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cricket betting expertBest Bookmakers For Cricket

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  Deciding which are the best cricket bookmakers can depend on many points. Some bettors prefer bookmakers who consistently offer the most competitive betting odds, whilst others may look for a bookmaker who put on regular promotions on their chosen sport, a good way for punters to maximise their profits.

  Another aspect that appeals to punters is a bookmaker sign up bonus. Most online bookmakers offer a new customer bonus, which can be extremely beneficial to bettors looking to start off with bonus funds or free bets. There are a number of bookmakers who also offer enhanced odds specials for new customers, such as longer odds on a particular team to win the ICC World Twenty20.

  Cricket is a very popular sport to bet on, with punters from all over the world placing bets on cricketing events. Because of this great interest, most bookmakers offer an excellent range of odds and markets on many formats of the game, including Test Match, 50 Over and 20 Over matches and tournaments. Cricket is also popular amongst our tipsters, with almost 400 cricket predictions posted on our site last year.

  So why is cricket such a popular sport to bet on? The different formats of the game can provide very different betting opportunities, with in-play and pre-match betting arguably suited better to certain formats. In-play betting, in particular, can provide a hugely exciting betting experience for punters, with value to be found with the right bookies. A number of our tipsters provide cricket predictions regularly, and these tips are always available to inspire you with your own cricket betting!



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  At bettingexpert, we always aim to be as transparent and objective as we can when we recommend the best cricket bookies, combining this with trying to help you make profits on your betting. From our cricket tips over the last year, we’ve collected all of the important statistics and data to confirm who the best cricket bookmakers are according to our trusted members.



  Best Bookmakers For Cricket Betting

373 Tips Posted





 william hill



  Our bettingexpert tipsters posted 373 cricket predictions last year. From our research into our tipsters’ habits, we’ve found that Matchbook are by far the most popular bookie for cricket betting, with 131 tips – or a huge 35.12% of all cricket tips. Ladbrokes are second in our list, with 10.99%, or 41 tips. Bet365, William Hill and betsafe were the selections of our tipsters on 31, 23 and 22 occasions respectively.



  Matchbook are a hugely popular bookmaker with our tipsters across a number of sports, offering much choice in the range of odds and markets they make available. They can easily be classed as the best bookmaker for cricket within our community, with over a third of our tips placed with Matchbook. With  welcome bonuses available on the biggest sporting events too, it’s no surprise that Matchbook are gaining more and more fans in the sports betting world.




  As our research suggests, Matchbook are by a huge margin the most popular bookmaker for our cricket experts. However, that’s not to say the other bookies in our top five should be dismissed. All of Ladbrokes, bet365, William Hill and betway offer much for even the most avid fans of betting on cricket, whether that be competitive odds, excellent promotions or enticing welcome offers.

  We want to provide you with completely unbiased reviews when it comes to our bookmaker guides. For a more detailed and comprehensive look at the pros and cons of the rest of the top five best bookmakers for cricket, select from the table below:



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  From analyzing the data we’ve gathered from our bettingexpert tipsters, we’ve found that their favoured bookmaker for their cricket betting is Matchbook. For fans of betting on cricket, there are many aspects which you should look for when finding your goto cricket bookmaker:


  Popularity amongst current customers best tennis bookmaker

  Competitive odds and varied markets for cricket betting best tennis bookmaker

  A choice of promotions for both new & existing customers best tennis bookmaker

  Good sign-up offer best tennis bookmaker

  Easy to use website and smooth interface best tennis bookmaker

  In-play options best tennis bookmaker

  Huge offers best tennis bookmaker


  Matchbook offer all of the above, which explains why they are our tipsters’ choice for best bookmaker for cricket betting. We view our tipsters as experts, so we trust their opinions! With over a third of our experts going with Matchbook, we believe that Matchbook are the best cricket bookmaker!

  As well as cricket bookmakers, we’ve also analysed the betting data on a number of other sports. Take a look at which bookmakers come out on top in the sports listed below:cricket betting expertBest Bookmakers For Cricket

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cricket betting expertThe Best Cricket Betting Strategy that Works

  Betting on cricket is like learning a sport: you think you don’t know anything until you hit the ball for the first time. However, experienced bettors know they need a good strategy to turn their bets into profit. This is even more true when it comes to cricket.

