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cricket betting singapore5 Best Sports Betting in Singapore (Top Recommended)

  The Singaporean sports betting market remains relatively unrestricted, meaning that local bettors can enjoy plenty of great Singaporean sportsbooks. In this guide to Singapore sportsbooks, we’ve provided some recommendations of the best sports betting sites in Singapore to ensure that you can enjoy the best deals and markets. Get the best place to bet at

  To compile this list of the 5 Best Sports Betting in Singapore, we used strict criteria to ensure that the websites were all examined equitably and that the results were as accurate as possible. The top 5 Best Sports Betting in Singapore are shown below, based on how well they did in our rigorous testing.


  Bethard has put a lot of money into their business, as evidenced by the wide choice of betting options, sports markets, and bet types. A large choice of options is always the universal sign of a reputable bookmaker for both casual and professional gamblers. You won’t be disappointed with Bethard’s offering, which includes a wide range of sports and several possibilities for each and every hunch and inclination a punter might have.

  The biggest sports, as you might expect, are well-represented in this sportsbook. Bethard has crammed their site with all of the most popular betting genres. However, the diversity of betting alternatives available outside of the main markets is where this bookie’s inherent strength lies. Bethard users will be able to wager on both new markets such as E-sports and existing classics such as horse racing. With such a wide number of sports to wager on, you’ll be able to employ a variety of different betting techniques all from the comfort of your own home!

  With a closer look, it’s clear to see why this bookmaker is regarded as a pioneer of football betting, particularly in the Premier League. There are over 150 betting possibilities for each match, and that is just for lower-level matches. When it comes to a blockbuster match, you may have around 300 wagering alternatives at your disposal. This level of variety is unrivaled in the market, and it boosts the bookmaker’s appeal to football enthusiasts, who are unquestionably the largest sports betting consumer group.

  Cyber security is becoming a must-have for any online organization in the modern era. This is especially true in the online gambling industry, where cloud servers contain enormous amounts of sensitive data such as passport photocopies, banking information, and personal information. Microsoft, Oracle, and Amazon built and tested the underlying technology that supports the majority of the Bethard Group infrastructure.


  FansBet, while being a newcomer, offers a wide range of betting opportunities and markets. Just looking at their homepage, it’s clear that there’s a lot to learn. Furthermore, when you click on an event, you’ll find a variety of betting alternatives that are likely to pique any punter’s interest.

  FansBet sports markets cater to all types of sports fans. After all, it’s in their name. So, which is the most popular market? Of course, there’s football. You’ll be delighted to learn that they provide a wide range of leagues and tournaments to choose from. But it’s not just this sport; there are also the typical suspects and some less well-known ones to try, such as Bandy. It’s safe to say that you’ll be able to find most of the prominent sports, as well as ones that are a little off the beaten path, here.

  FansBet Singapore has a staggering number of football markets, which is one of our favorite features. You can pick from a variety of leagues, whether it’s the standard Premier League or the Egyptian Second Division; they’ve got you covered! Once you’ve decided on a market, there are a plethora of amazing betting alternatives to choose from. We discovered that there may be 100+ betting possibilities for major events, including the race to bets, period betting, and more. It is, without a doubt, an excellent decision.

  Overall, it is apparent that this new player is a trustworthy bookmaker who has earned our trust. They have not shied away from their responsibilities to provide the common punter with a superior gaming experience. The desktop and mobile apps were created with utility in mind, and they both perform admirably. They also have a wide range of markets to choose from, so you won’t be disappointed.


  At first appearance, the sports and wagering options appear to be extensive and diverse. There are approximately 30 sports markets available, as well as additional markets such as virtual sports, financial, and politics. The bookmaker specializes in horse racing, thus Singaporean bettors interested in the nags will get all they need in terms of horse racing markets and bets.

  Football is a tremendously popular sport in Singapore, and William Hill is no slouch in this market. Over 120 leagues from across the world are available, with domestic coverage extending to regional divisions and youth leagues. The user can browse through in-play, highlights, daily fixtures, all competitions, A-Z team lists, and specials in the football area, which has a good design. When it comes to horse racing, the bookie is unrivaled, with a market selection that matches any other operator. Although the total number of markets is significantly less than some operators, there is excellent all-around market coverage here and you’ll most likely find what you’re looking for.

  Although the bookie is inconsistent in this area, the amount of betting alternatives is outstanding. Tennis matches, for example, have fewer betting choices than other sports, whether major or minor. Overall, however, the betting alternatives are fairly diverse. Football, for example, is well-served, with a plethora of betting possibilities available for even the most obscure of matches. The number of betting possibilities for Premier League games is roughly 250, which is the most of any of the companies we looked at. The bookie accomplishes this by providing a wide range of betting types with many modifications and customizations. For example, match result betting can be mixed with the number of goals scored in the game.

