betting crypto cricketHow to Bet Smart on Cricket

betting crypto cricketHow to Bet Smart on Cricket

  Cricket betting is one of the interesting areas bettors consider in their portfolios. You might think this is a bit complex especially if you’re a beginner. However, as with other sports, you get better with time.

  Nevertheless, making consistent profits from betting requires you to understand some key strategies. We will take you through some of these strategies, how you can leverage them, and the best platform for you to maximize your winnings.

  Although there are different forms of bets such as player side bets, straight bets, and in-play bets, combining the bets into a single system allows you the avenue to maximize them all adequately.

  Let’s discuss three popular cricket ways you can leverage to increase your chances of winning.

  The strategies work based on different approaches. You can also differentiate them based on the teams, odds, and volume of stake.

  The Dogon Betting strategy is an approach that seeks to help a player recoup their losses by increasing their subsequent stakes. This means that you continue to increase your stake after every bet you lose.

  The system is commonly in use among newbies. Although it’s mathematical, it’s pretty straightforward. Suppose you placed a $50 bet and you lost that round. Your next stake should be a $100 bet with the hope of recouping your previous loss.

  As you can imagine, doing this will require increasing your odds as well. Generally, you should set your subsequent odds way above 2,5 or 5/4.

  This strategy is also another approach designed to help you mitigate losses and improve winning chances. It focuses on the amount you deposit in your account and the percentage at which your bets would be placed.

  The difference here is that the calculation of your bets based on the fixed percentage rises the more you bet. For instance, if you have $500 in your account and stake your first bet of $50 at 2.0 odds, your total funds will equal $550 if you win that bet. However, the second bet after that would be $52,5 instead of just $50.

  The concept of flat betting involves setting a fixed percentage at which your bets would be placed. Bettors in the cricket space simply specify the percentage of their bankroll at which they intend to bet on players or teams.

  You can choose from four flat betting strategies. The options include Static flat bets at 1-2%; Chaotic flat bets at 10% and above; Academic flat bets at 3-5%; and Aggressive flat bets at 6-10%.

  Cricket bettors often go with the Academic flat bets as it offers a decent range to place bets on games and maximize profits. Here’s how this works.

  Suppose your account contains is $500If your percentage is at 30% and you place your first bet, that would amount to $150If you lose that round, you now have $350 left and this will be the basis for calculating the next 30%

Cricket bettors consider this strategy an effective way to minimize risk and afford some betting judgment errors.

  But beyond these strategies, there are other tips that can boost your winning chances as a cricket bettor. One of such is switching over to stake your bets in crypto.

  Now that we’ve covered some of the strategies for cricket betting, let’s talk about how to make betting experience more convenient. If you’re looking for instant withdrawals, smooth transactions and diverse payment options, try betting on cricket with crypto. The perfect place to start your journey is 1xBit – the platform offers a wide range of cricket leagues and lots of sports events. It’s also worth mentioning that 1xBit holds tournaments of any kind, including cricket ones.

  The sportsbook offers welcome bonuses of up to 7 BTC – these bonuses can speed up your journey in space. 1xBit supports more than forty cryptocurrencies as payment options, provides live-betting features, and guarantees instant transactions with zero fees. It’s a great place with enough incentives to utilize the various cricket betting strategies you’ve learned.

  Getting started with 1xBit begins with a single click and you can complete your registration betting crypto cricketHow to Bet Smart on Cricket in under a minute. Once you do that, you can take your cricket betting journey to the next level.

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