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virtual cricket betting tips6 Virtual Sports Betting Tips to Help You Win Big

  Virtual sports betting has emerged as one of the biggest trends in the sports betting industry.

  In this article, we will cover everything you need to know, from what virtual sports are to the best strategies to help you make a profit. 

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  18+, T&Cs apply; first wager on a football multiple with three or more picks must be wagered an overall total of eight times the initial deposit and bonus. Overall odds: 3.00 (2/1) or greater, Free Bets are available after the qualifying wager is settled, and debit card deposits are the only ones accepted.

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  Virtual sports are digital replicas of actual sports where the result is determined by a random number generator (RNG).

  One of the biggest advantages of virtual sports (and the main reason for the recent surge in popularity) is that virtual sports games can be held at any time regardless of league schedules, lockdowns and weather conditions. 

  Plus, technology has come such a long way that the computer-generated graphics you would find on any virtual event are closer to a sports broadcast than a next-gen gaming console screen. 

  On top of that, virtual games are much shorter, allowing you to bet on two or three events one after the other. 

  Finally, there is no human influence, so no chances of human errors or emotions getting involved. 

  Today the best online sportsbooks offer a wide variety of virtual sports to bet on, with most having a dedicated tab or page for virtual sports betting. 

  When it comes to the actual sports, punters can choose from:

  FootballHorse RacingGreyhound RacingTrottingTennisCricketDartsMoto RacingCyclingSpeedwayBasketball

Putting money on virtual sports works in the same way as betting on real-life events, meaning a bookmaker will offer the same types of bets in virtual football as in an actual football match.

  These can range from backing one team (player or participant) for the win to predicting who will end up in the top three (also known as a tricast bet, this one is common for horse and dog races).

  Another popular option is an over/under bet, where the punter bets if the number of goals scored will be higher or lower than the number selected by the sportsbook. 

  Accumulator bets are another favourite among gamblers allowing them to group several bets into one wager—the risks are higher, but so are the rewards. 

  In addition to these, you will find hundreds of other types of virtual bets available, depending on what the bookie offers and the sport you are wagering on. 

  What can you do to maximise fun and profit when betting on virtual sports?

  1. Understand how Random Number Generators work

The outcome of virtual sports events is determined through a random number generator (RNG).

  While this ensures complete fairness, much like roulette and dice games, you should be prepared to come across some unexpected and unusual results. This also means that there are no patterns to follow as the result is completely random. 

  2. Bet small amounts

As with any gambling game, small bets mean you will not win big, but you will not suffer huge losses either.

  Betting small amounts can help you recover your losses much easier—an aspect not to be underestimated given the unpredictable nature of virtual sports. 

  3. Understand the odds

You might be tempted to bet on higher odds which bring in more profit, but as every bettor knows, it’s much better to get smaller but consistent wins. This also implies you should back the favourite, which typically has lower odds. 

  4. Manage your bankroll 

In sports betting, your bankroll is similar to your regular bank account, i.e. the place where you keep your money and access it whenever you need funds. 

  Don’t be reckless with your bankroll, or you could end up losing a lot very quickly. Instead, try the flat-betting approach, which requires you to allocate between 1 and 5% (ideally 3%) of your bankroll per play. In other words, if you have a bankroll of £100, you should place £3 a bet.

  5. Avoid chasing losses

Chasing losses or upping bets in order to recoup previous losses is one of the biggest mistakes you can make in sports betting. The best way to avoid this pitfall is to set a limit for yourself and not stray from it. 

  6. Choose a reliable betting site

Today there are virtual betting sites aplenty, all offering a wide range of virtual sports. But before you pick an online bookie, consider these factors:

  Does it hold a UK Gambling Commission license?What virtual sports does it cover, and how many types of bets are on offer? Does it provide good odds?Does it have a generous welcome bonus and frequent promos, such as free bets or bet credits?Does it accept payments in e-wallets and cryptocurrency, in addition to debit cards and bank wire transfers?

The good news is you don’t have to stick to just one betting site. You can open several accounts with different bookies and find the one that suits you best. 

  18+, New players bonus 100% up to 150, Please gamble responsibly, Full Terms and Conditions Apply.

  18+, T&Cs apply; first wager on a football multiple with three or more picks must be wagered an overall total of eight times the initial deposit and bonus. Overall odds: 3.00 (2/1) or greater, Free Bets are available after the qualifying wager is settled, and debit card deposits are the only ones accepted.

  18+, New Customers only. Bet £10 and get £50 in Free Bets. Free Bets are paid as Bet Credits. Please gamble responsibly. Terms and conditions apply.

