cricket betting hacksBest 7 Sports Betting Hacks for 2022

cricket betting hacksBest 7 Sports Betting Hacks for 2022

  Best 7 Sports Betting Hacks for 2022 2I have won a few joyous big bets but have lost soul destroying bigger ones. Needless to say, I have made mistakes in the past; especially when I viewed sports betting as a way of earning a quick buck. I vividly recall the largest bet that I placed, a heart wrenching loss. This bet was a turning point in my life, resulting in a pivotal change to my sports betting philosophy. Slowly (but surely) I clawed back my losses following 7 simple sports betting hacks.

  You work hard and you earn decent money. The money you have saved is sitting in the bank and is earning nothing because of low interest rates. Now compare the return on an easy sure bet to what your earning at the bank.

  Bet returns > 5% in a day VS Bank return 0.5% in one year.

  It’s a no brainer, place the bet because you get far greater bang for your buck.

  If you do it once, you will be ahead of your yearly bank interest. All in one day!

  I had this mind set when I placed a basketball bet. The game was between the first and last placed team with a 5% return on the favorite. Yes, it was a small return, but it was a sure thing!

  Better to bet with my money than leave it idle in my bank account.

  So I placed $50,000 on the favorite to win. An easy $2,500 on an outlay of $50k. After winning this bet, I would strategically return to placing small bets and play it safe. But……

  I really beat myself up after this. I felt ashamed and deep guilt because I should have known better.

  Do NOT go down the path of seeking a killer sports bet, just to beat the return on other investments. The risk is too great to outlay a huge amount for little return. Don’t bet big to earn small.

  It would be naive to think that games that you can bet on cannot be manipulated. Plenty of sports betting games have been proven to be subjected to outside influences.

  When I placed my losing $50,000 bet, it was on a small competition, basketball game. I won’t reveal which competition, but suffice to say the players did not earn eye watering salaries of the NBA. They were semi-professional players, playing for the “love” of the game.

  Reflecting after I lost the bet, I could not fathom how the first placed team could lose. It was an uncharacteristically error-ridden game, even though no star players cricket betting hacksBest 7 Sports Betting Hacks for 2022 were injured. This led me to believe that the game was unduly influenced. Though I cannot be certain (I have no shred of evidence to support that the game was manipulated), the fact that the odds were improbable of loss played on my mind.

  Undoubtedly, where players are well remunerated in the game that you are betting on, the chances of it being manipulated is very low. Where players are poorly remunerated, this leaves the door open to being bought over.

  Avoid small competition games. If you lose, game manipulation will play on your mind for a long time.

  Many readers are familiar with this concept, but too often it gets forgotten – especially among sports bettors! A coin toss of consecutive heads, does not influence the odds of the next toss. This is the same for placing a bet, even for those who have whizz bang excel models that can input thousands of variables. The odds of winning doesn’t change for each bet that you are placing. Yes, the return on each game does, and there will be an element of luck if scenarios become in your favor. But that’s simply just it….. luck.

  In reality, your odds stay the same in relation to the sportsbook. That is, the sportsbook has the advantage.

  Hence if you are on a losing streak, don’t double or triple up the bet to chase losses. Unless you have unlimited capital, you will end up broke.

  Matched betting is a strategy of obtaining risk free bets offered by sportbooks and hedging them to subsequently cash out free real money. It’s an ingenious strategy that works!

  It IS risk free, but only if you are disciplined and implement the strategy without deviation.

  Having said that, the strategy does require time, it isn’t snapping your fingers and “hey presto” money is in your wallet. It requires continually signing up to new sportbooks, obtaining the risk free bet, and laying them off with the right betting odds.

  I used matched betting to recoup my losses. I was able to make it happen in well over one year, which is a long time. However, I do admit, I was overly cautious and was never rushed. (I became risk averse, after suffering my huge loss).

  You may be wondering if this is too good to be true, and whether it is legal. Matched betting is 100% legal. Infact several sportbooks have publicly stated they have no issues with it and even encourage it!

  If you have the perseverance and discipline, matched betting is an excellent strategy to win real money with sports betting.

