what is handicap in betting in cricketWhat is Handicap in Football Betting – Beginner’s Guide 2022

what is handicap in betting in cricketWhat is Handicap in Football Betting – Beginner’s Guide 2022

  What is Handicap in Football Betting: What does it mean, how does it work & how to play? Know everything with W88indi’s Beginners Guide 2022 & Place your bets!

  As a beginner in the sports betting world, you may have been confused with all the betting options available. Thus, you probably always went for the easy betting option, like 1X2 bets, Odd/Even bets, etc. However, if you are here you probably want to try out the other betting options, so we recommend that you start with Asian Handicap Betting in football using our w88 India guide!

  The Asian Handicap or Handicap betting in football is one of the most complicated and advanced betting options available in football betting. This betting option is usually denoted by a decimal number with a + or – sign next to the betting odds. The outcome of Handicap bets depends on the end results of the particular match.


  In Football matches, making bets on which team will win is always a thrilling experience.
Thus, the unpredictability of the outcome of these sports matches is the main reason why betting on any sport has been growing rapidly as a form of entertainment in India.
This also means that betting becomes boring when the outcome is already visible to the eyes, that is when one team is clearly stronger than the other.
This is when the Handicap bet comes to play, which adds certain conditions to balance out the betting gameplay.

Handicap bets are usually in favour of the weaker team in Soccer Betting. So, the stronger team has to follow certain conditions, and if they are met, the players can bet on them.

  The reason the Handicap betting option is a thing in sports betting online is to give the players a proper way to enjoy sports betting online. That being said, Handicap betting is more like 1X2 betting with a twist! The only thing added is the handicap decimals which are either positive, negative or zero, boosting the odds of even the gameplay of the match.


  Positive: The positive sign is usually given to the weaker team to increase their chances of winning, meaning to increase their odds.
Negative:?As you guessed, the negative sign is given to the stronger team to even the odds in accordance with the winning team.
Zero:?Handicap bets also sometimes are marked by a 0, where the odds are presented as they are. So, if a bettor bets on a team and the team wins, then they get the payout according to the odds. If it is a tie, they get a refund according to the betting odds.
Thus, Handicap betting is calculated in the same way any 1X2 bets are calculated, using the formula Payout = Odds x Stake.

Thus, the positive or negative decimals keep changing as well as the odds of the football match as the live game goes on. This may sound confusing at first glance but as you play the handicap bet online, you will grasp how these things function.

  Now that you know about what Asian Handicap betting in football betting is, let us give you an easy tutorial on how to play Handicap betting in Football at W88.

  The first thing you must do to play handicap football betting at W88 is to make an account in the W88 register!

  To do this, you must go to W88’s official site by going to W88indi.com for the W88 official link!
Then you must click on “Register” at W88indi, which will take you to W88’s official homepage.
Here, you must click on “Join“, and you will be introduced to the W88 register form. Fill in the details carefully and top it off with a strong password and unique username.


  Once you have completed this, click on “Sports” on the W88 homepage.
Here, you will be introduced to the 3 sportsbooks available at W88 India, a-Sports, e-Sports, and Fantasy Sports.
To play real-life Live Football betting, click on either – a-Sports or e-Sports, and enter the sportsbook!

Once you enter the W88 Sportsbook domain, you will see that the sportsbook has data on all the available football matches that are going on. Not only this, but they have data on other sports matches as well.

  Since we want to bet on Football Handicap betting, we will first click on “Soccer“, which is another name for football.
Then, you will be introduced to the football matches available to bet on from the Daily Match List, Top Leagues, All Leagues as well as Live Matches.


  Since you want to bet on Handicap betting, further filter your search by clicking on the drop-down betting menu and selecting “Handicap“.
Once done, you will acquire the data for all the football matches where you can make Handicap bets! Here, you will have to analyze the odds as well as the handicap percentage.
When you find a match you want to bet on, click on it and move on to the next step!

Now that you have entered the match’s statistics area where you can see all the betting options and their odds, we will now focus only on Handicap bets in this match.

  As stated as one of the best football betting tips, it is always wise to look at the odds of the Handicap option before making any bets blindly.
Once you find a favourable betting odd, which will double your chances of winning, click on the team.


  When you click on the team, a bet slip pop-up box will open on the right-hand side of your screen.
Here, you must enter the minimum betting option, which is ?100, and then click on “Place Bet“, to place your first Handicap bet online!

Let us now take an example of a Euro U19 Championship Woman’s Match featuring Greece VS Netherlands to know how to place Handicap bets. Below mentioned are the betting details of this match:

  Case I: Greece U19 Scenario

  Case II: Netherlands U19 Scenario


Betting Odds: 2.24

  Betting Odds: 1.62

Betting Stake: 100
Betting Stake: 100

Handicap Decimals: +1.5
Handicap Decimals: -1.5

Payout: ?224
Payout: ?162

As you can see, betting on odds with a higher payout rate is more beneficial in earning more money. In this case, betting on Greece gives you a higher payout.
However, with the points mentioned above, we have learnt that positive (+) sign handicap decimals are given to the underdog team, thus, in reality, the Netherlands seem to have a stronger chance of winning.
But again, the Netherlands have to follow certain conditions under which the players must make their bets.

So, making Handicap bets can be a little risky however, then if you think you will enjoy betting here and think of handicapped bets as a way how to win football betting, then definitely go for it!

  Before we conclude the article, we will send you off with an additional 3 important things that every beginner should keep in mind before using the handicap betting option.

  Read the Payouts: Reading the payouts is important because that is literally the reward you will be getting upon making bets. Making bets based on the odds, give you a better chance of winning, even if the underdog team has higher odds. Thus, odds play a great role in how much payout you can get.
Let Go of Your Favourite Team:?In continuation with the previous point, sometimes your favourite team may end up with lower odds/chances of winning. Thus, if you wish to make more money by betting on football, then you must understand that it is necessary to let go of your favourite team when placing bets.
Make 1 Bet at a Time: Lastly, it is important to make only 1 bet at a time when placing Handicap bets. This is because handicap bets are advanced betting options and thus, per bet costs more. So, making 1 handicap bet is more than enough as the results depend on the outcome of the match.

With this, you have learnt what is handicap betting in football is, and about the technicalities of it. Although it is a risky bet, we urge you to go ahead and give it a try! Use W88 to what is handicap in betting in cricketWhat is Handicap in Football Betting – Beginner’s Guide 2022 give online betting at football a try as it is one of the best sites for beginners! With this, we bid adieu to you and wish you good luck for making your first handicap bet!

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