  Betting on virtual sports can be a great way to pass the time and engage in exciting sporting events, in addition to making some extra money. 

  The secret of doing virtual betting successfully is always to maintain a clear head, stick to smaller bets (at the beginning at least), and of course, enjoy each game as if you were watching a live one.

  What is virtual football betting?
Betting on virtual football is different from betting on the Premier League or the FIFA World Cup. Here you can’t use past match analysis or compare the strengths and weaknesses of various teams as the outcome in virtual sports is completely random.

  How are virtual football odds calculated?
The odds are calculated and presented the same as in football; the only difference is that they are fictional. You can find the same odds format (American, decimals, fractional), so if you are familiar with how betting odds work in football and other sports, you will not have any problems with virtual football betting.

  How do you win on virtual sports betting?
Although there are no specific virtual sports betting strategies that might help you win, there are some tips and tricks you can employ to get the most out of the experience. These range from placing small bets to avoid huge losses, having a thorough understanding of betting odds and markets, and being ready to expect the unexpected.



virtual cricket betting tipsPopular Betting Markets for Virtual Horse Racing

  Welcome to Virtual Sports Tips. The #1 site for tips, predictions and strategies for betting on Virtual Sports.

  Sports betting has attracted millions of fans all over the world. Just before a match goes live, thousands of bettors visit online bookmakers as well as land based bookmakers to place their bets. The intention of course, is to win some money while enjoying their favourite sporting disciplines. Unfortunately for sports bettors, live matches aren’t played 24/7 hence they are restricted from placing bets as and when they need. Don’t want virtual sports, but rather the real thing? Take a look at our football betting tips and correct score tips, and Bet9ja Zoom predictions

  Having noted the deficiency above, software developers in the gaming industry decided to rectify the situation by offering virtual sports betting. Virtual sports betting entails placing bets on virtual sports – video games/sports that simulate real sporting events contests or races. The beauty of virtual sports is that they are played 24/7 thereby allowing bettors to place bets at any time of the day or night.

  Available 24/7

Unlike real sports, bookmakers offer virtual sports 24/7 meaning that at any time of the day or night that the bettor visits a bookmaker, he is able to place a bet.

  Matches can be fast-forwarded

Virtual sports are simulated games whose outcome is already determined by algorithms. What this therefore means is that players do not have to wait till the end of the match to see the outcome as is the case with real sports.

  Outcomes are random

Just as is the case with casino games, virtual sports are random games whose outcomes are determined by algorithms.

  Games are independently audited

Virtual sports just like casino games are independently audited for randomness and fairness by international gambling regulators such as eCOGRA.

  Virtual sports refer to simulated games. These games can simulate different sporting disciplines from football, rugby, cricket, tennis, to greyhound racing and horse racing among others. Essentially, what this means is that bettors are faced with a wide range of options when they are looking to start their adventure.

  As a rule of thumb when it comes to choosing virtual sports to bet on, it’s advisable to first go for sports that the player has some experience in. Fans of football are advised to first try out virtual football before anything else. The reason behind is necessitated by the fact that they will already possess some knowledge on game rules hence they will be in a far better position to understand the betting markets offered be it Full-time results, Half-time, Fulltime or handicaps.

  In the event that a bettor does not have detailed knowledge about any sport, then the advisable thing is to settle for virtual sports that offer fewer betting markets. It’s statistically proven that bettors have a better chance of winning when they place wagers on sports with fewer betting markets.

  Bettors can choose the virtual sport to bet on from a pool of different games. Essentially, all of the sports that one can think of are available as simulated virtual sports. However, not all of them have a great following; there are those however that attract a lot of bettors and these include:

  Virtual Football

Football is one of the most popular sports in the world with a huge following in every continent from the West to the East. As such, it’s no wonder why virtual football does also command a huge following. The beauty of virtual football is that bettors can choose any bet type that they want as if they are betting on a real match. Betting markets available include fulltime result, halftime result, handicap, corner kick count, yellow/red cards, first scorer and total goals amongst others. A virtual football match only lasts a couple of minutes meaning bettors don’t have to wait for long before they can see if they are winners or not.

  Virtual Horseracing

From the time of brick and mortar gambling establishments to online gambling houses, horseracing has always commanded a huge following. Now, horseracing has joined the virtual gaming bandwagon and like always, its being followed massively by fans from all over the world. Bettors are free to choose any bet type they want when engaging in virtual horseracing betting from win, place to tricast and forecast.

