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handicap in cricket bettingExploring Handicap 1 in sports betting

  It is not always quite profitable to bet on a favorite of the competition, since bookmakers often offer ridiculously low odds for such an outcome. And this is where a handicap bet comes along to increase price quotations. Soon afterwards appears a handicap on an outsider, and to sort it all out, just get a glimpse at all the information on Handicap 1 we’ve gathered for you here. 

  Before we get into detail, let’s see what handicap is in general. Handicap is the numerical advantage of one of the teams, which is added or subtracted from the final result. A handicap bet will be settled including the stated handicap, and the success of the handicap won’t necessarily mean the actual win of the team. Most often, outcomes with handicap can be found in football, hockey and basketball matches.

  Handicap 1 means a bet on a first team (the host team). It can be either positive or negative. Bookmakers commonly abbreviate it as H1 (+1), H1 (-1), H1 (+2), H1 (-2), etc. Let’s find out how they work. Let’s find out how they work.

  H1(-1) is a bet on the victory of the host team with a handicap of ‘-1’ (meaning goals in reference to football). The number after the name of the bet (H or Handicap) indicates the team, and the number in brackets is the number of handicap points. So in fact, the game starts with the score ‘-1: 0’ instead of ‘0:0’.

  In most cases, gamblers use H1 (-1) exclusively when they bet on a win of a favorite. Indeed, by wagering on the front-runner with negative handicap, you can significantly increase the odd, but a possibility of making a profit will slightly decrease.

  H -1 is just formally considered to be a bet on the favorite, because a deal on this outcome can be made with any team. It doesn’t matter if the first team is the favorite or the underdog, the gambler always has the opportunity to succeed with the specified handicap. Another thing is when betting H1 (-1) on the outsider, the odds get pretty high, and the chance of succeeding tends to zero.


  Get ready for the following outcomes when betting H1 (-1):

  1. Bet win: The first team wins with a difference in 2 or more goals.

  2. Bet voided: The host team wins with a difference of exactly 1 goal.

  3. Bet loss: The match ends in a draw or a victory of the second team.

  H1 (+1) is a bet on the host team win with handicap of ‘+1’. In this case, the match formally starts with ‘1:0’.

  In most cases, this wager is made on games where teams are equal and it’s difficult to determine the favorite. It’s a kind of a safety net for a gambler. If the selected team fails in 1 point, nothing terrible will happen (bet gets voided).

  1. Bet win: The first team wins or the match ends in a draw.

  2. Bet voided: The host team loses with a difference of exactly 1 goal.

  3. Bet loss: The second team wins with a difference in 2 or more goals.

  H1 is basically used in football since this sport perfectly goes with this strategy. Football matches often end in a draw or a win of one of the teams with just one goal. And this is exactly the situation where handicap bets are applied. Of course, you can score the absolute win of one of the teams, but then the chances of succeeding significantly reduce. Having second thoughts? Let’s take a look at some real-life examples:

  Let’s take the group stage match of the European Championship 2020 between Finland and Russia. Russia is the obvious favorite, and no mind-blowing performance is expected though. Potential price quotations: 


  Win of Finland – 5.45; Draw – 3.8; Win of Russia – 1.74

  Finland is able to confront its stronger opponent. And this is where 1.69 on H1 (+1) comes handy. Taking into account the possible outcome, the odds are rather fair and may lead to: 

  The win of Russia with a difference of 2 or more goals – bet loss.

  The win of Russia with a difference of 1 goal – bet voided.

  Tied score or the win of Finland – bet win.

  As you can see, H (+1) gives us a lot of scenarios if we want to bet against a clear favorite.

  For the second example, we will also take the group stage match of EURO 2020, but now the first team will be obviously stronger – England vs Scotland. The British should beat the Scots easily, of course, if no unexpected circumstances arose. Potential price quotations: 


  Win of England – 1.4; Draw – 5.1; Win of Russia – 8.9

  Betting 1.4 on a clean victory of England is hardly acceptable for a single bet. With a bet on H1 (-1), the odds rise to 1.58 – quite a substantial odds difference with virtually the same stake, which may ultimately entail the following outcomes: 

  England wins with a difference of 2 or more goals – bet win.

  England wins with a difference of 1 goal – bet voided.

