Compared to Bhuvneshwar Kumar, Deepak Chahar is a more proficient bowler: Singh Harbhajan

Compared to Bhuvneshwar Kumar, Deepak Chahar is a more proficient bowler: Singh Harbhajan. Harbhajan claimed that Chahar was the only bowler capable of making the ball swing both up-front and in both directions.

Harbhajan Singh, a former cricketer for India, praised Deepak Chahar and asserted that Chahar is currently a more skilled player than the seasoned Bhuvneshwar Kumar. When Jasprit Bumrah was ruled out of the premier tournament, Chahar was added to India’s T20 World Cup team as a standby player. However, Chahar now has a chance to make the final roster.

Bhuvneshwar Kumar’s recent T20I outings have not been up to par because he has consistently let up a lot of runs in the final few overs, which is currently a huge worry for team India. Contrarily, Chahar has displayed some outstanding performances ever since he returned to international cricket following his injury.

The only bowler who has the ability to make the ball swing both forward and backward is Deepak Chahar, and he appears to have a strong chance of picking up 2-3 wickets during the Powerplay. His inswinger is equally as lethal as his outswinger, and he can even start playing in adverse conditions. Currently, Bhuvneshwar cannot bowl as well as Deepak. Because of his talent, Bhuvi would do tricks. Whether there are 8 or 10 runs in the 19th over makes little difference; however, if there are 15, the game is finished. Without a doubt, Deepak is my favorite. In India Today, Harbhajan Singh is a writer.

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Arshdeep Singh is still quite sensitive. Sikh Harbhajan

Harbhajan stated that Arshdeep Singh is still relatively inexperienced and that it would be unfair to always place pressure on him to carry out the team’s goals and strategies. However, Arshdeep Singh, who is presently a member of the starting lineup for the T20 World Cup in Australia, has been extremely brilliant both in powerplays and in the death overs.

“Look, Arsh is a fine talent and one for the future. Also if you are left-arm seamer, you will create those angles that can trouble batters. But he does need some assistance from the track where he can pitch it up and the ball does a bit off the track. He is still very raw and needs to bowl a lot in various pressure situations before he becomes battle-hardened. Just to expect that he will be able to execute each of the six balls as per plans under pressure would be being unfair to a youngster. But he has the temperament and skills but would need a seasoned bowler around him.”

Harbhajan Singh said

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