astrology cricket betting tipsCricket Astrology Predictions for Cricket Matches

astrology cricket betting tipsAstrology Prediction for Today’s IPL Match — Can Astrology Help With Cricket Predictions?

  Every punter following the Indian Premier League wants to get their hands on the latest predictions for an upcoming match. Plus, you can place numerous bets, meaning the chances that some of these predictions will turn out correct are pretty good. Every IPL season lasts for almost three months, with ten teams playing in a round-robin format plus the playoffs, leaving a lot of betting room for excited punters. What’s more, you can place a wager every single day. 

  Naturally, you want your bets to pass, so you might be thinking about various prediction methods that might help. Astrology is one of them, and it’s been especially popular among IPL punters as of late. Many believe that reading stars can significantly impact their betting successes. But does it work, or is it all just unnecessary hype?

  It’s not an easy question to answer, but we’ll still try to do it in this piece. So, keep reading to learn about astrology and its place in sports. We’ll explain how it works and whether or not it can be helpful for a regular cricket punter like you. 

  Sports astrology, and consequently cricket astrology, is a method for predicting the outcome in sports matches and competitions using astrology techniques and tools. That is, those with astrology experience can use their expertise and additional tools to make predictions for sporting events like the IPL games. In other words, just as they make predictions for events in life, they can do it for cricket players and their teams. 

  Most astrologers who make predictions for the IPL and cricket matches tend to fuse two astrological methods known throughout the astrological world — Vedic and Western. 

  Western astrology signs

Without getting into too many details, Vedic astrology is based on planetary and lunar movements, while the Western method only uses the date of birth to predict the life events of a specific person. The Western approach is relatively new, while Vedic astrology is a few thousand years old. 

  Vedic astrology signs

Cricket astrologers and especially those dabbling with the Indian Premier League tend to fuse both as they predict the actual players within a team. They rarely focus on only the game to make a good prediction about its outcome. They use these two methods to predict what the players and the whole team will achieve. 

  To be more specific, astrologers effectively make deductions on the chances of players and teams succeeding or failing. 

  It’s hard to put it all into words as it’s a very complex practice, so explaining the minute details would take ages. Suffice it to say that only experienced astrologers can make these predictions, while others are probably trying to scam you without doing much at all and simply making blatant guesses. 

  But can experienced astrologers actually make accurate predictions?

  It’s the million-dollar question. Unfortunately, there’s no real answer here, as it all depends on how you look at betting. Many punters believe that betting is all about luck, while others believe that only careful analysis of players’ and teams’ past successes and failures can help you make accurate predictions. 


However, some people believe that a bit of luck, a bit of magic, and careful analysis represent a recipe for success.

  Naturally, there is no proof that such an opinion is valid, as we can’t say for sure that astrology or luck actually work. Some people believe in astrology, and that’s more than enough for them. This is something we can say about any prediction method in the world of cricket. They all sometimes pay off and sometimes don’t. It’s all about which one you believe in the most, and if astrology is what you believe in, you should use it. 


But remember this — astrology doesn’t always work, and that’s the only thing we can say for certain. You should never think otherwise, and you shouldn’t let anyone sell you the idea that it’s foolproof or near foolproof. If an astrologer tells you they know the next IPL champion or the name of the next the Man of the Match player, don’t believe them. 

  If you do, there’s a good chance you’ll lose money in vain. It’s better to deal with a more experienced astrologer. However, if you want to rely on astrology, you should invest only in smaller funds. It will help you stay on the safe side, and you won’t lose too much if you lose the bets.

  But that’s not all you can do. You can also go for other prediction methods. 

  Cricket predictions from experts are valuable things that can help you even more than astrology. We are talking about predictions made by betting experts and fans of the sport. Crictips has such a team, and our analysts and experts make predictions based on statistics, past successes and failures, with the help of prediction tools known to be very effective in specific situations.


What’s more, Crictips offers these predictions entirely for free, so there’s no reason to worry about spending money on predictions you don’t know will come true. 

  All predictions are made based on careful analysis of all factors that influence the outcome of a game. This includes statistics, historical results of the teams, probable XIs of teams, key players, injuries, weather and pitch conditions, and more.

  With careful analysis, you know that the predictions will be correct more often than not. So, take a look at to see if these predictions are something you need for your IPL betting ventures. 

astrology cricket betting tipsCricket Astrology Predictions for Cricket Matches

  Cricket is a popular sport in India and those interested in betting on the outcomes of cricket matches may sometimes turn to astrological predictions with betting apps for Android and iOS users. Cricket astrology has been around for centuries and cricket betting predictions are quite common as well. In this article, we will look at cricket astrology in India and how you can use it to predict cricket matches.

  What is Cricket Astrology

There is a long and complex history of cricket astrology in India as English teams played local Indian teams during the 18th century. In order to predict which team would have an advantage, priests began using the odd game as a way to make sense of it.

