how to earn money by cricket betting onlineHow to earn money with Cricket Betting

how to earn money by cricket betting onlineHow To Earn Money On Cricket: Ideas And Tips?

  The fantasy cricket world is growing to become one of the most sought things for cricket enthusiasts. The presence of numerous online fantasy cricket apps has given the users a wide variety to choose from. Those who have their prediction game strong are acing the games on such apps, however, some people are new to the world of betting.

  India is currently seeing a surge in cricket fantasy apps and this provides more chances of earning. To become a professional bettor, one must know how to perfectly play these fantasy games and try to top the chart gaining huge amounts in terms of winnings. So, if you are looking for ways to make your fantasy game strong, here are some tips that can help you master it.

  You don’t want your hard-earned money to go down the drain by using a fraudulent app. Thus, the first and foremost step has to be validating the genuineness of the application you want to use. There are many options available but you have to find the one you can rely on.

  Also, choose an app that has good customer support so, in desperate times when your money is stuck, they can provide a quick solution. Apps such as Dream11, MyTeam11, Gamezy, etc., are some of the credible platforms you can use.

  It is quite normal to be tempted by the huge amounts as winnings in some of the grand contests organized by fantasy cricket apps. However, you also have to understand that these contests are played by lakhs and even crores of people at the same time. This lowers your chances of winning and you may lose your placed bet.

  On the other hand, these applications also organize small contests with the low winning amount. Since the amount is less, many people tend to avoid these contests. But you can take advantage of and keep the flow of smaller amounts maintained.

  By modification, we specifically mean after the toss. Since many fantasy cricket app giants like MyTeam11 and Dream11 needs the user lock their team 1 hour before the start of the match, users are often left to wonder whether the players they have chosen are playing or not. Toss usually happens 30 minutes before the start of the match, so it becomes quite difficult for the users to predict a team.

  Thus, always choose apps that allow team modification so you don’t end up including players in your playing eleven who are not even playing.

  There are many fantasy cricket apps out there and every single one of them operates differently. Some applications offer more batting points such as the number of fours and sixes scored, the fifties, centuries, etc., whereas many awards the users with more points if the bowlers they choose perform well.

  But, there are other apps as well that offers a balance between both batting and bowling. Always try to understand the points structure for a fantasy cricket app before you continue to place your bet.

  Most of the fantasy cricket apps allow users to choose a captain and vice-captain for their team. The points awarded for a normal player varies almost double as to what is offered is the same player is marked as a Captain or Vice-Captain. So, it is imperative to keep a close eye on who you want to include as your Captain and Vice-Captain.

  Check the past performance of the players you intend to choose, and observe how their form has been going since the past few matches.

  That being said, you must never hurry or choose your team casually. If you are serious about making money out of these fantasy cricket apps, you would have to spend time observing each player’s profile and statistics about their past performance before you finalize today’s cricket match prediction.

  You have to understand how one team has performed in front of the opponent based on their previous head-to-heads. It’s your money eventually and you have to make sure you get the returns. So, never rush and form a team as you please. Playing smartly can get you success.

  These are some of the methods you can incorporate into your betting ventures to get the most out of your fantasy cricket venture. Also, do keep in mind that it takes time and patience to start earning through these apps.

  There would be days when you will lose your money but instead of cursing your luck, study the player’s past performance and keep an eye on statistics. It can help you more than anything else could. Also, almost every fantasy cricket apps have a referral program offering an opportunity to their users to make easy money by just inviting their contacts.

how to earn money by cricket betting onlineHow to earn money with Cricket Betting

  Cricket betting has not received the best of audience in comparison to betting with other sports. But on the recent times, there are cricket betting tips in the media that would help punters bet on cricket and earn some money. The main reason why many have not invested on cricket is the bad press tied to it. There has been cases of match fixing scandals. This has a negative impact on the appeal of the game to bettors and punters.

  But this seen a dynamic change as the news on bans on players like Ajay Sharma, Danesh Kaneria, Salma Butt, Mohammad Asif and Mohammad Amir who have all received life bans on the sport in matters related to spot-fixing and match fixing. This has brought hope to cricket betting because before this cricket bettors did not show any interest in cricket betting tips. But after being shown the profitability of cricket betting on how to earn money by cricket betting onlineHow to earn money with Cricket Betting the Test match cricket, ODI and other matches punters are now investing.

  With the right information at hand you can make much money through cricket betting. But if stuck and not sure on where to start, here are some tips that would help you start off.

  Putting your money on the team with the best form is only the right decision to make in any betting activity. But with cricket there are two forms of forms to consider, this is the individual forms of players in the team, for example the batsmen and bowlers. Since this is a team sport, then teams form and recent wins and losses are of much important to consider.

  With cricket all matches are not the same as they are played with different formats. Depending on the format, some matches may last in a few hours while others take several. This will thus favour different abilities of different players and the team as a whole. Therefore some formats may favour a particular team and not others and knowing this would help in decision making.

  The type of pitch the game is being played on has much influence on the results of the game. Having the information on the pitch on which the match will be played on has a great influence on bet too. Different pitches will affect results of bowlers. If it’s flat, dry with no bounce, then the batting side will have more runs. If the pitch has grass with cracks and uneven bounce, then the batmen will have a problem here but would favour the bowlers.

  Always gather enough information on the players that are available to play on a particular match. This is because presence or absence of the team’s best batsman will influence the performance of the team. The players are normally unavailable due to calls to international duty, transfers or injuries.

  There are also other factors that are of great importance when making the bets. This include the toss, weather, head-to-head form and results, the dates the matches and the mentality of the players.

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