  Tied score or Scotland wins – bet loss.

  As you can see, the risk of losing money remains at the same level as when betting on a solid win of England, but the difference in prices is much more tangible. The only downside is that the wager would get voided if the first team wins with a difference of exactly 1 goal.

  One should follow certain rules drawn from the experience when wagering on handicap bets. However, it is necessary to determine the favorite and the outsider of the game in advance in order to understand which of the handicaps is better to choose. So what guideline should we stick to?

  host team has won over 60-70% of home games this season;

  host team win is estimated at 1.4 or less;

  home win is the only option; 

  several important players from the opposing team are out of the game;

  opponents had much less time to rest.

  only a few home games of the season were lost (with a difference of 2 or more points);

  host team concede on average less than 1.5 goals per home game for the season;

  sportsbooks estimate H1 (+1) at 1.4 and more;

  the guest team has won no more than 60-70% of all away matches of the season.

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handicap in cricket bettingHandicap Betting 2022

  Imagine an NBA league where the Golden State Warriors are playing the New York Nets. Definitely, the Golden State Warriors are the clear heavy favorites and the Nets the underdog. Clearly the Golden State Warriors are the favorites to definitely win because they are a much better team with better players and skills. So how do sports bookmakers try to prepare odds in this case for punters? The answer is Handicap betting. It is an effective way to level the playing field.

  Handicap betting is a form of sports betting used to even the odds when there is a contest between a heavy favorite and an underdog side. This betting type is common in sports which make use of points such basketball, football, tennis, soccer, and rugby. Handicap betting has an effect on how odds get by bookies. This article discusses in detail betting handicap and everything you need to understand about sports handicap betting. To understand handicap odds fully, handicap betting explained in details in this article will help fully.

  Handicap betting is a betting type whereby a sports bookie tries to even out the seeming bias in capacities between teams as in the example of the Golden State Warriors and the New York Nets given in the introduction. With Handicap odds, the playing field is effectively by considering the difference in strength of the teams facing each other.

  For example, if there was a 200m race which involved Usain Bolts and he was going up against average runners it’s expected of Bolts to come out the winner most of the times – and this would even be reflected by the odds. But, imagine the average runners had to themselves a head start of 100m. The outcome would be even, and effectively ‘level’ up the competition since Usain Bolts would have been handicapped.

  This example shows the concept of handicap betting; that is one outcome is given an advantage while the other outcome is given a disadvantage so as to deal with the differences in skill ability between both sides. Therefore, odds? ?on the heavy favorite are made more attractive, since the chances of an underdog victory was increased.

  In the handicap betting markets, the team considered the favorite is conferred with a goal or point handicap to do away with the variation in strength for the sake of betting. For instance, such favorite begins play with -1, -2, -3, -4 points.

  Handicap Betting Football Explained:? Handicap football can best be explained with the example below

  If there’s a match in the football league between the New England Patriots and the Dallas Cowboys. The New England Patriots are considered the heavy favorites and may start with -6 points, whereas the Dallas Cowboys begin with + 6 points. So, to cover the spread, the New England Patriots will have to win with 7 or more points.

  In a situation where the New England Patriots had won 25-19. on the single handicap market, the Dallas Cowboys would actually be the winners instead since the game, based on the handicap market, had ended 25-26 in favor of the underdogs.

  In summary, in a match between Team A, the favorite and Team Y, the underdogs where you lay a wager on Team A which has a handicap of -1 goal, to win your bet, Team A has to win by more than one goal, that is two and above so as to cover the handicap but where the win is simply by one goal, with the handicap, the result of such match is regarded as a draw for betting purposes, therefore your wager gets refunded. Though you will lose your wager on Team A where Team Y draws or wins the game.

  Asian handicap is a form of betting where the tie result or draw is removed. It’s highly valuable to the punter and poses somewhat of less risk compared to the conventional “Win-Draw-Win” style betting. You’ve got to pick the team rated as the favorite to beat the handicap (framed in goals) or you must oppose the team considered favorite with the handicap.