  Let’s go through the various cricket betting strategies, how they work and how any bettor can use them to turn excitement into profit.


  How Do Cricket Betting Strategies Work?

  Cricket is an engaging game and offers many different bets that can be easily combined into a single betting strategy. For example, there are straight bets, player side bets, team side bets, in-game bets, and many more that can fit nicely into the system.

  Cricket betting strategies work by placing several bets on one ‘ticket.’ For example, you can use your strategy to spread your bet between different players or teams to ensure your winnings. Cricket betting strategies can also be used for matches or placing a casual bet for each bet on the list.

  You can also bet on players like the best bowler or batsman, best players, etc. Therefore, the best way to start betting on cricket is to use one of the two top betting strategies – math or games.


  Strategies Based on Mathematical Analysis

  It depends on choosing the correct odds and making different combinations. Mathematical strategies are the most commonly adopted among cricket bettors. Ladder systems, Martingale Strategy, or Flat Betting are among the most famous mathematical cricket betting strategies.

  Game-related Strategies

  Unlike mathematical systems, here you will find cricket betting strategies related to the game. These are more qualitative and rely on your knowledge and skill to predict future outcomes by examining the patterns and characteristics of a tournament or a particular game.

  For example, if you are an excellent game strategist, you try to profit from underpowered championships by targeting inflated lines.

  However, before choosing a betting strategy, you would need to understand the odds, betting lines, and combinations. You will need to carefully choose what to bet on and calculate your bet amount.


  10 Best Online Cricket Betting Strategies

  You can differentiate cricket betting strategies by odds, teams, or stake amounts. We have divided the Top 10 cricket betting strategies to choose the right one for you.


  You will find D’Alembert Betting System, Flat Betting System, Kelly Criterion, Monty Hall Paradox Betting Strategy, and many more.

  #1 Dogon Betting

  The Dogon betting strategy is the first on our list and is a mathematical strategy. This system is most commonly used and popular, especially among cricket betting novices.

  The Dogon betting strategy is a system of “odds” based on increasing the number of bets to cover all previous losses. Under this system, the stakes should be increased after each loss. This process continues until all previous bets plus scheduled payouts are recovered.

  This relatively simple mathematical strategy can bring short-term profitability, but if you practice it too often, it can lead to bankruptcy. This system is associated with the distribution of your finances, so you should be careful.

  Here is an example:

  You bet $100 on a particular cricket match and lost it. The next time you deposit $200 and lose it again. However, the third time you place $400, you hope to recover all your previous losses and make a profit.

  For this to be possible, the particular outcome you have chosen must have odds of more than 2.5 or 5/4 to cover all the money you have lost in the previous two bets, plus the entitlement to the planned winnings.

  Dogon betting systems can take many forms, such as Standard Dogon or Martingale, Classic Doogle, Progressive Doogle, Double-Dogon, and many others. You can use the first two as the safest and easiest to-win cricket bets.


  #2 Flat Betting

  Flat Betting is another popular cricket betting system. It is also based on math and means that you will use ‘flat bets’ or each bet will equal the same amount or percentage.

  Cricket bettors usually play this strategy by specifying a percentage of their bankroll with each bet. There are several flat betting strategies that you can use to profit from cricket matches:

  Static flat bets – 1-2% of your bankroll;

  Academic flat rates – 3-5%;

  Aggressive Flat Bets – 6-10% and;

  Chaotic Flat Bets – 10% and more.

  Most cricket bettors separate academic flat bets as the most sense as you can place 3% of your bets on higher-risk games or outcomes while 5% on the more obvious ones.

  This way, you will make modest profits but significantly reduce the risk of losing all your deposits.

  Another example of cricket flat betting is this: imagine you have $1000 in your account and have fixed a 30% betting strategy. This means you bet $300 on your team or player. If you lose, your account will be reduced to $700, which will reduce the next bet to $210, as your total bankroll will also be reduced.

  A flat betting strategy is suitable for minimizing risks and leaving enough room for minor betting errors. This is why “flat bets” are a great answer to winning cricket bets if you are an inexperienced player.


