan of the leather and willow to see if their form improves over the coming months.


  Ease of use:?Good – tips are sent out well in advance of matches and with an average of 2 bets per day there isn’t too much work involved in following the service.? Tips come in games from all around the world and all forms of cricket including both men’s and women’s.

  Availability of prices:?Good – we found the prices were generally available and there was no real downward pressure on prices after the tips were released.

  Strike rate:?The strike rate for the trial was 36%, which in itself sounds good but in reality needs to be a little higher to make a profit at the odds they are tipping at.

  Advised Betting Bank: The bank advised for the trial was 100 points, which seems more than adequate and was never in danger of being lost during the trial.

  Subscription costs:?The subscription costs are very reasonable at just?£1 for first 7 days then £9 per month or £79 per year.


  After a six month trial the Cricket Betting Tipster finished with a loss of 23 points, which whilst it was disappointing wasn’t a disaster either.

  With under a quarter of the advised bank lost, we consider that a NEUTRAL rating is fair in this instance as no great damage was done. This is a service to keep an eye to see if they can turn their form around and establish themselves as one of the only successful cricket tipsters out there.








  12th January 2019

  Not much change for the Cricket Betting Tipster since our last update a month ago, with a loss of 3 points in that time.

  That means they are now 20 points down for our trial overall.

  You can view full results here.

  This one is struggling to get its head above water, just needs a push to get into profit for our trial. Would be nice to have a profitable cricket tipster as we have yet to find one yet, but there is still hope with this one.






  6th December 2018

  A small improvement for the Cricket Betting Tipster, with a profit of 5 points made since our last update a month ago.

  That means they are now 17 points down for our trial overall.

  You can view full results here.

  They have slowly been inching towards getting back to even after going quite a way down early in our trial, so hopefully by the time of our next update they will have managed it.

  Back soon with more updates.






  8th November 2018

  It’s been a good run for the Cricket Betting Tipster since our last update, with a profit of 19 points made over the last month.

  They are still down for our trial overall though, with 22 points lost in total.

  You can view full results here.

  At the start the service focused mainly on the man of the match bets but has recently concentrated more on the match odds market, which appears to be paying dividends.

  Let’s hope the recent turnaround in form continues and by the time of our next update they have made it into the black.






  3rd October 2018

  The tough run continues for the Cricket Betting Tipster, with another 10 points lost since our last update a month ago.

  That means they are now 41 points down for the trial overall.

  You can view full results here.

  The main cricket season may have come to an end here in the UK but there is still plenty of cricket going on around the world so there is plenty of action to still get involved in.

  This does need a turnaround in form soon so let’s hope we have better news to report by the time of our next update.






  8th September 2018

  It’s been a tough start to our trial of the Cricket Betting Tipster, the first cricket specialist we have reviewed in quite some time here at Honest Betting Reviews.

  So far after a month they are 31 points down.

  You can view full results here.

  Most of the bets are in the man of the match market and tend to be sent out the morning of the match, so you have to be fairly quick to get the bets placed on some occasions.

  A shame to see the slow start here as we had quite high hopes starting off the trial and results looked very good, but still early days so plenty of time to turn things around.





  6th August 2018

  In over three years of running Honest Betting Reviews we have only reviewed one cricket tipster so far.

  And that tipster no longer exists, which gives you a sense of how few options there are in terms of decent cricket tipsters out there on the ol’ internet. We had been remarking recently on how few boxing tipsters are available to follow but there may be even fewer cricket tipsters.

  So we were pleased when we saw the reputable Betting Gods tipster platform had uncovered a promising cricket tipster and had been following their tips for six months before opening up the service to the public.

  Their tipster – quite simply named the “Cricket Betting Tipster” – has amassed some impressive-looking results in those six months. His name is Pankaj and he has a wealth of expertise in cricket betting over a number of years.

  A profit of over 200 points to an average of one point stakes is formidable enough by itself, but throw in a return on investment of well over 50% and six profitable months out of six so far and you are talking about some damn nifty stats.

  All that adds up to an average monthly profit of over £400 to date to just £10 stakes, which needless to say is pretty awesome.

  The strike rate is a little on the lower side at just under 12%, so this is going to be one for the patient investor who can withstand the odd losing run or two along the way.

  But from what we have seen so far, if you can see those through then there could well be some very nice profits on the other side.

  To be honest so far there haven’t really been any losing streaks or drawdowns to speak of, it’s just been pretty much plain sailing. But it’s worth bearing in mind with a 12% strike rate that there could be some over the long term.

  Anyway, looking at the selections it seems the vast majority are in the man of the match market, so Pankaj obviously specialises in that market. It’s often a good sign when a tipster focuses on just one or two markets as it allows them to build up a real level of expertise to be able to beat the bookies over the long run.

  It seems to have worked very well so far for Pankaj in any event, so let’s hope he can carry that on during our live trial.

  Only time will tell of course but we are liking the look of this one and let’s hope only our second-ever review of a cricket tipster will prove to be a profitable one. As usual we will post results and updates here.

  But in the meantime if you want to check out the Cricket Betting Tipster you can cricket betting tipsterCricket Betting Tipster Review – Bowled over by the profits? do so here.





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