  Imagine two teams in a soccer game event; one team will definitely be on home ground and the other away or vice-versa. ?In Asian handicap betting, there’s two selection possibilities, either the home team wins the game, or the away team wins it. So, the Asian Handicap sports betting thus eliminates the option of a draw made use of in normal multiples (1×2). Most times, these teams do not have equal abilities as one will be a favorite and the other an underdog. Where there’s a greater difference in ability between the competing teams, then a larger goal difference is expected from the favorite’s victory and therefore, there’s a bigger handicap. So, the underdogs are given a head start, and a handicap, (of 0.5, 1 ball, etc.) by the team considered to be the favorite.

  The team regarded to be the favorite must therefore beat the indicated handicap, which will be deducted from its final score at the end of the game. The minus sign (-) represents the handicap given to the favorite.

  While the favorite has its handicap deducted, the team rated as the underdog has its handicap added to its score at the end of the game. The plus sign (+) represents the handicap given to the underdog.

  For example:

  Leeds United (-1, -1.5) vs LA Galaxy (+1, +1.5)

  In this example, Leeds United need to win the match by two clear goals in order to win the market, due to the handicap betting soccer odds applied.

  But if Leeds win by one, then the whole number handicap results in a draw, while the number handicap gives LA Galaxy the victory. You would stand to receive half your stake back if you bet on Leeds to win, while anyone who bet on LA Galaxy to win would receive half their stake returned, and half of it would be paid back as winnings at the odds stated by the sports bookie.

  The next example is that of a split Asian handicap bet:

  In a split Asian handicap, the amount staked gets divided across two handicaps. A split Handicap occurs when the difference between the two teams’ abilities is small; allowing you to split your stake over two handicaps.

  For example, let’s say you want to bet on Team A who are +1 and +1.5 against Team B.

  By the end of the game, Team B wins 2-1, so half of the amount staked (+1) gets returned as the game ends 2-2, whereas the other half (+1.5) will be deemed a winner as Team A won the game based on the final score of 2-2.5.

  3-way handicap betting gives punters the ability to bet on the option of a handicap tie. This option involves betting that the game will end in a victory for the team with the virtual deficit (-1 etc.) by the particular winning margin which has been offered.

  Below is a three-way handicap bet example:

  In a match between USA v. Panama, the three-way handicap margins are provided:

  USA: +2

  Draw/handicap tie: effectively -2

  Panama: -2

  Whereby this game ends with Panama winning 1-0. ?A sports bettor who had backed a Panama win would have lost the bet since Panama failed to cover the spread, therefore the game effectively finished 2-1 with USA being the winner.

  If you had bet on the handicap tie, you’d have lost since Panama failed to win by the specified margin in the handicap. You should note that when you’re betting a handicap draw, your bet is on the margin of victory, not the actual goals that were scored, e.g. a Panama win of 4-2, 3-1, 2-0 etc.

  On the other hand, in no draw handicap betting, there’s got to be an outright winner, and there’s no possibility of a draw, regardless of how the game ends. This system of betting allows half goal/point handicaps to certain results. This is quite similar to Asian handicap.

  Below is a no draw handicap bet:

  Where Brazil face USA in a soccer game, Brazil is offered a +0.5 handicap by the no draw handicap market – in other words, they are already winning by 0.5 goals even before kickoff.

  So whereby such a match ended in a 1-1 draw, a bet on Brazil would win since the score based on the market would be USA 1 Brazil 1.5

  The logic of handicap bet markets also cuts across other sports such as handicap betting basketball, etc… as the extra score gets added to the team/player’s score for the final score to be determined. During live games, live score handicaps are displayed by sports bookies, to compare bookies with the best handicaps odds, kindly visit our sports betting comparison page.

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  Conclusion: A Clear Vision of Handicap Betting

  Handicap betting allows you more options, instead of standard betting. You will find it to be so simple. It’s a fantastic option if you are looking into ways to beat down the risk and cash in the odds. Get started with handicap betting at our sports betting comparison page and discover which bookies offer the best odds. I hope you understood what handicap betting entails and the great benefits it could offer you.

handicap in cricket bettingHandicap betting example: How does it work?

  Handicap betting is where the bookmaker applies a points or goal margin (handicap) to the favoured team or player in a contest in order to create more level odds for each outcome. Handicap betting is used prevalently in the UK and European football betting. It is becoming more common in Australia, as bookmakers apply handicaps adapted to Australian online betting markets on sports like AFL and NRL.

