ashes cricket betting oddsThe Ashes Betting: Best Ashes Betting Sites, Odds & Other Info

ashes cricket betting oddsThe Ashes Betting

  Ashes 2021-22 is going ahead even as the world continues to struggle with the pandemic, new COVID variants, travel bans, and bubble fatigue. There is a lot going around in the background but that does not take away from the fact that the biggest and most prestigious Test series is about to be played.

  Cricket betting sites are all rating England as the underdog heading into the first match and it is easy to see why. Home advantage has been a pretty big factor in the Ashes series and no team has won away from home since 2013. The odds may not be in favor of England but it is not going to just make up the numbers either. 

  Let us take a look at both teams in detail as well as the popular betting markets that are available for the Ashes 2021-22 series. 


  The pandemic has been very hard on all countries but Australia’s strict lockdown has had a severe toll on Australian Test cricket. The team has played just one series in the previous two years, against India at home, and they actually lost that one in dramatic fashion as well. 

  Australia is also going to be without its regular captain, Tim Paine, for the Ashes 2021-22 after he took some time off for mental health issues. That means a new captain and a new wicketkeeper for the team to adjust to. 

  Despite that, Australia is a very strong Test team and is incredibly tough to beat at home. 

  Strengths: World-Class bowling attack, batsmen that love playing in home conditions, well-rested

  Weaknesses: Changes in the leadership group can be disruptive, question marks over depth in the squad, and a loss of the aura of invincibility after losing to India at home.

  Recent Form: Australia’s previous three series have been in Australia. It has played nine matches, won six (including two series clean sweeps), lost two, and drawn one match. 


  England is quite the opposite of Australia in terms of cricket played during the pandemic. No team has played more Test cricket than England during this time and so its players have spent a lot of time in bubbles. 

  The team has received a boost by having all its first-choice players agree to travel to Australia and by the return of Ben Stokes. Jofra Archer is going to be the one big missing player in this Ashes 2021-22 series for England. 

  England failed to win a single Test in its previous two tours to Australia and that will definitely be weighing it down a bit. 

  Strengths: Joe Root has found a new gear to his batting this year, the depth in batting is very impressive, and the bowling attack has a lot of experience 

  Weaknesses: The batting lineup is long but quality issues persist and the top-3 is definitely not settled. The bowling duo of Anderson and Broad is aging and may not be able to play every Test. The spin department also looks a bit bare. 

  Recent Form: England comes into the Ashes 2021-22 series with a loss at home against India and New Zealand as its previous two series. It did manage to win against West Indies, Sri Lanka, and Pakistan before that, however, Pakistan apart, these are not the strongest of Test teams in English conditions.

  The Ashes is the biggest Test Series in all of cricket. This also means that there is a lot of attention from cricket fans all over the world and so cricket betting sites come out with a number of interesting betting markets. 

  Here are some that you can watch out for:

  Bet365 is currently offering this betting market and you need to get the right scoreline at the end of the series to be able to win. The previous three scorelines for the Ashes series played in Australia were 3-1 (2010-11), 5-0 (2013-14), and 4-0 (2017-18). 

  As you can see, England has a very poor record in Australia and we don’t expect much of an improvement this time either. 

  Our Prediction: 5-0 Bet now on Ashes Series Correct Score at Betway with odds of 9.0

  There are a couple of different ways to look for value in this extremely popular betting market. You can look at odds being offered for Top Batsman, Top Batsman Australia, or Top Batsman England. The odds will vary for all of them and the team-specific ones will always be a bit worse. 

  There are a few obvious choices and a few batsmen where you should be able to get some better odds.

  Steve Smith: Averages 55.35 against England with 11 centuries to his name. His overall average in Australia is 67.72. Widely considered as the best batsman in Test cricket right now. Odds 3.40

  Marnus Labuschagne: Averages 50.42 against England and an astonishing 72.55 overall in Australia. He has penchant for converting starts into big scores. Odds 4.50

  Joe Root: He is probably at the peak of his career. Has six centuries this season already and is better equipped to score runs in Australia than before. His averages does drop to 38.00 while playing Australia, though. Odds 3.75

  It can be very difficult to pick up 2o wickets in Australia as the pitches tend to be quite flat. They are hard and offer bounce but most often, there is not too much help in the surface for the bowlers. This does not suit Engand’s bowlers who get a lot of help in conditions back home. 

  Traditionally, bowlers that are able to bowl with pace and generate a lot of bounce are the ones that succeed the most. 

  Once again, you can look for better odds by checking the Top Bowler, Top Bowler Australia, and Top Bowler England betting markets. 

  Here are a few suggestions:

  Pat Cummins: The new Test captain of the Australian cricket team is one of the prime contenders to be the leading wicket-taker in this series. He has 52 wickets against England in just 19 innings and averages a phenomenal 21.42 in all matches played in Australia. Odds 5.00

  Nathan Lyon: Affectionatly called the GOAT, Nathan Lyon has the advantage of being able to bowl long spells. He is also very effective at extracting bounce from the Australian wickets and is very difficult to face as the pitch starts to break a bit. Odds 5.50

  Ollie Robinson: If Ollie Robinson is selected, and we believe he will be, he could be a great value pick for this betting market. He gets a lot of extra boucne and always generates movement with the new ball. Well worth a punt. Odds 19.00

  We think this Ashes series is going to be won by Australia. It has been hugely successful playing at home and only an incredibly talented + motivated Indian team was able to get the better of it. Also, England has had no warm-up matches or any sort of preparation going into such a big series. 