  PS: It is a great time for American’s to take advantage Matched Betting, because there are many States that have legalized sports betting. This has opened up a fierce market with many risk free bets offered to bettors.

  Sometimes you will come across a game that you have placed a bet on, and the sportsbook suddenly stops accepting further bets. I have only come across this a couple of times when betting.

  What I noticed – big bets were placed on a particular result, thus swinging the odds substantially prior to the book being closed.

  This normally occurs when someone has insider information, and has plunged a lot of money on the game. The sportsbook then becomes suspicious with the betting activity and decides to close the book to any new bets.

  (As a side note in relating this to Hack 2. it could also mean that the sportsbook cannot influence the outcome of the bet otherwise they would have kept the book open).

  To take advantage of this, you go to another sportsbook that continues to accept bets on the game, and you bet according to where the big punters have plunged their money on.

  Betting on indicators which suggest insider information, is a way to swing the odds in your favor. It’s not often, but it does happen.

  Just like investing in financial markets, you can leverage your position through points betting.

  The more you are right, the more you win.

  Conversely, the more you are wrong, the more you lose.

  Sportbooks are very sneaky, and deliberately offer odds that will see them win in the long run, i.e. win big and lose small.

  I understand it is enticing to bet with points betting, especially if you win several times in a row. Do not underestimate the dangers of playing points betting. You could lose, and lose big!

  Avoid points betting which leverages your bet. It can multiply your winnings, but also your losses. Stay away.

  Gambling is a form of entertainment. In the long run, you will eventually lose against a sportsbook. And if you do succeed as being a professional sports bettor, the sportsbook will ban you from betting. The only way to win in the long run is via Match Betting. However, this is not a quick win strategy.

  Place a bet to have fun, place a bet to enjoy the moment.

  Set a budget that you can keep to. Make sure the budget is within your financial means. If you find you struggle with sports betting, seek assistance for gambling support organisations.

  Sports betting can be fun, but there are several hacks that you should know when betting. We have listed them for your benefit, and hope you can use them. They are not hard to understand or difficult to implement, but it does take discipline.

  Enjoy sports betting as a form of entertainment and play within your means. Gamble Responsibly.

cricket betting hacksCFB betting cheat sheet: Early bowl games worthy of bets

  Betting bowl games successfully is perhaps more difficult than it has ever been. We always have had to handicap player motivation, coaching changes and other variables. But now, the sport has added the transfer portal and draft status caution to the equation.

  ”I never heard a bowl game described as an ‘exhibition’ until a few years ago,” professional bettor Jay Romano told ESPN. “Bowl games were always considered postseason games. But now there’s a growing narrative that these games mean a lot less and that definitely has impacted the handicapping.”

  Personally, I now abstain from all bowl pools. There is no way I can lock in picks now on games over the next few weeks when news is constantly surfacing and lines are drastically changing. However, I am still willing to bet individual games. It just requires a unique skill set.

  ”It’s a cross between the NFL preseason and NBA,” SuperBook oddsmaker and Las Vegas veteran Ed Salmons told ESPN, alluding to the importance of tracking a player’s unexpected non-injury absence. “If you find out first, you have a bet with a ton of value.” That’s because the bowl season features greater market volatility than the regular season, thanks to line moves as high as 10 points.

  Twitter is a critical tool that nearly all handicappers and oddsmakers incorporate, tracking national writers and beat reporters who will tweet valuable tidbits at random times. That includes various observations and quotes from practice, which can help gauge motivation and other data points. Also, don’t be afraid to watch clips from local TV station websites. Much like the NFL preseason, coaches are less transparent with certain information.

  ”It’s complicated and hard work,” BetMGM vice president of trading Jason Scott told ESPN. “However, traditionally we do see decent results with plenty of dogs winning.”

  Ultimately, it’s a soft market. That can be a great thing for bettors but it can also be a negative if you prioritize the wrong information and the market moves against you. My advice is to proceed cautiously and don’t be afraid to wait for in-game wagering. You’ll know who’s sitting out and after a few possessions you theoretically will have a better feel for each team’s mindset and preparation.

