cricket betting bitcoinHow To Bet On Cricket With Bitcoin

cricket betting bitcoinHow To Bet On Cricket With Bitcoin

  Here is a rundown of the most popular markets for betting on cricket with bitcoin at Cloudbet. You can see our latest cricket odds here.

  Match Winner

  This is our most popular market for cricket matches. At Cloudbet, we have two options for betting on the match winner. You can either “Bet” or “Lay” depending on what you think the end result would be. If you choose “Bet”, you would win if the team you pick also wins. When you “Lay” a bet, you would win if the team you choose doesn’t win.

  Odd/Even Number of Runs

  This market means that the total number of runs would either be an odd or even number.

  Innings Total (Ranges)

  When you place a bet in this market, you’re predicting the range of runs a team will score. We offer a wide selection of ranges, so all you need to do is choose the one that you think your team will finish the match with.


  This bet is whether you can predict a team's runs scored at the end of their innings session. Choose from the options available, then sit back and enjoy the cricket.

  Cloudbet offers even more ways to bet on cricket with bitcoin once the match has started with our live In-Play Cricket Markets . We’re always adding more so make sure to check our odds when your team is playing.

  Method of Next Dismissal

  Is the batsman leaving the crease too often? Perhaps he’s trying to go for boundaries. If you think you can predict how he will be dismissed then you place a bet on the method of the next dismissal. In this market we provide a list of options, you simply predict which will be correct.

  Total Runs From Delivery

  In limited overs cricket as well as tests, it’s exciting to predict how many runs will be scored from a specific delivery. Choose from the options before the next delivery to win.

  We have been thrilled by the response to our Indian Premier League markets so we continue to add more ways for our bettors to win. Cloudbet’s odds are some of the most generous of any sportsbook.

  Which team will lead after 10 overs?

  The halfway point in a match could be a turning point or when one team asserts its dominance. Things can change quickly in limited overs cricket,therefore we offer this bet on all IPL games.

  Team total runs

  Choose from a range of options to cover your prediction of team total runs. This market is always exciting as the IPL always attracts some of the world’s best batsmen.

  Will there be Superovers?

  Perhaps both teams look like they’re heading for a draw or will the lower order make a stand? In this market simply choose between “Yes” or “No” to predict if there will be a super over at the end of the match.

  Who will win the IPL?

cricket betting bitcoinHow To Bet On Cricket With Bitcoin

  Maybe this will be the year of the Kings XI? Or will Chennai Super Kings finally take the title after coming so close in 2018? If you think you can predict the outright winner of the IPL then make sure to check the odds in this market.


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