  That puts it a huige disadvantage. England’s bowling attack is very good in swinging and seaming conditions but Australia will not serve up such pitches to it. Also, the lack of a quality spinner in the England ranks could hurt it badly. 

  Ashes 2021-22 Series Winner Outright – Australia

  Ashes 2021-22 Scoreline Prediction – 5-0

  Top Batsman – Marnus Labuschagne

  Top Bowler – Pat Cummins

  The history between these two teams goes far back, and this site is more on the betting side of things, so I would probably recommend you visit the wikipedia page on The Ashes history if you want indepth historical nuances. I will give you the gist of it here, to those that want a quick intro to this famous rivalry.

  The series between these two nations has not always had this name. At the start of it, back in 1877, it was nameless. It simply comprised of a series of Test matches between these two teams. But after the series in 1882, that all changed.

  The Test match looked like it was going in England’s favor yet again, where they had a comfortable lead going into their last batting round. But Australia came back from a seemingly unwinnable position and claimed their first victory on English soil.

  After this sour loss, the English reporters created a mock obituary, stating that English cricket was dead. The body were to be cremated and the Ashes sent to Australia. Reporters then went on to state that the English were going to Australia to claim their Ashes back. The Australians had burned something, put it in a small urn (which is now known as the famous trophy) and gave it to the victors. Today, the winners are given a replica, as the original is far too fragile.

  Amazingly enough, having played for about 130 years now, with 314 Test matches decided and 67 bouts been fought, the race for the best team is dead-even! Australia has won 31 of 67 meetings, the same as England who also has 31 wins of 67 possible. The last 5 have ended in draws.

  For a full overview of the different games that has been played, check out the list of Ashes series.

ashes cricket betting oddsThe Ashes Betting: Best Ashes Betting Sites, Odds & Other Info

  Do you like betting on cricket? Do you know what the longest-lasting rivalry in this sport is? The Ashes is the most traditional and one of the most respected cricket competitions. If you want to explore The Ashes betting opportunities, find the best The Ashes betting sites, then you are at the right place.

  We bring all relevant information that every punter should know about betting on The Ashes on this page. You will learn about the most popular betting types, the best bookies, find the most lucrative promotions, and much more. Stay tuned as we will guide you through The Ashes betting.

  Wagering opportunities on The Ashes are wide, as many sportsbooks include this competition into their offers. However, The Ashes betting odds may represent the difference between choosing one bookie over another. Every punter is searching for the best possible price to maximize potential payouts, and we paid a lot of attention to that aspect. As a result, we present you the sportsbooks with the biggest value of odds for The Ashes.

  We already mentioned vast The Ashes betting opportunities, and it’s time to check the best type of sports bet. Cricket is a very specific sport, and some betting types are pretty unique. The most important is that you can build your strategies upon them and become more profitable in your wagering experience.

  The most common betting type, not only in cricket but in all sports, is the full-time result. At the same time, it is the most straightforward bet as you should select the winner of the game. You can find this market at all The Ashes bookmakers and punters widely use it.

  At this point, we enter the cricket-specific betting types. If you have the feeling which batsman will score the most runs in the game, then it’s the perfect market for you. If it happens that two batsmen have the same score, The Ashes betting sites will apply dead-heat rules.

  It is another betting type specifically related to cricket. With this one, a punter wagers the bowler to take the most wickets in a team. Of course, two or more players may have the same score. In that case, you win a wager if the bowler you backed conceded the least number of runs. If bowlers are still leveled up, then The Ashes online betting sites will apply dead-heat rules.

  Punters who are looking forward to betting on The Ashes winner months before the competition takes place can take advantage of the outright markets. You can get more generous odds since you place a bet much time in advance. Eventually, if you predict the outcome correctly, you can count on better returns than on the pre-match markets.

  Promotions add some extra flavor to the wagering experience of every punter. Where can you find the best offers? We have explored the market and highlighted the best deals that The Ashes betting sites currently provide. Depending on whether you are an existing or new customer, you can get different benefits.

  These offers are always good to get more betting opportunities and prolong your wagering experience. Punters can count on different types of bonuses, whether they are free bets or first deposit deals. Make sure to take advantage of them, meet the playthrough requirements where required, and boost your profits.

  Live betting is a highly-popular feature offered by almost all bookmakers on the market. Of course, The Ashes are included for the in-play wagering, providing you additional options to make profits. Punters can also watch the live action at several sportsbooks thanks to the live streaming feature. It can make your The Ashes betting more successful.

  Every punter, whether a seasoned one or a newbie, should develop a betting strategy. It is an essential step to becoming more profitable in the long term. If you are still unsure how to bet on The Ashes, check out the tips we have prepared for you.