  Virtual Greyhound Racing

Just like horseracing, greyhound racing is another highly popular virtual sport. The same simple rules that apply to horse racing also apply to greyhound racing thereby making it a great proposition for bettors looking for a horseracing alternative or those who are just looking to break the monotonous horseracing routine for some time. Some of the most popular bet markets that bettors opt for in virtual greyhound racing include win, forecast and tricast.

  Virtual Tennis

Bettors who love life on the courtside often resort to virtual tennis. Played out on a range of different courts, bettors do experience all courtside atmospheres when engaging in virtual tennis betting. The betting options available include favourites, match and set.

  Virtual Basketball

Courtside fans who prefer a virtual sport with a wide variety of betting markets often settle for virtual basketball. Virtual basketball allows players to place bets on a wide variety of markets which include Race to X, handicap, team total, winning margins and winners.

  Choose the sport you know

Betting markets are derived from the game rules including technical language peculiar to a particular sport. As such, when looking for a virtual sport to place a bet on, it’s advisable to settle for the sports that the bettor has knowledge in.

  Go for small stakes

Virtual sports are random games whose outcomes are determined by algorithms. As such, they differ from real sports whose outcomes can be determined by things such as home ground advantage, levels of fatigue and head to head records. The randomness of virtual sports make them difficult to predict hence to guard against heavy losses, it’s advisable to go for small stakes.

  Do away with the gambler’s fallacy

When playing random games, most people fall for the gambler’s fallacy that is, looking for patterns and trends before placing bets. The mere fact that a team has been on a losing run or winning streak does not mean that the next time that is going to change.

  Always consider the favourite

When it comes to betting, there is always a favourite that is, the team or runner expected to win. The favourite often comes with low odds but it’s always a good proposition to consider a favourite when playing virtual sports. However, this is not to mean every bet should be on the favourite.

  Choose the right bets types

The most important thing that bettors need to know before engaging in virtual sports betting is to choose the sport that they have knowledge in. Apart from this, though, it’s also important for bettors to choose the right bet types that is, the betting markets which are statistically proven to better one’s winning chances. Different sports have different bet types which are statistically proven to better one’s chances of winning. Some of these include:

  Cycling (Each Way Bets)

The each way bet entails that the player chooses the winner (often may be the favourite) and the runner to finish in the top three (position may vary).

  Trotting (Win Bets)

This bet simply entails choosing the trotting horse that will win the race.

  Greyhound Racing (Win Bets)

From a pool of (normally) six racing dogs, the player will choose the one that is likely going to win the race factoring in previous performances, levels of fatigue, racing pitch as well as odds amongst other things.

  Horseracing (Win Bets)

Bettor chooses the horse that he thinks will come out on top. Horseracing often involves 6 or 7 horses. For races with 8 or more horses, it’s advisable to switch to the Each Way bet that is, choosing the winner as well as another horse that will finish on either position 2 or 3.

  Football/Tennis (Match Result)

When looking to place bets on a football match or tennis match, the most advisable bet type is the Match Result that is, choosing the team that will win the match between the Home Team and the Away Team. The bettor also has an option to go for a Draw/Tie.

  Choosing between real sports betting and virtual sports betting may be a tall task for some bettors. However, to help on this front, here are some differences that distinguish real sports betting and virtual sports betting. Hopefully by going through these differences, one will end up with a well informed decision on the form of sports betting to choose.


Real sports come with realistic graphics. The whole experience of real sports is quite immersive from the graphics to the live commentary. On the other hand, virtual sports come with simulated graphics which depict players in cartoonish graphics thereby affecting game immersion. However, the realistic commentary does lend some sort of immersion to virtual sports.


The time factor is an important one for some bettors. Those who don’t have much time to spend can find comfort engaging in virtual sports betting as a virtual sports game often takes only a couple of minutes or under to finish. This differs from real sports which may take anything from 5 to 90 minutes (or even more in case of prolonged tennis, football matches).

  Skills Level

Simply put, real sports are games of strategy while virtual sports are games of chance. This is necessitated by the fact that when it comes to real sports, bettors can use their background knowledge about player fitness, head to head records, team morale and others to predict the outcome of a match. However, virtual sports are random games with random outcomes determined by random number generators thereby no skill set is required to predict outcomes of matches.

  Virtual Sports Providers

Different software providers are behind virtual sports. Some of the leading software developers in the virtual sports field include:

  NsoftGolden raceGlobal BetBetradarKiron


  Virtual sports betting is a great form of entertainment more so in the absence of real matches as is the case now due to the COVID-19 pandemic. However, it’s important to know that predicting the outcomes of virtual sports is tougher than real matches as virtual sports outcomes are determined by random number generators hence there is a need to practice caution when playing virtual sports betting.