  Goals, specials, corners, scorers, goal time, cards, 5 minutes, and other markets are just a few of the betting choices available in football. The 5-minute markets aren’t found everywhere, especially in such large numbers. Corners, goals, penalties, and cards all have 5-minute markets, which is a lovely touch. Another intriguing bet type offered by the bookie is the performance market, in which a team is given points for various aspects of their performance, and a punter can wager on the number of points received over/under.


  You may expect a wide range of betting possibilities when you wager at this site. In fact, the site’s extensive selection of options makes it one of the best exchangers available. Overall, there are approximately 18,500 betting alternatives available on the site. This is one of the nicest exchanges ever.

  At the exchange, a wide range of sports markets are available. This operator offers roughly 30 sports for you to wager on. Whatever it is that you want to bet on, Matchbook is certain to have it. Sports like football, American football, boxing, cricket, darts, golf, horse racing, ice hockey, and rugby can all be bet on. Expert bettors will benefit from this since they will be able to locate more niche markets with greater odds and more opportunities to get ahead of the competition.


  There are some fantastic markets to bet on across a wide range of sports. You may anticipate being able to wager on leagues such as the Premier League, Bundesliga, Ligue 1, La Liga, and Serie A when it comes to football. You may also gamble on the World Cup, Twenty20, County Championships, International Friendlies, and The Ashes in cricket. Then there’s the Ryder Cup, the US Masters, the US Open, the Open Championship, the PGA Championships, and the European Tour. Rugby is another popular sport that can be bet on online, with bets on the Six Nations, Premiership, World Cup, Lions Tour, and Women’s Rugby all available. There’s a lot of depth and breadth here, which demonstrates how good Matchbook is.

  Another way the betting site distinguishes itself from the competition is through its political and current events wagers. You may gamble on elections, the timing of specific political events, and who will be the future leader of a country when it comes to politics. There are also several current event bets, which usually involve a slew of television specials. Horse racing is perhaps the most popular market after football, with ante-post and on-the-day bets accessible at any time. They also cover major events, allowing you to wager on the Epsom Derby and others. Matchbook is regarded as one of the best betting exchanges on the market due to the breadth of its offering.


  The large range of betting possibilities provided at Unibet might make you extremely delighted. Overall, the site has over 35,000 possibilities, making it one of the most powerful sites online. It’s worth noting that this large amount of betting is available both before and during tournaments. We’ll go through the sports you may expect to see wagers on just beneath this section.

  There are over 34 sports available to bet on with this operator at any given time. When it comes to a vast range of possibilities, this is right up there with the finest. Simply reference the a-z on the left-hand side of the page to see what sports are accessible. From major sports like football and horse racing to esoteric sports like trotting, cyclo-cross, and bandy, the number of sports available is vast and diverse. This is beneficial because it allows bettors to profit by betting on more obscure markets about which they may be better known than the bookmaker.

  Football, tennis, cricket, golf, and rugby are the most popular sports here. With football alone, you can expect around 20,000 distinct betting opportunities on a regular basis. Tennis is also very popular in this country, and you can wager on tournaments like Wimbledon, the US Open, the Australian Open, the French Open, and ATP and WTA matches. Then, if you’re a cricket lover, you’ll be pleased to learn that bets are available on tournaments such as The Ashes, Twenty20 cricket, the World Cup, County Championships, the IPL, and even International One Day cricket. These sports have unrivaled richness and breadth in terms of betting options.

  It’s all about finding value when it comes to online betting. Unibet offers exceptionally high odds levels, allowing you to get a lot of bang for your buck. Unibet’s odds reach over 98 percent, making it one of the finest in the industry. This varies greatly depending on the sport, however, the vast majority of sports have a probability of above 90%. Football, the most popular sport, is well-represented, with probabilities ranging from 95.04 to 97.90 percent. Cricket is likewise incredibly popular, with probabilities ranging from 94.93 to 95.01 percent. Furthermore, American Football is quite popular, with probabilities ranging from 95.92 to 96.99 percent.


  96ACE is one of the most trusted and best sports betting in Singapore, despite the fact that there are many others. The casino establishment first opened its doors in 2007 and is governed by the Singapore Amusement and Gaming Corporation. At 96ACE Online Casino, you can expect a wide range of gaming items from major software providers, including live casino games, e-games, and slots.  Check out here online live casino singapore.

  Whether you’re a new or returning customer, you can count on incredible benefits and exclusive offers. Additionally, the casino allows you to deposit and withdraw your earnings quickly and easily. All Singaporean players, of course, have access to customer care 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The platform offers a variety of communication options, including Whatsapp, Skype, email, and live chat.