  Cincinnati vs. Louisville (-2, 39)

  Saturday, 11 a.m. ET on ESPN, Fenway Park, Boston, Massachusetts

  This game is the bowl season in a nutshell. Both teams will turn to interim head coaches and backup quarterbacks, thanks to numerous players sitting out. Louisville quarterback Brock Domann has looked pedestrian in limited time in place of Malik Cunningham, and I am doubtful that improves. Cincy has more key players available, and I like the Bearcats to win this game.

  Pick: Cincinnati +2

  Florida vs. No. 14 Oregon State (-8.5, 53)

  Saturday, 2:30 p.m. ET on ESPN, Allegiant Stadium, Las Vegas, Nevada

  The Gators are big underdogs, though this matchup under normal circumstances would probably be a pick ’em. That’s because Florida will be without at least 20 scholarship players, including star quarterback Anthony Richardson. Florida will instead turn to QB Jack Miller III, who will make his first career start. Meanwhile, all signs point to Oregon State having a full roster and eager to take down an SEC foe for its 10th win, a level the school has reached only twice. Perhaps I am too late to the party, but I will still back the Beavers, who I expect to lean on their smashmouth offense. However, of all my plays, this has the least confidence because of the high point spread.

  Pick: Oregon State -8.5

  Washington State vs. Fresno State (-3.5, 53)

  Saturday, 3:30 p.m. ET on ABC, SoFi Stadium, Inglewood, California

  I see this matchup significantly favoring Fresno State and its passing attack, which has been a weakness of Wazzu’s defense all season. Also, the Cougars lost both coordinators to new jobs so for this game the receivers coach will call pass plays and the offensive line coach will handle run plays. I cannot imagine this works that effectively. Meanwhile, the Bulldogs have won eight straight games and want to send quarterback Jake Haener out a winner and notch the school’s 10th win.

  Picks: Fresno State -3.5

  There’s still time to sign up for ESPN Fantasy Basketball! Play for free

  SMU (-4, 64) vs. BYU

  Saturday, 2:15 p.m. ET on ESPN, University Stadium, Albuquerque, New Mexico

  A game involving the Mustangs and Cougars may need a Wildcat. That’s because BYU might be relegated to a fourth-string quarterback. Starter Jaren Hall is doubtful and the rest of the depth chart is hampered by injury and the transfer portal. Both defenses are bad, but SMU will at least have regular quarterback Tanner Mordecai, although he will be without his top wideout. However, that should not matter against this horrendous BYU defense, which ranks 116th in efficiency.

  Pick: SMU -4

  Louisiana vs. Houston (-7, 57.5)

  Friday Dec. 23, 3 p.m. ET, Independence Stadium, Shreveport, Louisiana

  I honestly see this as a coin flip game. The Ragin’ Cajuns should have a home-field advantage in Shreveport and bring a solid defense against a Houston offense that has been a roller coaster all season. For example, Houston lost outright as a 13-point favorite in its last game. Also, the Cougars rank 100th in defensive efficiency, so Louisiana should be just fine on offensecricket betting hacksBest 7 Sports Betting Hacks for 2022.

  Pick: Louisiana +7

cricket betting hacksEssential CPL Betting Hacks At Your Service


  Are you already into the gripping world of betting but not able to clutch any eminent success yet? Or, are you amongst the crowd who hesitate to initiate the betting session anticipating losing the fortune story of your closed ones?

  Well, in both the above scenarios, you are not needed to inflate your worry anymore. Topbets are here to help you out with any of the betting distrusts. In this crisp write-up, we have underlined easy betting hacks that can surely help you out to carve-out maximum profits on CPL betting this year.

  But, before riding yourself into it, keep one thing in mind that money-making through betting on cricket or any other intense sports categories isn’t that smooth. Thousands of stakes are put forward on betting sites daily, but only a few hit the bull’s eye with maximized profits.

  However, for leveling-up your betting skill against the recreational bettors, continue noting-down the shared tips mentioned here.

  With the CPL action amongst six top-notch franchises is kicked-off recently, let’s get started with the Essential CPL Live Betting Hacks.