  To better explain handicap betting, we use the example of an English Premier League soccer match. Let’s assume, Arsenal is playing West Ham, the Win Draw Win odds for the match are:

  Arsenal $1.36, the Draw $4.50 and West Ham $6.50.

  The odds suggest an Arsenal victory is the most likely outcome. If the bookie then handicaps Arsenal 1 goal, the market would look like this:

  Arsenal $2.20 (-1.0), Draw $3.30 (-1.0), West Ham $2.80 (+1.0).

  handicap betting: English Premier League examplehandicap betting: English Premier League example

  In this scenario, punters that backed Arsenal need them to win by 2 goals in order to receive handicap in cricket bettingHandicap Betting 2022 the $2.20. The list below shows what score is needed for each outcome to be declared a winner under -1.0 handicap conditions:

  Arsenal (-1.0) win – Arsenal win by 2 goals or more

  Draw (-1.0) win – Arsenal wins by exactly 1 goal

  West Ham (+1.0) win – The match results in a draw or a West Ham victory

  By applying a one goal handicap, the oddsmaker has made the match far more even.

handicap in cricket bettingHandicap Betting Explained

  Handicap betting is often used in sports such as football, rugby, tennis, cricket – any sport?that requires a certain number of points to be scored by either team. Essentially it tries to level the?playing field a little by giving one team a fictional head start over the other. Whilst popular with quite a few?sports, for the purpose of this article we will be looking at how it affects football; from there you will?hopefully be able to apply it to the sport of your choice.

  Handicapped BettingBefore each football match the bookmaker will set a traditional market line on an outright winner?market for a home win, away win and a draw. Whichever team out of the two is deemed to be better will reflect in the odds offered. More often than not one team will be the favourite to win the match and therefore have lower odds, with the underdog having higher odds since they are supposedly less likely to win.

  By handicapping one team a bookmaker can even things up somewhat and giving them a certain?number of goals head start over their opponent. A team which is handicapped at +1.0 will essentially?start the game at 1-0 to win before the game is played out, and the score is then adjusted accordingly.?The opposing team handicapped at -1 will start the game at 1-0 down.

  A handicapped bet may look something like this:

  Chelsea (-2.0) 8/13 v Wigan (+2.0) Evens

  From this we can see that Chelsea have been handicapped a 2 goal deficit (-2.0) and at odds of 8/13,?whilst Wigan have been given a 2 goal advantage before the game at even money.

  If we backed Chelsea at the above odds then we need them to win by 3 clear goals or more to win our bet. If Chelsea only won by two goals?then the game would technically end in draw (after handicap) and if they were to win by just one?goal then they would lose the match and the bet (after handicap).?It’s worth noting at this point that if the game were to finish up a draw after the handicap has been?applied then the majority of bookmakers tend to refund your bet, although this does vary so check the terms and conditions prior to betting.

  If we backed Wigan at even money then we would need them to be within 2 goals of Chelsea.?Winning results would include any Wigan victory, a draw, and a 1-0 loss. A 2-0 loss would equate to a?push (or refund).

  Green Tick

  One of the major benefits of handicap betting is that markets that are heavily weighted in favour of?one team tend even themselves out somewhat. This obviously depends on the teams, handicapping?odds and handicapping options.

  On the flip side if we think a strong favourite is likely to go well against a lesser team and beat them?convincingly, then we can take odds that are much more appealing and essentially better value.

  Red Cross

  The negatives are that there is likely going to be a lot of results that can lose you your bet. Even if?the team that you are backing wins you still might not get paid out. Markets for games that?might be tight are generally ones to stay clear of with handicap betting.

  Try to look for games where?the favourite is likely to win by a good margin. Goals are the key in football handicap betting.

  Asian Handicap ExampleThe Asian handicap is one of the most common handicapped markets, especially for football. It?works similarly to the examples we have listed above but instead it allows for only two results (win?or loss) rather than three (win, lose or draw).

  It’s different because it includes quarter, half and three quarter handicaps as well. With these in play?technically handicap in cricket bettingHandicap Betting 2022 no game that’s been handicapped can end in a draw, so if one?team is handicapped at +0.5 and the other at -0.5, there will always be either a win or lose result as one team is?sure to have more than the other (even if it is only 0.5).

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