  Both novice and seasoned players are drawn to 96ACE Casino’s impressive assortment of casino games. Except for live dealer games, all of the games are accessible in both free and real money modes. Furthermore, the games are created using the most up-to-date HTML5 technology, allowing them to work on any device, including mobile phones and personal PCs. It features a large selection of live casino games, online slots, online poker, and sports betting.

  At 96ACE Casino, you can get a large number of bonuses and other benefits. However, in order to claim these incentives, you must first create an account. Before you can take advantage of the various deals, you must also meet all bonus terms and restrictions.

  96ACE Casino is the perfect place for you to have the greatest gaming experience possible. It has achieved its goal of creating a secure gaming environment for players and bettors. All of your favorite games are available with high-quality features and fantastic bonuses thanks to the operator. Furthermore, the website is secure, and all of the products are regulated. As a result, we suggest 96ACE Casino to all Singaporean players, new and old.


  DON99 is the trusted and finest Singapore online casino center, with a premium name for a premium experience. Without a doubt, DON99 is the place to be if you want a truly safe and fun gambling experience. It is Singapore’s one-stop shop for all of your gambling requirements.

  DON99 is well-known for its exceptional gambling services, world-class events, and games, and the site is powered by cutting-edge and one-of-a-kind technology that ensures fast and seamless gameplay. In addition, their website is linked to a plethora of reputable gambling game providers that are excellent for a stress-free gaming experience.

  DON99 is the most reliable and best place to go for all of your exciting interests. It offers you a fantastic range of games to play to your heart’s content. They offer a wide range of live casino games, slot machines, sports betting, horse racing, and other options. All of the games are powered by a fantastic user experience mechanism that features a luxurious, beautiful, and modern in-game design that provides an immersive and comfortable online gambling experience. Their technology is updated on a regular basis to ensure a smooth and glitch-free experience. Furthermore, the site is simple to navigate, making browsing for members simple. Here live casino are the right place for you.

  Sports booking, often known as sports betting, is when a punter places a wager on a sporting event or their favorite team, and there is no better site to do so than DON99. Here, you can choose the greatest sports betting provider to use, such as United Gaming, M8Bet, and CMD368; they are the best and most trusted sports betting sites offering a wide range of sporting events, including soccer, badminton, hockey, basketball, tennis, and even e-sports.

  Fans of soccer may bet on the Barclays Premier League, Serie A, La Liga, Bundesliga, and the UEFA Champions League, and experience the thrill of a lifetime cheering on their favorite teams while watching the results stream live. Sports betting is safe, legal, and enjoyable here, with winnings being deposited quickly and with added bonuses. Definitely the greatest option!

  DON99 is one of the most reputable and secure online gambling sites you’ll ever come across. Everything they do is legitimate and sanctioned by Singaporean law and administration. As a result, they are a genuine and safe platform for all of your gambling needs. Furthermore, they are committed to the values of fairness and transparency in gambling. They pride themselves on being trustworthy and ethical. As a result, you may rest guaranteed that your wealth will be unblemished.


  The ratio between the stake and the winnings of any given outcome is represented by odds, which are set by a bookmaker. You must multiply the price by the size of your bet to determine your potential return.


  In Singapore, there is a delicate relationship with betting. You are free to wager at offshore sportsbooks, even though online betting is not forbidden.


  The ratio between the stake and the winnings of any given outcome is represented by odds, which are set by a bookmaker. You must multiply the price by the size of your bet to determine your potential return.


  Before we began reviewing the sites, it was critical that they had a strong reputation. We can tell you that the sites are well-liked by the online betting community and betting professionals. While their reputations are similar, each has its own set of strengths, therefore we’ve broken down the finest 5 Best Sports Betting in Singapore for you here.


  The finest betting sites in Singapore for sports betting are listed above. It’s important to remember that payout rates and bookmaker’s odds will vary from site to site and will always fluctuate according to how bettors react, with some odds altering even during games.

cricket betting singapore9th Match, Bangi, December 21, 2022, Quadrangular Twenty20 Series (Malaysia) (, BHR vs SGP, 9th Match, live score, 2022 cricket betting singapore9th Match, Bangi, December 21, 2022, Quadrangular Twenty20 Series (Malaysia) (, BHR vs SGP, 9th Match, live score, 2022

  Min deposit requirement. Free Bets are paid as Bet Credits and are available for use upon settlement of bets to value of qualifying deposit. Min odds, bet and payment method exclusions apply. Returns exclude Bet Credits stake. Time limits and T&Cs apply.

cricket betting singaporeArgentina vs. Mexico prediction, odds, betting tips and best bets for World Cup 2022 group stage clash

  The second round of fixtures in World Cup Group C pits Argentina and Mexico against each other, a fixture that holds plenty of history. 