  #3 “Percent of the Bank” Strategy

  This is perhaps the most appealing cricket betting strategy for new and inexperienced players. The “Bank Percentage” strategy is another bankroll-focused system that can reduce losses caused by unpredictable cricket bets.

  This cricket betting system works similarly to others and requires a certain percentage of the bet from the entire deposit. For example, you can deposit $1,500 at a particular online casino and then specify that each of their bets is 7% of the deposit.

  Here’s what the “percentage of the bank” strategy implied for the England-India match would look like:

  If your first bet is $50 on India to win at odds of 2.0 and India somehow succeeds – your bankroll will increase to $1,050. Your 2nd bet will again be 5%, but this time equal to $52.50. Your bankroll equals $1,000.

  If you win this one, your bankroll will rise to $1,102.5, and your 3d bet will be 5% again, but now $55.12. However, if you lose the 2nd bet, your bankroll will be deducted to $997.5, and your 3d bet will be $49.

  This is the principle of the “percentage of the bank” strategy. When it comes to cricket, you can use it for runs scored, wickets, odd/even runs, batsman or bowler bets, top batsman or bowler teams, etc.


  #4 Martingale Strategy

  The Martingale strategy is another way to bet on cricket with gradually increasing stakes, and it is also a mathematical variation of the Dogon betting strategy.

  The Martingale cricket betting strategy is based on increasing your bet every time you lose one. Exciting and risky – the Martingale strategy can be the only option when cricket bettors want to minimize their money lost in a losing streak.

  If you lose your bet, your next bet should be double the original amount. However, if you win the bet, the next one should equal the winning one.

  It’s simple math – pick cricket matches with odds above 2.0 because you’ve placed double bets and need to double your winnings.

  We will give you an example that will clarify how the Martingale strategy works.

  Take, for example, a match between Pakistan and Australia. This is what a winning Martingale ticket will look like:

  Bet 1 – Australia to Win (2.5) – $10;

  2nd Bet – Tie (3.5) – $20;

  3rd Bet – Draw (6.0) – $60;

  Bet 4 – Pakistan To Win (2.5) – $180.

  And now suppose you lost the first three bets but won the 4th bet – Pakistan to win at odds of 2.5 and a bet of $180. You will claim $270 in net profit because you managed to recoup your losses plus double your last bet.

  Martingale cricket betting strategy is often used with “over/under” bets, but if you are experienced enough, you can try any player or other bets.


  #5 D’Alembert Betting System

  The D’Alembert betting system is very similar to the Martingale system, and the only difference is the size of each additional bet.

  Our example will be the T20 World Cup warm-up matches between New Zealand and Australia. You decide to deposit $5 for New Zealand to win the game. As a result, this will be your first bet, and if Australia loses the match, your second bet will increase by one unit or?$5.

  Easy math – your 2nd bet will be $10, but if you lose again, your 3d bet will increase by another unit ($5) up to $15. Let’s assume that luck favors you this time, and Australia wins. A win in the D’Alembert Betting System means reducing your bets by one. So your fourth bet will be $10 again.

  Experts recommend that you choose cricket matches and results with odds of 3.0 or higher if you also want to make up for previous losses. These trades are a bit riskier than the 2.0 odds but will ensure you don’t break even after a losing streak.

  The D’Alembert betting system has different variants, and the most commonly used is the Reverse D’Alembert system.

  Here everything contradicts the standard D’Alembert system. If you win, you increase the bet by one unit, but if you lose, you decrease it.


  #6 Counter-D’Alembert Strategy

  The Counter-D’Alembert or Reverse D’Alembert System strategy is simple and easy to understand.

  With each winning bet, you increase your next bet by one unit. This system would look simply like this:

  1st bet – $20 and odds of 2.0;

  2nd bet – $? and course 3.0;

  3D Bet – $? and 2.7 courses;

  4th bet – $? and a course of 2.0.

  If you have a bankroll of $1000 and you win the 1st bet, you get a profit of $20, and your next bet increases by one unit ($20) to $40. However, if you lose the 2nd bet, your 3d bet will be $20 again.

  You will need to find games or probable results with odds higher than 2.0. You can place your bets on top bowlers, top batters, match bets, over/under, winner’s draw, and much more, but above 2.0 to avoid the ugly black streaks.

