The Grand Old Party Responds to Assam Chief Minister’s “Congress Culture” Jibe

The Grand Old Party Responds: If Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma believes this is ‘Congress culture,’ the. Assam unit of the Congress has urged him to resign his security protection.

On Assam Chief Minister's 'Congress Culture' Jibe, Grand Old Party's Reply


The Congress, the state’s main opposition party, has reacted angrily to Assam Chief Minister Himanta. Biswa Sarma’s request to BJP leaders and party functionaries to give up their personal security officers (PSO), which he described as a “Congress culture.”

The Grand Old Party Responds: In a recent meeting led by. Mr Sarma, the Assam cabinet formed a committee to assess the entitlement and requirement of PSOs for various political personalities. The PSOs would be assigned or removed based on the committee’s recommendation.

On Tuesday, the head of the Assam Pradesh Congress Committee, Bhupen. Kumar Borah, and the party’s Rajya Sabha MP, Ripun Bora, requested the. Chief Minister to resign his security cover if he believes this is part of the ‘Congress culture.’

“If the Assam police assert that the state is tranquil and that no personal security is required, the. Chief Minister should not hire a large security force to protect him. Allow Sarma to surrender his PSOs first “Bhupen Borah, the president of the Assam Congress, said as much.

Mr Sarma had urged BJP leaders and party officials to give up their. PSOs on Saturday, claiming that “this is the Congress party’s culture.”

“There is no reason to use PSOs. This is the culture of the Congress party. We are not in danger of losing our lives because we have done nothing wrong “According to the Chief Minister.

“We don’t need PSO to open our automobiles’ doors since we have the strength to do so. I used to be a member of the Congress party. I have a list of such practices that have been sanctioned by the Congress party “He went on to say more.

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