PM Tweets: “Recall Jesus Christ’s Noble Teachings” Season’s Greetings

PM Tweets: “Recall Jesus Christ’s: Christmas 2021: For billions around the world, the rise of the Omicron strain brought another pandemic-tinged Christmas.

'Recall Noble Teachings Of Jesus Christ': PM Tweets Christmas Greetings

New Delhi: 

As the country celebrated Christmas amid limitations in public areas because to the pandemic. Prime Minister Narendra Modi sent out Christmas greetings via Twitter this morning.

PM Tweets: “Recall Jesus Christ’s: “Best wishes for the holidays to everyone! We recall Jesus Christ’s life and good teachings, which placed a premium on service, charity, and humility. May everyone be happy and healthy. May there be peace in the world, “PM Modi sent out a tweet.

For billions around the world, the development of the Omicron strain signaled another pandemic-tinged. Christmas, with Santa’s arrival and long-awaited family reunions overshadowed by the threat of additional COVID-19 restrictions.

The state administration has declared that gatherings of five or more people will not be permitted between the hours of. 9 p.m. and 6 a.m. in Maharashtra. This Christmas, Haryana and Delhi have imposed additional restrictions, however Delhi has permitted places of worship to remain open.

According to news agency AFP, the new coronavirus strain has also hampered holiday travel, with tracking website reporting that more than 2,300 flights had been canceled around the world today.

Even still, in many other parts of the world, Christmas parties will be easier than they were a year ago.

Santa’s flying crew had also been given the green light, including reindeer Rudolph, whose “nose gleamed red and bright (but) made sure he had no COVID-19 symptoms before taking off.”

On a specialized website, the combined US-Canadian command, NORAD, allowed the public to track his sleigh as it flew around the world.

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