While playing Nepal in an ODI, the UAE slammed a five-run penalty. This is Why.

While playing Nepal in an ODI, the UAE slammed a five-run penalty. This is Why. Nepal and the UAE’s current three-match series was upgrade to ODI level.

In a match against Nepal, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) national side were the first to break the rule after. The International Cricket Council (ICC) voted to permanently outlaw using saliva to polish the ball. As a result, Nepal was assess five penalty runs. UAE player Alishan Sharafu used saliva to polish the ball during the second ODI match against Nepal. Upon observing his behavior, on-field umpires Vinay Kumar Jha and Masudur Rahman gave Nepal five penalty runs in accordance with the new regulation that went into force this year in September.

Saliva usage is prohibit as a precaution due to COVID-19 for more than two years. But this ban declare permanent in September at the ICC Cricket Committee meeting.

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This regulation automatically apply to the ongoing three-match series between the UAE and Nepal because it was accorded ODI status.

“If the umpires spot someone applying saliva on the ball blatantly, there is no option but to award five penalty runs to the oppositions straight away,”

According to ESPNcricinfo, a former ICC panel umpire verified.

“Earlier, when the rule was initially implemented after the pandemic, there was some leniency in the form of two warnings to the fielding team, since everyone was getting adjusted to the new ruling. We used to talk to the captain and give him a heads up simply because it was a new rule. Two years on, teams and players are used to it now,”

The umpire continued.

A 62-run eighth-wicket partnership between 16-year-old Gulshan Jha (37) and Aarif Sheikh (33*) during a 191-run chase helped Nepal win the game by three wickets and tie the series.

On Friday, the series finale will be play.

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