  First meeting all the way back in 1930 at the inaugural World Cup, a fixture in which Argentina won 6-3, these two sides have met 31 times overall with Mexico tasting victory on just four of those occasions. 

  As such, Argentina will enter here as odds-on pick even if their 2-1 loss to Saudi Arabia in their opening fixture sent shockwaves around the world. 

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  At -190, it’s clear that the bookmakers are expecting Argentina to respond here against Mexico even after their surprise 2-1 defeat to Saudi Arabia. 

  That’s not difficult to see why when you consider that before that latest defeat, the South American side had recorded the second-longest unbeaten run in men’s football history, going 35 international outings without suffering a single loss. 

  Argentina have also won all three of their previous World Cup finals meetings with Mexico whilst they remain unbeaten across their last 10 head-to-head fixtures overall, winning seven of those in the process. 

  Odds via BetMGM (USA), Sports Interaction (Canada), SkyBet (UK), and LadBrokes (Australia).


  InteractionSkyBetLadBrokesArgentina win-1901.538/154/7Draw+2903.9514/53/1Mexico win+5005.705/16/1Both teams

  to score Y / N+110 / -1502.03, 1.741/1, 8/111/1, 8/11Over / Under

  2.5 goals+100 / -1402.03, 1.741/1, 8/111/1, 8/11Argentina -0.5-2101.56——Mexico +0.5+1452.38——There are no new injury concerns for Argentina to contend with, though a switch of personnel is likely given their loss in the tournament opener. Defender Lisandro Martinez could be one of those changes with the Manchester United defender enjoying strong form of late. Julian Alvarez could also be brought into the fold from the off. 

  Just like their opposition here, Mexico also managed to get through their opening match vs. Poland without picking up any fresh injury concerns. Raul Jimenez could start as El Tri try to make an impact on this game from the off. 

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  Argentina are unbeaten across their last 10 meetings with Mexico since their last last loss against them back in 2004 (W7, D3). Mexico have lost all three of their prior World Cup meetings with Argentina in 1930, 2006 and 2010. Argentina are looking to avoid dropping both of their opening two matches at a World Cup for the first time ever. Date: Saturday, November 26Kickoff Time: 2:00 pm ET / 19:00 pm GMT / 6:00 am AEDT (Sun, Nov. 27)Location: Lusail StadiumOfficial: Daniele Orsato (Italy)Moneyline lean: Argentina to win (-190)Against the spread lean: Argentina -0.5 (-210)Score prediction: Argentina 2-1 MexicoWith this acting as a near-must-win match for Argentina, you’d expect them to perform to a far higher standard than on match day one. 

  As such, they’re our pick to win this clash especially as Mexico seemed a bit underwhelming in an attacking sense in their opening 0-0 draw with Poland. 

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  As mentioned throughout, the onus here is on Argentina and how they can bounce back from their defeat on the opening match day in Group C.

  The South American side may have now remarkably won just one of their last six World Cup outings but seven of their last eight internationals losses were followed up with fairly emphatic victories. 

  Pick: Both teams to scoreOdds: +110 (BetMGM)This bet may not represent the best value that you’ll have ever seen but it very much feels a likely outcome as Argentina and Mexico both somewhat need a victory here to progress from the group stage.

  As such, expect both sides to go for goals, especially in the second half, to win this vital Group C clash.

  Granted Argentina have kept a raft of clean sheets of late but as seen in their opener, their back line very much seemed to struggle with cricket betting singapore9th Match, Bangi, December 21, 2022, Quadrangular Twenty20 Series (Malaysia) (, BHR vs SGP, 9th Match, live score, 2022 the pressure of playing at a World Cup and considering Mexico, on paper at least, represent a bigger threat than Saudi Arabia, you’d fancy them to struggle in keeping a clean sheet again here. 

  On top of that, two of Mexico’s final three pre-World Cup friendlies witnessed both teams score, with both matches coming against difficult opposition in Colombia and Sweden. 

  Pick: Tie at half time, Argentina winning at full timeOdds: +330 (BetMGM)What will likely come across in this fixture is how tense both teams will be at the start of the match. 

  With Argentina losing their opening outing, Messi & Co will know that anything other than a victory here will likely result in an unlikely group stage exit. 

  Similarly, a draw against Poland for Mexico has hardly left them in the best position with a match against surprise act Saudi Arabia their third and final in Group C. 

  As a result, it wouldn’t surprise to see a first half with few opportunities play out before both teams decide to go for it with much more attacking fluidity in the second. That arguably plays into the hands of Argentina more who could easily steal the three points thanks to their large array of offensive quality. 

cricket betting singaporeBahrain VS Singapore Match Prediction

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