double chance in cricket bettingWhat is Double Chance in Hockey Betting?

double chance in cricket bettingWhat is Double Chance in Hockey Betting?

  With this type of bet, sportsbooks list the odds about the game ending with a win or a draw. If the team you pick either wins or draws after 60 minutes of play, you have won the bet. An important thing to keep in mind with double chance bets in ice hockey is these only apply to wagers that specifically state they are for regulation play only. All NHL games go to overtime and possibly a shootout, if necessary, should the teams be tied after 60 minutes. As such, double chance bets don't apply if the game goes into overtime.

  Double chance bets stand in contrast to what's known in hockey as a three-way bet where you pick on three possible outcomes. These are the away team wins, the home team wins, or the score is tied after 60 minutes.

  Although?a double chance bet gives you two ways to win, it is not the same as the standard two-way bet. In the more common two-way bet, the only possible outcomes are either the home team wins or the away team wins. These types of wagers are usually referred to as moneyline bets.

  Because approximately only 25 percent of NHL games go to overtime, the double chance bet can offer some attractive odds. Especially if you are betting on the underdog team to either win the game or draw in regulation play. On the other hand, a double chance bet does not offer the same odds in your favor as simply betting on the underdog because you have two ways to win your wager.

  When considering games for a possible double chance bet, it's a good idea to do some homework. If two teams appear to be evenly matched, the chances of a draw will increase accordingly. Also, look at the past history of the teams and do they tend to play tight low-scoring games. For whatever reason, some teams tend to either win or lose by larger margins than others.

  Most of the sportsbooks available on each state, will offer you double chance betting. The biggest difference will be the odds offered by each betting site for each particular game. Is frequently a good idea to check the odds for different bookies and bet on the one which offers highest highest value for your bet. Our recommendation is to open different accounts on all avalable operators explore the different options before placing your bets.

  Depending on the state you are currently located you will find a wider or smaller range possibilitties, check our lists depending on your location:

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