  See Virtual sports in Kenya or Virtual Sports in Tanzania.

  Horse racing is arguably one of the most popular sports in the world and more so when it comes to the betting scene. Every single day, punters flock to betting shops both physical and online to place bets on their favourite horses. Seeing the immense popularity of the sport, gaming companies decided to spice things up by developing virtual horse racing, simulated horse racing games that are available 24/7 at most betting houses.

  Virtual horse racing refers to innovative horse racing games that simulate real life racecourses and horse racing events. Virtual horse racing events mimic real life horse racing by employing the same cameras that are used by television companies in broadcasting live races and also in tracking horse positions during the course of a race. By employing top notch graphics, using the same camera angles as real cameras and making use of real life horse racing commentary, virtual horse racing is as immersive as any other virtual game out there.

  The following sections will outline everything there is to know when it comes to virtual horse racing.

  In most aspects, virtual horse racing is pretty much similar to real life horse racing. However, there are three main differences that distinguish virtual horse racing from real life horse racing and it is these differences that denote how virtual horse racing works.

  Random Outcome

The first difference that distinguishes real life horse racing from virtual horse racing pertains to the race outcome. When it comes to real life horse racing, real horses take to the track and the outcome of the race is determined by several factors which include the speed of the horses on the day, the performance of the jockey, levels of fatigue on the part of the horse, injuries sustained before and during the race as well as the quality of the racing track.

  On the other hand, the outcome of the virtual horse racing race is determined solely by the random number algorithm. This in essence means that when it comes to virtual horse racing, things such as tips and strategies do not entirely work as the outcome is predetermined and random.


Real life horse racing depending on the race type may take several seconds to minutes. Virtual horse racing on the other hand does take just seconds but as the outcome is already predetermined and random; the race can be fast-forwarded and end in milliseconds, microseconds, nanoseconds or even picoseconds!


Well, this is crystal clear to see just by looking at the TV screen. Real life horse racing depicts real things from the race track, the horses, and the jockey to the spectators and any other things in view. Virtual horse racing on the other hand refers to simulated games meaning everything is computer generated. To improve on the part on immersion, which is one of the most important elements when it comes to gaming, software developers do how use advanced technology to design the virtual horse racing games with top notch graphics that mimic as best as possible the real life thing.

  One of the most beautiful things about virtual horse racing is that punters don’t have to worry about horse racing starting times and the like. The always on aspect thus is a great pull factor when it comes to virtual horse racing. At any time of the day or night, when punters walk into a betting hall, they may request for a virtual horse racing event to be screened and they proceed to place their bets. At online betting houses, virtual horse racing races take place every few minutes. Dozens of software developers are into virtual horse racing including Golden Race, Kiron Interactive, Betradar and Inspired Gaming Group hence there is no shortage of virtual horse racing events at any time of the day.

  Virtual horse racing commands a huge following among punters and this is largely necessitated by the fact that it offers numerous betting markets. Some of the popular betting markets for virtual horse racing include:

  Straight: The Straight bets entail that the punter chooses the horse to win the race. It’s important for punters to remember that even though there are some favourite horses, virtual horse racing outcomes are predetermined hence a favourite and an underdog both have the same equal chance of winning thus opting for the ‘safer bet’ – the favourite is not always advisable.Each Way: The Each way bet may be too risky for some punters hence they will need a betting market that spreads the risk of losing. One such bet is Each Way which allows the punter to choose the horse that he thinks will finish amongst the top three positions.Forecast: The Forecast bet comes with great odds and entails choosing the horses that will finish in position 1 and 2 in the correct order.Tricast: The most lucrative virtual horse racing betting market is the tricast. This bet entails choosing the horses that will finish in position 1, 2 and 3 in the correct order.

Virtual Horse Racing Pros and Cons

ProsUn-biased: Because the outcome is completely random, it means that there is element of bias when it comes to virtual horse racing. In the past, reports of corruption in an attempt to fix race outcomes by certain stables and jockeys have been revealed but this is none-existent when it comes to virtual horse racing.Bet 24/7: Convenience is guaranteed at all times when it comes to virtual horse racing. There is no need to wait for certain events or races in order to place a bet, at any time of the day or night, one can engage in virtual horse racing betting.Simplicity: Virtual horse racing is random and simple. There is no need to stress about things such as previous horse performances, levels of fatigue, racetrack type, horse form and/or age among others.ConsThe biggest shortcoming of virtual horse racing is that it comes with limited betting markets. Punters therefore cannot place as many bets as is possible when betting on real life races.

