The Marylebone Cricket Club (MCC) has decided against prohibiting ‘bouncers’ in cricket.

The Marylebone Cricket Club (MCC) has decided against prohibiting ‘bouncers’ in cricket. Two bouncers, up to head height, are permit in an over. According to current ICC regulations.

Following an ongoing debate over the prohibiting of bouncers in cricket. The MCC has concluded that there is no immediate need to prohibit short-pitched bowling or change any laws governing it. Two bouncers, up to head height, are permit in an over, according to current ICC regulations.

The MCC’s conclusion is support by existing laws that protect batters. While also imposing various penalties on bowlers in the form of no-balls, extra runs to the batting side, and potential suspensions.

“The key aspect, as with any potential change in the laws, is to ensure that it is appropriate for all levels of the game.” According to Jamie Cox of the MCC, “the results of the consultation show that short-pitched bowling, within the Laws, is an important part of the makeup of the sport and, in fact, changing it would materially change the game.”

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A fatal injury to Philip Hughes urged a much-needed discussion about short-pitch bowling.

Notably, many cricketers have suffered concussion-related injuries in recent years as a result of being hit on the helmet/head. The worst of these incidents occur in December of 2014, when Australian cricketer Philip Hughes died after being hit on the neck by a short-ball during a domestic match. The cricketer’s untimely and shocking death necessitated a number of changes to previous security measures and structural helmet designs.

MCC decided to work on determining whether the current laws fit the modern playing dynamics in 2021, as helmet hits are on the rise. The prestigious cricketing body has also determine that the right balance between the ball and bat is require. They also state that a concussion-relate injury must be treate differently than any other injury.

“The consultation reache out to a wide range of game stakeholders.” The data gathered was then debated by the Club’s various committees and sub-committees before a decision was reached,” MCC added.

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