  You can also use the Counter-D’Alembert strategy to combine different types of bets. Before building this reverse D’Alembert system, please check the current streak, player statistics, best odds, etc.

  This strategy can be a great solution when listing live cricket odds. For example, a game between Sri Lanka and West Indies at halftime can give you odds of 1.68 and 2.16 for each country to win.

  You can place your bets on West Indies to win and wait to see if your future bet goes up or down. The live odds are excellent for the Counter-D’Alembert strategy because you can easily find the odds and hands you need.


  #7 Oscar’s Grind Strategy

  The Oscar’s Grind system is a variation of the Martingale strategy with a few minor changes to how bets are handled. With this cricket betting strategy, you will not have to increase your bets after every losing bet.

  On the contrary, the amount will increase with each bet won, and experts prefer that the initial bet be 1/12 of your cricket gambling bankroll.

  To play a successful Oscar’s Grind strategy, you should bet on outcomes with odds greater than 2.0 or decimal odds of 2/1. With each additional win, you double the size of the bet.

  Here’s how your Oscar’s Grind cricket strategy would look if you placed five consecutive bets on different cricket matches:

  Let’s say your initial bet is 12% of your $1,000 bankroll.


  #8 The Kelly Criterion


  This cricket betting strategy is a mathematical system that multiplies your profits successfully. Kelly Criterion will make you think about how much money you should bet and what bets this system can use.

  Note: You cannot use the Kelly Criterion on cricket matches or types of cricket bets that have no value set by the bookie. If the back odds are equal to or greater than these odds, you cannot use them in building your Kelly Criterion system.

  It will become more apparent when we see how unfavorable or zero odds affect Kelly’s formula.

  First, try to make your prediction by looking for errors in specific betting lines that you think should have different odds.

  The simplest example would be our match between Pakistan and Australia. Let’s imagine that the bookie gave 2.2 odds on Pakistan not to lose the game. That means 2.2 (45%) will be the odds on Baba Azam leading the Shahins to victory.

  However, the match is being played in Sydney, and your personal opinion is that the chances of Pakistan winning or drawing are much less. So your analysis says the probability will be around 2.2 or 37%.

  In this situation, this cricket betting strategy is perhaps the best way to use your experience:

  N – the size of your bet

  Z – bookmaker’s coefficient

  P – your probability

  B – Your Bankroll ($1000)

  N = ( (Z*P-1) / (Z-1) ) * B or N = ( (2.2*0.37-1) / (2.2-1) ) * $1000

  Your Kelly Criterion bet for this straight bet will equal $155.


  #9 The Miller System

  To create your own Miller system, you must combine cricket odds higher than 1.9 or 2/1. According to Miller, bettors should also consider betting 1% of their all-out bankrolls.

  Miller suggests that betting 2% or 3% of your betting bankroll is risky and counterproductive. However, bookmakers usually give odds of between 1.85 and 1.95 to use this strategy.

  Another requirement of this cricket betting strategy is that the bets remain the same until a profit of 25% is achieved. If your bankroll is equal to $1,000, you will need to increase it to $1,250 before increasing your bets.

  The Miller cricket betting strategy applies to games played in almost any cricket league or tournament. Just follow the rules, and this strategy will help you reduce the risk of more prominent losing streaks and make profits in the long run.

  According to Miller, using this system will give you a 53% win rate, although the average win rate in cricket is between 53% and 58%.


  The Ladder System

  The ladder system is another mathematical strategy where the entire amount won is placed on the next bet. It is one of the most straightforward systems and can be used by experienced and new cricket bettors.

  You will need to divide your ticket into loops when using the ladder system. The Ladder System insists on selecting matches with lower odds but higher odds.

  Moreover, this cricket betting strategy requires you to specify the number of bets in one cycle.

  The Ladder System has several advantages for cricket bettors:

  Minimizing the risk of losing bets – the ladder system uses “steps” with low odds and high probability.

  Standardized steps – Cricket betting experts suggest 3-5 steps in the ladder as each step increases the probability of losing.

  Average Odds – The average multiplier in ladder bets should be between 1.2 and cricket betting expertBest Bookmakers For Cricket 1.3. This way, you will keep multiplying your profits.

  The main disadvantage of this cricket betting strategy is that if you lose, you lose everything.


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