Round Up

  The above article illustrates in detail what virtual horse racing is and all the advantages that virtual horse racing has. It’s our belief that all punters have learnt something here and they can proceed to try out virtual horse racing from an informed position.


  Virtual dog racing is also known as virtual greyhound racing. This sport sees anywhere among 6 to 8 dogs take to the racing field to compete against each other. As this is a virtual sport, it means that behind the scenes are software developers who use their expertise to come up with animated graphics, audio and text which mimic real world greyhound racing.

  How it Works

  Virtual dog racing is a highly popular virtual sport that attracts many punters. It’s actually safe to say that virtual dog racing is the nearest rival to virtual horse racing. To get a better understanding of how virtual dog racing works, here are some key pointers to take note of.

  Race consists of 6 to 8 dogs: All virtual dog races will have at least 6 competitors and at most 8 competitors.Races take place on anyone of three fictional racetracks: All virtual dog races take place on anyone of the three racetracks. Namely, these are the Bennet Park, Golden hill Park and Hillside Park. The Bennet Park racetrack is based on 1-minute bullet racing. The Goldenhill Park has small hurdles that the dogs will need to clear. The Hillside Park is a regular flat racetrack.Start times for Races are staggered: Software providers ensure that on every racetrack there is a race every three minutes. However, as there are three racetracks, software providers do stagger the start times for the different racetracks to ensure that there is at least one race which is on every minute!Race Outcome is Random: A random number generator is used to determine the outcome of every race.

Software Providers behind Virtual Dog Racing

  The popularity of virtual dog racing is largely attributed to the software providers who take their time in designing the games. The software providers use the latest state of the art computer technology to come up with simulations that mimic the real sport of greyhound racing. Owing to the state of the art computer tech used, the simulations are very much immersive as they realistically depict the real thing in terms of animation and text. The immersion is further accentuated by the replays of key moments as well as professional commentary services used in designing the games.  Some of the top software providers behind virtual dog racing include:

  BetRadarNSoftInspired Gaming Group

Tips and Strategies for Winning Virtual Dog Racing

  The outcome of virtual dog races is determined by random number generators. This in essence makes this particular game more of a chance based game. However, in spite of this, it’s still advisable for punters to always consider backing the favourite every now and then as favourites when it comes to virtual dog racing are renowned for bringing rewards in comparison to backing underdogs. At the same time, punters need to be wary of the gamblers fallacy. As the game’s outcomes are based on randomness, there is no need to worry about trends and patterns as these do not in any way influence the outcome of the game.

  Top Betting Markets for Virtual Dog Racing

  Win/Single/Straight: This market entails picking the dog that you think will win the race.Place: This market entails picking a dog that you think will win or finish in second position.Show: This market entails picking a dog that you think will finish among any of the first three positions.Across the Board: This market entails placing three bets on one dog for instance picking a dog that you think will win, finish in place positions and also show positions.Quinela/Reverse Forecast: This market entails picking two dogs that you think will finish in position one and two regardless of order.Perfecta/Exacta/Straight Forecast: This market entails picking two dogs that you think will finish in position one and two in the correct order.Trifecta/Tricast/Treble Forecast: This market entails picking three dogs that you think will finish in position one, two and three regardless of order.Superfecta: This market entails picking three dogs that you think will finish in position one, two and three in the perfect order.Daily Double: This market entails picking the winners of the first two races of the day. Bets are placed before the start of the day’s races.Jackpot: This market entails picking six winners from six different races. The punter has the discretion to pick the races he wants to bet on.Parlay/Accumulator/Multiple Bet: This market entails picking and mixing different wagers from different races.Pick 3: This market entails picking three winners from three consecutive races.Pick 6: This market entails picking six winners from six consecutive races.


  Virtual dog racing is a great proponent to betting beginners as well as fans of chance based games. This necessitated by the fact that there is no study of form required before placing bets. Virtual dog racing is also great as it enables the ability to bet on demand and to get race results as quickly as possible. However, for punters who prefer skill based games, virtual dog racing is not exactly a great proposition as it’s hard to build any sort of strategy considering the race outcomes are purely random.

  Virtual Tennis


  Virtual Tennis refers to online tennis games that are designed by various software developers with the intention of mimicking the real life tennis games. Software developers involved in designing virtual tennis games do so using exceptional levels of realism as well as statistical depth thereby giving players and punters the opportunity to witness tennis action that is immersive and entertaining.