  If you implement some of these tips into your the Ashes online betting experience, you’ll increase your chances of success. Sometimes things won’t go as expected, but some of these mechanisms can lower the risk of losing and keep you in the game much longer.

  The Ashes is a traditional test cricket matchup between the English and Australian cricket teams. It is one of the longest-lasting rivalries in the world of sport. The first contest took place back in 1882 when Australia beat England at The Oval when this rivalry is born. It is one of the major cricket competitions, and many punters can enjoy The Ashes betting.

  The series takes place every two years, featuring five tests. It is hosted in turn by Australia and England, and in the 136-year old competition history, these two teams faced each other in a total of 71 series. The upcoming one should take place in 2021, and we can’t wait to see some of the world’s best cricket players in live-action.

  The winner of this competition gets a unique trophy – The Ashes urn. It is also one of the smallest trophies in the world, being just 10.5 cm tall. This competition saw many legendary players, and it keeps attracting the attention of all cricket lovers. The Aches bookies always include it in their offers, and punters can dip into a wide range of wagering options for this tournament.

  The Ashes is one of the most respected cricket competitions in the world, administered by the International Cricket Council. Although only two nations participate, it hasn’t lost even a bit of its charm and popularity. Some other leagues like Pakistan Super League or the T20 Big Bash League might gather the cricket’s best player at the moment, but The Ashes will always be considered as one of the most famous tournaments.

  Only Australia and England participate in this competition, and they build the history of The Ashes. It is pretty tough to predict the winner of the series, and both teams had their ups and downs through the history of the competition. Let’s dive into more details about the records of these two sides.

  We have already mentioned that 71 series of The Ashes took place in the past 136 years. Australia has been a bit more successful than its rival by lifting the title on 33 occasions. On the other hand, England won the series 32 times, while six of them ended in a tie. It’s useful to have this info in mind when betting on The Ashes.

  Since The Ashes have a very long tradition, it is not surprising that numerous players shaped its history and made this competition so popular. From many players, we want to highlight the ones who stand out from the crowd that heavily impacted The Ashes development.

ashes cricket betting oddsThe Ashes Betting: Best Ashes Betting Sites, Odds & Other Info

  We brought a lot of important information that can make your The Ashes betting a success. In case we have missed something, you can always refer to our FAQ section. If you still cannot find an appropriate answer, feel free to reach out at

ashes cricket betting oddsThe Ashes Odds: Root merenungkan pemilihan tim

  Bairstow dan Stokes keduanya berjuang melawan cedera dalam Tes keempat yang ditarik di Sydney Cricket Ground, yang pertama terkena pukulan di tangan selama babak pertama sementara rekan setimnya mengalami cedera samping.

  Dengan seri yang sudah kalah, duo ini disarankan untuk tidak mengambil risiko dalam Tes kelima di Blundstone Arena, Hobart, yang dimulai pada pukul 04:00 waktu Inggris pada hari Jumat, tetapi Root telah berbicara tentang kemungkinan mereka berdua berpartisipasi.

  Mengenai Bairstow (6/1 – Pencetak Gol Terbanyak Inggris pada Babak Pertama) dan Stokes, Root mengatakan, seperti dikutip BBC Sport: “Kita harus melihat di mana mereka berada. Kita harus melihat apa yang bisa ditangani tubuh mereka dan kemudian menilai semua orang.

  “Anda tentu bisa memilih Ben sebagai pemukul dan begitu pula Jonny – dia tetap bermain sebagai pemukul.”

  Jika Bairstow dipilih sebagai pemukul spesialis, itu akan membuka pintu bagi penjaga gawang Billings untuk melakukan debut Tesnya menyusul cedera penutup seri yang diderita oleh gloveman Jos Buttler di SCG.

  Pada hari Rabu, pemain berusia 30 tahun itu terlihat melakukan penjagaan gawang selama latihan dan Root yakin Billings, jika diberi kesempatan, akan cocok dengan tim dengan baik.

  “Dia memiliki pemahaman yang sangat baik tentang negara ini,” tambah sang kapten. “Seperti biasa, ketika dia berada di sekitar grup, dia membawa banyak energi dan selalu tersenyum – dia menyukai kriketnya.

  “Jika dia mendapat kesempatan, dia akan mengerahkan segalanya.”

  Adapun Australia, mereka memantau kebugaran seamers Mitchell Starc, yang merupakan satu-satunya speed bowler di kedua sisi yang bermain di keempat Tes sejauh ini, dan Scott Boland, yang telah mengambil 14-121 dalam dua Tes terakhir.

  Jika duo ini dikesampingkan, maka Jhye Richardson dan Michael Neser, yang keduanya tampil impresif dalam Tes siang-malam di Adelaide Oval, kemungkinan besar akan menggantikan mereka.

  Namun, Starc, yang 11/4 menjadi pencetak gawang terbaik Australia di babak pertama, tidak mencari istirahat, dengan mengatakan: “Saya merasa baik. Mudah-mudahan bukan giliran saya untuk istirahat… Saya sangat ingin bermain. Saya tidak akan meminta ashes cricket betting oddsThe Ashes Betting: Best Ashes Betting Sites, Odds & Other Info istirahat. ”

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