  Polish Your Monotonous Cricket Betting Strategies


  As you scale-up from being ‘sporting’ bettor to a professional punter, one of the first things you need to revamp is your monotonous betting strategy and focus on limiting the scope of bets being launched. You might label your inherited skills as a ‘savvy’ bettor, but being informative about the minute details of each and every player, teams, leagues and tournaments is next to impossible.

  Since Caribbean Premier League endorses ample of raw talents each of the year, analyzing domestic records of uncapped players is very crucial for summing-up the bets. In CPL 2021, six different franchises with a bunch of 16-17 frontline players in each of the teams will lock horns in 33 matches in total.

  The round-robin stage will pacify at great pace and if you want to enhance your winning probability, then start gathering information about top-scorer, top-bowler and most importantly about the form of cricketers and their inning building-up tactics to put your bet on the right horse and at the right time.

  Try Different Betting Sites for Competitive Odds


  Just grasping all the knowledge about players and teams is not sufficient. You should also make it a habit to jump on different bookmakers markets and odds before the scheduled match. Most of the time, strong teams yield low odds in a wide range of available markets, but the provided odds are not always similar and the difference due to stiff competition may surprise you.

  When you are exploring for a bet option, always give maximized returns your preferred criteria to ‘hand-pick’ a particular betting destination. You can manually evaluate the authorized choices by comparing markets of two different betting sites with some exciting sets of promotional offers.

  Always Join The Legit CPL Betting Platform


  It is always advocated that bettors should sign-up and trust only the legitimate list of betting platforms. Moreover, none of the punters wants to sign up for the sports bookmaker that deliberately subside bettors to make small portions of bets on ‘favorite’ contenders.

  In case you are confused after seeing a plethora of betting sites operating on internet spaces, we can suggest a few of the safest and trustable options. Take a look for more information-



  Betway has been rendering its service to the enthusiast sports admirers since 2006. Over the past few years, it has carved-out its positioning amongst top grossing bookmakers with a strong reputation. Betway’s official website and dedicated app gives space to a long list of captivating sports from different corners of the word. In cricket listings, you can find international cricket matches to edge of the seat franchise based cricket tournaments like IPL, BBL and most importantly CPL.

  You are free to access the Betway’s gaming portfolio with convenient experience of Mac or Windows. With the distinguished mobile app, punters can also access the newly launched ‘Play On The Go’ feature. Betway always launches lucrative bonus offers for both new players as well as experienced grades of players.



  INDIBET introduces itself as the newest edition online sports and gaming platform with out of the box listing of ‘Fancy’ and ‘Fixed’ betting markets for the contemporary punters. This crazy for cricket bookmaker platform endorses several gripping markets including- Match Odds, Inning Runs, Session Runs, Batsman Runs, Fall Of Next Wicket, Score At The End Of Score and many more exciting bet markets for each of the individual cricket matches for both international and franchise based cricket bouts.

  INDIBET carry a special place in heart for the Caribbean Premier League, as this premier betting destination is the title sponsor of St. Lucia Kings for two consecutive seasons. INDIBET has recently announced ‘Merchandised Gold Rings’ for bettors regularly opting for CPL specific betting odds and markets. Also, players reinforcing St Lucia Kings as their match odds choice can avail an exciting range of prizes and bet benefits on INDIBET platform.



  This betting platform exclusively caters the needs and demands of the Indian gaming market. The leading betting brand in India right now surfaced a whopping 2000+ betting options for its trusted range of punters. Apart from cricket, 10CRIC offers space to several sports categories highly popular in India and leads the preference chart with Indian accessible multiple deposit and withdrawal options.

  FINAL WORDS: Does CPL Live Betting Assure A Guaranteed Win?

  Without any second thoughts, A BIG NOO!!!

  Several researches have shown that even the most consistent and pro-bettor with all the inputs about the match, prospers with an average win conversion of 60% of their executed bets. Since you are new, breaking a once in a while bet in your indulgence is a big deal. If you have already pulled up your socks to get all the insight about CPL players and follow the above provided hacks, then you can easily elevate your winning probability.

  No matter if you win or lose, make sure cricket betting hacksBest 7 Sports Betting Hacks for 2022 you thoroughly enjoy your betting sessions.

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