handicap meaning in cricket bettingWhat does 0.0 Asian Handicap Mean?

handicap meaning in cricket bettingMеаning оf Hаndiсар Bеtting

  Hаndiсар bеtting stylе is соmmоn аnd рорulаrly usеd by sроrts bеttеrs with intеrеst in роint-bаsеd gаmеs likе Rugby, Sоссеr, Bаskеtbаll аnd Hоrsе Rасing. Аmоng vаriаnts оf Hаndiсар Bеtting орtiоns, Аsiаn hаndiсар sееms tо bе thе mоst usеd аmоng Kеnyаn Bеttеrs.

  Thоugh Hаndiсар аlsо соmеs in vаriаnts, thе сеntrаl idеа bеhind its inсерtiоn intо thе bеtting sсеnе is tо givе dеfiсits оr surрlus tо а suрроsеdly strоngеr оr wеаkеr tеаm.

  Handicap Betting

  Thе imаgе shоwn аbоvе is thаt оf аn Аsiаn Hаndiсар. Thе mаjоr distinguishing fасtоr bеhind thе Аsiаn Hаndiсар аnd оthеr tyреs оf hаndiсар is thаt thе fоrmеr is dеsignеd tо еliminаtе thе роssibility оf s drаw. Thаt is why it соmеs in dесimаls.

  With а Hаndiсар bеt, yоur tеаm оf сhоiсе dоеs nоt nесеssаrily hаvе tо win bеfоrе yоu аrе dесlаrеd а winnеr. Similаrly, yоu саn аlsо lоsе yоur stаkе mоnеy if yоur tеаm оf сhоiсе dоеs nоt sсоrе еnоugh gоаls. Tо рut in simрlе tеrms, hаndiсар bеtting is аll аbоut thе gоаl diffеrеnсе.

handicap meaning in cricket bettingNBL Round 11 – Selected Previews & Betting Tips

  The following are previews with betting tips for selected fixtures in Round 11 of the 2022/23 NBL season.

  View and compare the latest NBL bookmaker odds

  View the NBL form guide


  Melbourne United

Melbourne United vs South East Melbourne Phoenix
Thursday Dec 15, 7:30pm

  John Cain Arena

S.E. Melbourne Phoenix

Betting tips: Back a South East Melbourne?Victory at $1.50 (TexBet)

  Also look for them to triumph in Q1 at $1.71 (UniBet)

  Whilst you can also safely back Xavier Rathan-Mayes to score 16+PTS at $1.80 and Mitch Creek 23+PTS at $1.87 (Bet365)


  Illawarra Hawks

Illawarra Hawks vs Sydney Kings
Friday Dec 16, 7:30pm

  WIN Entertainment Centre

Sydney Kings

Betting tips: Look for Sydney to win at $1.35 (UniBet)

  Also look for them to?oust the Hawks in Q1 at $1.62 (TexBet)

  And don’t be afraid to back the visitors to score 90+PTS at $1.87 and for Illawarra to have 65+PTS at $1.03 (Bet365)


handicap meaning in cricket bettingNot Found | LiveBet


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handicap meaning in cricket bettingSouth Africa Tour of Australia 2022/23 Betting Preview (3 Tests and 3 ODIs, December 17 – January 17)

  Australia’s Marnus Labuschagne is a problem for South Africa and the rest of the Australian batting order. The top-order batsman is single-handedly stalling the careers of his colleagues by preventing them from getting any chances to prove themselves. In the West Indies series alone, Labuschagne scored over 500 runs, with scores of 204, 104*, 163, and 31, forcing Australian sports bookies to review their odds for this series.

  While there’s plenty of competition in this Australian side currently for the top run scorer – Usman Khawaja is rounding into form and is yet to get a big score. Travis Head is a recent centurion, as is Steve Smith – this is a man thrives in Australian conditions and sees the red ball like a beach ball at the moment.

  You wouldn’t want to bet against Marnus Labuschagne knuckling in and churning out a big score in the first innings here again. Also, it is hard to predict how will come to the 3rd Test in the series as well, but with a lucrative return of 4.00 (3/1) here, this cricket prediction is a great bet.

handicap meaning in cricket bettingWhat does 0.0 Asian Handicap Mean?

  If you’re looking to learn the ropes of Asian handicapping, this is the most straightforward variant. The 0.0 Asian handicap is similar to the 1×2 market. Here, you are simply betting on either team to win the match outrightly. The only difference is that if a draw occurs, you get a stake refund.

  It is also referred to as a level Asian handicap, level ball, or a Draw No Bet market.

  This level Asian handicap basically starts off both teams with no goal advantage, as opposed to other kinds of handicap bets. Bookmakers often write down a 0.0 Asian handicap when two teams of equal strength are pitted against each other. There is no clear favourite or underdog. As such, there is no +/-coefficient attached to the handicap line.

  Consider a match between Champions League squads, Liverpool and Chelsea.

  If you were to bet on Liverpool 0.0, you win if the team wins the game. If the team loses the game, your bet loses.If you were to bet on Chelsea 0.0, you win if the team wins the game. If the team loses the game, your bet loses.If both teams draw, the bet is void, and your stake is refunded.Here’s an overview extracted from the Asian handicap chart:

  There are three possible outcomes with these bets:

  Win: Selected team wins the game

  Push: The game ends in a draw, e.g., 0:0, 1:1, 2:2, etc.

  Loss: Selected team loses the game

  Alternative Asian Handicap (AAH) simply means other AH betting options available at the sportsbook. The 0.0 alternative Asian handicap includes other handicap bets offered by the bookmaker, and multiple handicap lines are offered on most games. So, there’s more than one way to bet at any time.

  There are also split Asian handicaps like 0.25, which divides your stake to cover the nearest quarter intervals – 0.0, 0.5 handicaps. Bookmakers also offer Asian handicap 0.0 in play.

  We’ve detailed all that the Asian handicap betting 0.0 entails. When two evenly matched teams are set to face off against each other, there is usually a lot of betting action from punters. The 0.0 Asian handicap offers the chance to diversify your betting experience while reducing the risk.

  It is not that complicated to understand, and if you have any experience with the standard 1×2 market, you’ll be able to pick it up. It is also identical to the DNB (Draw No Bet) market, handicap meaning in cricket bettingWhat does 0.0 Asian Handicap Mean? so it avoids a tie outcome and is a good value play due to the better chances of winning.

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