  How it Works

  There are key pointers that help in explaining how virtual tennis works. Below, we share with you these key pointers:

  Virtual tennis mimics real tennis games: The first thing to note is that virtual tennis does mimic as best as it could the real life tennis tournaments as well as matches. What this therefore means is that players and punters can follow matches in tournament form thereby allowing them to draw conclusions on possible top performing players and the like, something that comes in handy particularly for punters who are looking to place some bets.Virtual tennis is based on 25,000 real tennis matches: It’s also important to note that virtual tennis does not just mimic real matches in terms of player information as well as the tennis courts (graphics) but transcends to incorporating real statistical information thereby making it even more real.Matches take an average of 3.5 minutes to end: Real life tennis matches can stretch for many minutes or in some instances hours. However, when it comes to virtual tennis, this is not the case. On average, the virtual tennis matches only take 3.5 minutes to end thereby giving punters an opportunity to constantly place bets.Virtual Matches are offered on a rolling basis: To ensure that at any point in time players have the opportunity to place bets, software developers do offer virtual tennis matches on a rolling basis.Match results are determined by the random number generator: the results of virtual tennis games are all determined by the random number generator.

Virtual Tennis Software Providers

  The popularity of tennis amongst punters has led a number of software developers to start designing virtual tennis games. whilst the number of software developers who design virtual tennis games is relatively fewer than those interested in other fields such as virtual football, horse racing and greyhound racing, evidence on the ground suggest that this is going to change in the near future as more and more players and punters are drawn to online games. At the present moment, the software developers that have already ventured in designing virtual tennis games include:


Tips and Strategies for Winning

  Well, when it comes to virtual tennis, punters ought to know that there are a couple of key factors that they always need to keep in mind at all times. These are as follows:

  Stats are important

Earlier on, we said that the results of virtual tennis games are determined by the random number generator. On the surface, this suggests that virtual tennis is a game of chance. However, that’s not at all the case. The thing is, in designing virtual tennis games, software developers try by all means to make the games realistic and as such they do consult stats of previous games. What this therefore means is that player preferences are highlighted and they influence how the random number generator operates in determining the outcome of matches. To put this into perspective, suppose a player plays great when on an artificial turf, that player will have greater chances of winning a match when playing on an artificial court. As such, when placing bets, it’s important to look at the players going head to head as well as their stats when playing on a certain court. Head to head records of how certain players fare when they face each other is something to consider also.

  It’s a good bet to back the favourite every now and then

By following the patterns and trends of match results, it’s been noted that the favourite on most occasions does end up winning. Therefore, it’s advisable to back the favourite every now and then.

  Top Betting Markets

  When it comes to virtual tennis, there are some betting markets which are highly popular with punters. These include:

  Winner of the Match: This is a straightforward market in which the punter backs the player to win a certain match.Winner of the first set: This is another straightforward market in which the player backs the player to win the first set.Totals Over/Under number of games in a match: This market entails predicting if the number of games in a match will be over or under a certain line.Correct score of the match: This market entails predicting the score of the match.Correct score of the first set: This market entails predicting the score of the first set.

Round Up

  Virtual tennis is one of the most popular virtual games which attract loads of punters every single day. The guide above shares with all punters everything they need to know when it comes to virtual tennis.

  Bet9ja VirtualsBetKing VirtualsMelbet Virtualssportybet VirtualsBetway VirtualsNairabet VirtualsBetika VirtualsBetpawa Virtuals22Bet Virtuals

Virtual sports are now a common feature at most casinos whether online or land based. The popularity of virtual sports largely stems from the fact that they run 24/7 hence at any time of the day or night; punters can simply place a bet.

  While virtual sports have been popular for quite some time now, there can be no doubts that the corona virus pandemic which has forced many if not all sporting disciplines to postpone their activities for 2020 has greatly aided the popularity of virtual sports. This is necessitated by the fact that punters in the absence of real sports are finding solace in virtual sports.

  From the above, we can recognize that the popularity of virtual sports is by no means questionable. However, often times, those that work in the background are ignored once a phenomenon becomes popular. In light of this therefore, this complete guide to best virtual sports providers seeks to appreciate the work that’s done by the software developers that work in the background to ensure that we all partake in virtual sports betting.

  This complete guide to virtual sports providers will in-depth cover everything there is to know when it comes to virtual sports providers. The guide will expose the best virtual sports providers, the games they offer, how the games look, and how they work.


