The World’s Largest Fish, caught in a net off the coast of Visakhapatnam, was rescued and returned to the sea.

The World’s Largest Fish: Forest department officers, fisherman, and wildlife conservationists led the whale shark back to the sea.

World's Largest Fish Stuck In Net Off Visakhapatnam Guided Back To Sea


On Tantadi beach in. Andhra Pradesh’s Visakhapatnam, some local fisherman rescued a shark entangled in a shore fishing net, according to. District Forest Officer (DFO) Anant Shankar.

According to the. DFO, the shark was later led back to the sea by forest department officials, fisherman, and animal conservationists.

However, The World’s Largest Fish: “It’s a whale shark, the largest fish on the planet. These are very endangered “he explained.

For instance, “The DFO‘s instructions were simple: escort the whale shark to safety with no effort or expense spared. In addition, The forest department, fishermen, and wildlife conservationists worked together to guide this. 2-tonne fish back into the ocean alive, requiring superhuman physical and mental efforts. And it was a resounding success. The whale shark successfully returned to the ocean’s depths “He went on to say more.

“The Maldives Whale Shark Research Programme has received the shark’s photos for identification. This would benefit us in better comprehending the actions and boundaries of these gentle giants “he stated

Therefore, “In such a scenario, the fisherman are advised and requested to contact the forest department directly for rescue and safe release, as time is of the key in such operations. The fishermen will be compensated if their fishing nets are damaged as a result of the release of whale sharks, if the whale sharks become entangled in their nets “Added he.

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