Vinod Kambli in the midst of a financial crisis. “I need assignments; I have a family to support”

Vinod Kambli in the midst of a financial crisis. “I need assignments; I have a family to support” Kambli asked the MCA for any cricket-related job to help him get through this crisis.

Vinod Kambli is a name that should be familiar to anyone who has followed Indian cricket since the early 1990s. The flamboyant batter was frequently in the news for both his playing style and his fashion sense. Previously, the 50-year-old wore a gold chain around his neck, a bracelet in his hand, and a grand watch on his wrist. However, everything faded with time, as he is now difficult to identify.

Kambli’s fashion has suffered as a result of the former India international’s financial difficulties. With little work available, Kambli’s only source of income is his BCCI pension. He earns INR 30,000 from the board, but it has been difficult for him to meet his family’s needs with that amount.

Last coach a team in the Mumbai T20 League in 2019. He also mentor students at Nerul’s Tendulkar Middlesex Global Academy. However, he found it difficult to travel so far. “I would get up at 5 a.m. and take a cab to DY Patil Stadium.” It was extremely hectic. “I’d then coach at the BKC ground in the evening,” the former cricketer explained.

The 50-year-old also expressed gratitude to the BCCI for assisting him with his pension.

He did, however, request that the MCA assist him with any cricket-related tasks. “I need assignments where I can work with children.” “I know Mumbai has retained Amol [Muzumdar] as their head coach, but I am available wherever I am needed,” he said.

“I was seeking assistance from the MCA [Mumbai Cricket Association],” Kambli explained. I joined the CIC [Cricket Improvement Committee] on an honorary basis. Went to the MCA for assistance. I have a family to care for. Told the MCA several times that if they needed me. I would be there, whether it was at Wankhede Stadium or BKC. Mumbai cricket has provided me with numerous opportunities. This game has given me my life.”

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Sachin knows everything, but I have no expectations from him: Vinod Kambli

At one point in time, Sachin Tendulkar and Kambli were inseparable. Best friends from high school went on to represent their country, but their paths diverged. Sachin became one of the greatest cricketers of all time, while Kambli became a forgotten hero. Sachin tried to help Kambli after his financial crisis began by giving him a job at the TMGA, but it wasn’t enough for Kambli to make ends meet.

He assured Sachin that he is aware of his financial situation. That he does not expect anything from him. He is relieved that his friend is there for him during these trying times.

“He [Sachin] knows everything, but I don’t expect much from him.” He assigned me to the TMGA [Tendulkar Middlesex Global Academy]. I was overjoyed. He has been a wonderful friend. “He’s always been there for me [places his hand on the academy logo],” the ex-cricketer said.

Kambli, who last played for India in 2000, does not want to steal someone else’s job. He believes that opportunities should come to him directly and not through any other means. He also admitted that he had recently borrowed money from a friend in order to return home.

“It does hurt. I was not born wealthy. I only got ahead in life by playing cricket. This game has taught me everything. Growing up, I witnessed poverty. Some days, khana nahi hota tha kabhi-kabhi [there would be no food]. When the team met, I would go to the Shardashram school and eat there. Sachin stepped forward as a friend. I come from a low-income family. “I miss my father and mother,” added Kambli.

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