NSOFT is arguably the best of the best when it comes to virtual sports providers. The software developer develops a wide range of virtual games that are available across several channels, devices and operating systems. This essentially means that NSOFT is accessible by all whether gaming operators or punters.

  NSOFT offers safe and secure games that have been independently audited. The company holds an s.t.u. certificate issued by BMM Spain Testlabs. All of the company’s games are tested by iTech for randomness and unpredictability.

  All of NSOFT’s virtual games come with realistic animated graphics as the software developer relies solely on the world’s best in terms of graphics when creating its games. The products on offer at NSOFT include the following:

  Slot Car RacesVirtual Greyhound RacesVirtual Horse RacesVirtual Motorcycle SpeedwayVirtual Drag RacesVirtual Football LeagueVirtual Tennis OpenVirtual Basketball League

Golden Race

  Golden Race is one of the pioneers when it comes to virtual sports. In developing its games, Golden Race particularly focuses on two aspects that is, creating 3D and HD sports virtuals. This in essence illustrates the great quality of virtual sports that Golden Race has to offer as 3D and HD are the latest technology in the arena of game graphics.

  Just as this software developer focuses on two graphic types, so too are the products it has on offer. Golden Race specializes in creating virtual horse races and virtual football only. By solely focusing on virtual horse races and virtual football, it means that Golden Race has ample time to incorporate various innovative and creative features to its products hence the reason why Golden Race’s virtual horse races and virtual football are a fan favourite among a lot of virtual sports fans.

  Virtual Football: The virtual football portfolio at Golden Race is divided into three formats that is, single match, cup and league. Recently, the software developer also added a Virtual World Cup. Punters ought to know that the cup, league and the world cup function just as the real tournaments hence they can follow teams from the group stages all the way up to the final when it comes to the cup and the world cup while for the league, punters can follow teams from the very first game up to the last match of the season. Odds for virtual football are real odds that are prepared by professional bookmakers.Horse Racing: When it comes to horse racing, Golden Race offers virtual tournaments that mimic the most popular horse racing tournaments which include the Cheltenham Festival. Punters looking to partake in Golden Race horse racing betting are spoiled with a wide variety of betting markets.

Global Bet

  Global Bet is the biggest independent virtual sports provider. The company has been in existence for several years and in that time, it has managed to create a whole load of virtual sports.

  Global Bet always makes use of the latest technology when creating its games be it on the graphics front or audio and commentaries. Recognizing that its customers hail from different parts of the world and that they the customers differ when it comes to preferences, Global Bet’s products are truly omni-channel as they are accessible across a wide range of platforms from the desktop to mobile.

  Global Bet’s virtual sports mimic the real sports and as such, players who have knowledge about different sports be it football, tennis or greyhound racing amongst others will quickly become accustomed to the virtual sports offered by Global Bet. It’s important for punters to know that all the common and most popular betting markets offered for real sports are also on offer when partaking in virtual sports betting. The virtual sports offered by Global Bet are as follows:

  FootballFootball CupFootball LeagueBasketball LeagueTennisGreyhoundsHorse RacesCamel RacesSupercars Races

To demonstrate the remarkable work that Global Bet has been doing, the company was awarded the Best Virtual Sports Provider Award for 2019 at the SPIN OVATION Summit in 2019.


  The availability of multiple betting markets is one of the reasons that attract punters to any sport. Well, when it comes to virtual sports, there is no provider that offers multiple betting markets for a single sport than Betradar. At Betradar, each sport has over 50 betting markets!

  Betradar does cooperate with NSOFT when it comes to creating some of its games hence punters can expect more of the same in terms of exquisite game graphics when they settle for Betradar games. Even more impressive about the Betradar virtual sports is that they all come with live professional commentary hence making them more realistic and immersive.

  Betradar’s virtual sports are as follows:

  Virtual FootballVirtual BasketballVirtual DogsVirtual HorsesVirtual Tennis In-PlayVirtual Baseball In-Play


  Kiron Interactive has over 24 virtual titles! Yes, we made no mistake, there are 24 virtual titles created solely by Kiron Interactive. That’s incredible, istnt it? Well, Kiron Interactive is a giant when it comes to the gaming arena and its no surprise that it possesses the largest portfolio of virtual sports among all virtual sports providers.

  As if having numerous titles isn’t enough on its own, punters ought to know that Kiron Interactive’s in-house animation studio recently won an award thereby demonstrating that the virtual sports offered by Kiron are simply a cut above the rest when it comes to exquisite game graphics. All of the titles offered by Kiron replicate and mimic real sports and events hence punters with knowledge in different sports can quickly acclimatize to the Kiron products. Kiron’s sporting events are all configurable and scheduled at a high frequency to ensure high paced game play at all times.