  Cricket astrology is the ancient science of how cricket matches are influenced by the positions of planets, stars, and other celestial bodies. The ancients believed that cricket matches would be affected by various factors in the sky such as planetary alignments and star constellations. They also thought that some days were luckier for cricket than others.

  Indian cricket stars like Sachin Tendulkar, Ricky Ponting, or Brian Lara have always had their own cricket astrologers who studied the positions of planets to predict what might happen on the field. Cricket astrologer Gangu Narayan claims that he predicted almost all of Sachin’s innings when batting against England in the 1998 Cricket World Cup final even before it was played! Nostradamus this man is not but his predictions were accurate enough to make him a celebrity among cricket fans keen to know about future matches.

  Match predictions for cricket are made by looking at planetary positions and which star they represent. Cricket stars can be either male or female players who have been born under certain planets, according to Indian astrologers.

  How does it work

The Indian cricket horoscope is based on planetary movement during specific times like sunrise or sunset which can be calculated. Some cricket betting apps for Indians can help you to win money using these details.

  Cricket has been an obsession for cricket fans since time immemorial and Indian cricket fanatics have placed their faith in the ancient form of predicting cricket matches. Most people who follow cricket astrology are looking to see planetary alignments, star constellations, and luck in order to predict the outcome of a match.

  For example, Punjabi cricket astrologers predict the winner of cricket matches by studying stars and planets based on various cricketing factors like team formation, batting order, and most importantly cricket performance during the previous season. Comparing the year, month, and day of birth to their cricket stars, Indian astrologers have applied algorithms to calculate which team has a winning edge.

  Cricket astrology predictions for IPL

IPL predictions by using cricket astrology is a recent trend, with cricket astrologers using the new cricketing phenomenon to predict which teams will win. Some cricket astrology websites are dedicated solely to IPL predictions and use data from previous seasons as well as the current form of players in order to make accurate forecasts.

  Using these calculations cricket astrologers can forecast who is more likely to be victorious before each match on the basis of whether their stars line up favourably for one team or not. The success rate of cricket astrology when it comes to predicting how matches will go has been mixed at best but this doesn’t stop people turning towards them for advice and predictions during every season of cricket.

  You can use astrology to your advantage in cricket betting. If you want to bet on a certain player, it’s worth checking their star sign and team star signs to see if they are compatible with the game you’re betting on. It might seem like superstition or pseudoscience, but there is actually some evidence that our personality traits are influenced by the stars we were born under. This means using astrology could be an effective way of predicting which players will perform well this season and win money by placing bets on cricket.

  Cricket betting apps in India

You can earn money on bets using the knowledge you gained. In the list below you will find the best Indian cricket betting apps:

  Parimatch. The Ukrainian owner established the sports betting company Parimatch in 1994. More than a million people use it frequently now for betting on sports. Parimatch offers its betting services to players from India that can bet on their favourite sports, such as cricket. Parimatch India has betting markets for all major tournaments in the world including the Indian Premier League, Cricket World Cup and many more.

4RAbet. The 4rabet online bookmaker has a valid Curacao licence and can legally accept Indian customers which place bets on cricket.

Megapari. Megapari is quick and efficient, with an attractive design that works well on mobile devices.

Melbet. Customers using cell phones running Melbet Android or iOS apps can get the software via the official website. Just download the Melbet apk file and open the world of online betting. Indian bettors prefer to place bets on cricket and win money with this platform.

Casumo. Bettors like Casumo’s cricket app because it has a good reputation, has a full sportsbook, and has an easy-to-use interface.

1win. In addition to their Curacao licence, 1win also holds an official Indian licence, and their betting platform offers a great range of betting options. 1win download app file for Android and iOS is a great way to get access to sports betting and online casino games. The interface of the app is intuitive and it provides detailed information about each betting option, including odds and payout systems.

Indibet. On Indibet, bets can be placed on a variety of different sports, including cricket, soccer, horseback riding, tennis, golfing, and more.

Bluechip. Bet on cricket with the Bluechip app, using INR, cryptocurrencies, Visa/Mastercard, Netbanking, UPI or other payment methods. With Bluechip, you can bet on cricket matches across multiple formats and make the most of your betting experience with great odds, a great loyalty program and fast payouts.

Mostbet. Mostbet operates as one of the nation’s biggest betting sites.

Bollybet. Bollybet has mobile apps for Android and iOS devices, so you can easily access betting and online casino on the go. Whether you’re a fan of cricket, their betting app has markets for many tournaments and matches. With multiple betting options, including pre-match, in-play and outright betting, there are lots of ways to get involved with Bollybet’s online betting platform. For example, you can bet on cricket matches in real-time, follow the odds and place your bets with just a few clicks.