  When accessing the Kiron Interactive products, there is no need to worry about cheats or frauds as the company is licensed and regulated by the UK Gambling Commission while all of its games are certified fair and random by Gaming Labs Certified.

  The virtual sports offered by Kiron Interactive are as follows:

  Dashing DerbyPlatinum HoundsSpeed SkatingCharging ChariotsDrive!JumpsMaxcar Motor RacingSlip StreamBull SeyeSuper HoopsWorld Hockey LeagueBadminton SmashHockey ShotsPrp-Pong Table TennisUp N DownSoccerBet English LeagueFast LeagueRacing RouletteSpin & WinKenoLucky LootLotto HorsesLotto Cars

virtual cricket betting tipsStrategy

  The popularity of virtual sports has increased exponentially over the last few years but when it comes to virtual sports betting strategies there are a few things would-be punters should keep in mind.

  After all, you won’t find a plethora of pundit predictions ahead of the weekend’s virtual football matches and you don’t have the option of glancing over years upon years’ worth of head-to-head data.

  No, it’s a completely different beast when it comes to wagering on simulated action and that calls for different ways of strategising to improve your chances of backing a winner.

  But is it possible to develop a strategy for virtual sports despite them being determined by a random number generator (RNG)?

  While there are fewer tactics and methods you can use to boost your chances of winning on virtual sports, there are still methods you can turn to help increase your chances.

  Below you’ll find some of the best ways to improve your chances of winning when you place a bet on any virtual sport…

  The odds offered in virtual sports at UK bookmakers are still reflective of the race, match or event itself. So, just like real-life sport, the favourites, in theory, have the best chance of winning.

  For example, if Liverpool were being pitted against Accrington Stanley in a virtual football match-up, the odds will reflect that Liverpool have the stronger team and therefore are more likely to win, just like in the non-virtual realm.

  By wagering on favourites to win you are likely to secure more frequent wins but remember that because the odds are shorter your returns will be smaller. Random Number Generator software does allow for upsets too so it’s certainly not impossible to land a high price underdog winner but the best advice if you want to win is to maintain a balance, the chances of 4 x 10/1 outsiders winning on a virtual sports accumulator, whilst not impossible, is low.

  The key thing to remember with virtual sports betting odds is that the RNG algorithm takes the odds into account and a 20/1 shot is not just as likely to win as a 2/5 favourite.

  Although there may not be a wealth of data to analyse, given that virtual sports betting is a relatively new phenomenon, there are still plenty of stats and trends that you can turn to that will help you make more informed betting decisions.

  For example, when betting on virtual football at bookies like Unibet, every competition comes with the latest stats, trends and league standings so you can quickly establish the in-form teams. This means you can make more reasoned decisions on what could happen next when you look at the virtual football odds.

  You can also make the most of real-life sporting statistics to help you make more informed choices. Again, using the example of virtual football, sites like 11v11 boast a wealth of information about historic head-to-head match-ups and this data can be particularly helpful, particularly if you are looking at wagering on under/over goals markets prior to a virtual match.

  No matter where you’re betting, or what you’re betting on, bankroll management is essential.

  It’s important to look after the money in your account to ensure you can play for longer and therefore boost your chances of accumulating winnings.

  Things such as setting daily limits, betting in proportion to what you can afford and not chasing losses can all contribute to managing your bankroll effectively.

  With virtual sports you can use strategies in the same way you would when wagering at an online casino or on real-life sports. Think about the likes of the Martingale strategy or hedging which are designed to increase your chance of earning profit.

  There are many more traditional betting strategies out there that could be applicable but which one you use is very much determined by what outcome you want to achieve. The two mentioned above may not help you win mammoth sums for example, but they will ensure you don’t lose big sums either, but rather enjoy small profits.

  Finally, just because virtual sports are simulated events it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t know the rules and how the sport works inside out.

  Virtual games aim to be life-like so the results and other markets such as over/under in football will reflect that too. Therefore, you need to understand the virtual cricket betting tipsStrategy games and understand the markets you’re betting on. Stick to what you know at the beginning, or at least learn the rules of a particular virtual sport before placing any bets.

  In terms of bookmaker offers, if you are planning to bet on virtual sports events you can still take advantage of a plethora of great offers including welcome bonuses for new customers and rewards programmes like free bet clubs.

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