Pin-Up. In 2016, Pin-Up went online, and since then, it has attracted millions of users around the world, who come to enjoy betting on sports and playing at an online casino. Pin Up app gives a wide range of betting options and a secure environment for transactions and betting activities.

Rajabets. Rajabets is a bookmaker that lets you bet on a number of sports, including cricket, in a variety of ways.

Fairplay. The number of Indian players using the relatively new bookmaker Fairplay continues to rise. Fairplay offers betting on a variety of sports, including cricket. It also provides an online casino with slots, live casino and virtual betting options. The site and Fairplay app are user-friendly and have an interface in English and Hindi, popular payment methods and excellent support.

Betway. Betway is a good option for new punters because it offers free betting on sports and casino games. It also has a wide range of sports such as cricket, football, tennis, basketball and horse racing. The betting site supports multiple payment methods like credit cards, Neteller and Skrill for deposits and withdrawals.

Marvelbet. The betting site provides an exciting betting experience to customers with competitive odds, betting tips, live streaming of matches and detailed betting history records. Bettors can make deposits via various payment methods supported by Marvelbet such as Skrill, Neteller, Paysafecard and Visa/Mastercards. Withdrawals are processed quickly and efficiently within 24 hours in most cases.

Dafabet. Now, both Android and iPhone have full features, like a real-time list of contests and competitions for cricket betting.

Paripesa. The app is well-designed, simple to use, quick, responsive, and frequently updated. At Paripesa, a large online sportsbook with a lot of different markets, you can bet on cricket games.

Linebet. Users of the Linebet mobile app can download a full-featured app for their Android phones, while those with an iPhone or iPad can play a web-based version of the game.

Leonbet. The bookmaker Leon Bet offers a variety of sports betting options, especially cricket.

1xBet. This Russian firm was established in Cyprus in 2007 and has different kinds of sports with numerous competitions and leagues. The 1xbet app download is available for PC, Android and iOS.

Crickex. Young bookmaker Crickex is authorised to conduct business by the Curacao Gaming Commission. Many cricket bets are waiting for you.

Sky247. This betting platform is for cricket betting enthusiasts. With the convenience of online betting, Sky247 has quickly become an ideal destination for both professional gamblers and casual players to get the most out of their betting experience. Sky247 offers betting on a wide range of sports including cricket, football, tennis, golf and more. Players can bet on matches or individual outcomes in order to boost their betting odds.

Cricbaba. Whether you’re betting on cricket matches in India, Cricbaba is here to make sure your money transacts safely and quickly. With their user-friendly mobile app, you’ll find all the best cricket events from across India. You’ll also have access to high odds, so you can get the most out of your wagers. Plus, they offer bonuses and promotions which allow you to stretch your betting budget further.

ICCWIN. It’s a great opportunity to place bets on cricket with betting markets available on all international cricket matches, IPL and county cricket. Bettors can take advantage of betting tips provided by the site. Downloading the ICCWIN app and thanks to an intuitive design, users can navigate easily to find their preferred betting options. This bookmaker also provides a great support service in case customers face any issues.

BETWINNER. When compared to other bookmakers, we find that Betwinner’s live betting service stands out as particularly innovative and unique.

22Bet. Bookie accepts Indian Rupees for bets and online casino games. Players can bet on sports, cricket and other popular sporting events in India. The betting site offers betting markets for cricket as well as a variety of Indian-based sports such as Kabaddi and Dangal Wrestling.

Fun88. Fun88 is a popular gambling website and app, and they have a site section just for Indian players. We recommend giving NEO bet a go despite the fact that they are still a relatively new online bookmaker. They’ve spared no expense in making their cricket gambling app entertaining for Indian users.

LV BET. LV BET Sportsbook was quite satisfied with the promptness of their client service. The ease with which one can sign up also facilitates registration.

Marathonbet. Due to their satisfaction with their customer interactions, MarathonBet astrology cricket betting tipsCricket Astrology Predictions for Cricket Matches does not provide a sign-up bonus in the hopes of attracting new users.

astrology cricket betting tipsCricket Astrology Predictions

  We are providing the precise and Accurate Cricket Prediction through Astrology for all cricket matches throughout the world. Cricket events are taking place all over the world throughout the year. Cricket lovers’ enjoyment and entertainment are on top with these predictions to plan various tactics and strategy.

  You can get all Today Astro Match Prediction, player’s performance prediction, Ball by Ball Prediction through all ways of communication, either telephone, Social Media, Webmail etc. We can only provide prediction after the captain’s decision at the toss through astrological software with the guidance of Best Cricket Match Predictor. We are taking much proud to astrology cricket betting tipsCricket Astrology Predictions for Cricket Matches be in most favored amongst cricket fans. Cricket fans always got the complete satisfaction with our services.

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