Are There Any Current Vaccines That Work On Omicron? Response from a World Health Organization (WHO) expert

Are There Any Current Vaccines: Omicron cases have been. Documented among persons. Who have been. Vaccinated as well. According to. Dr Poonam Khetrapal “It’s crucial to understand that while vaccines reduce your risk of infection, they don’t entirely eliminate it. This applies to all variations.”

Coronavirus: Omicron Highly Unlikely To Fully Dodge Vaccine Protection: WHO

New Delhi: 

Dr Poonam Khetrapal, WHO Regional Director for South-East Asia, told. NDTV today that preliminary evidence on Omicron suggests “higher transmissibility,” adding that “regardless of the change in severity, an increase in cases alone may pose an overwhelming demand on healthcare systems and may lead to an increase in mortality.”

Are There Any Current Vaccines: “Do the current vaccines work on Omicron?” is a question that has been raised several times. – “While investigations are ongoing, given the many mutations in. Meanwhile, Omicron, it is plausible to believe that the present vaccinations provide protection against severe infections and death,” Dr Khetrapal added.

Adults, healthcare workers, and people with underlying diseases should be given priority, she said.

Omicron cases have also been documented among those who have been vaccinated, according to Dr Khetrapal “It’s important to understand that while immunizations reduce your risk of infection, they don’t fully eliminate it. This applies to all variations.”

In addition, She noted that as the argument about the need for booster doses rages on, “People who are moderately or seriously. Immunocompromised are more vulnerable. And they should be given an extra dosage of the vaccine. However, data for the. The broader public is required. The benefits of booster doses vs. expanding primary immunization. Coverage in various groups is now being evaluated.”

“The booster dose strategy. Must be. Seen in the. Context of preventing. Serious illness and death while also safeguarding the healthcare system. As more evidence becomes available, WHO recommendations will be updated.”

“Because children have a milder condition than adults, it’s less necessary to vaccinate them unless they’re in a population at higher risk of COVID-19,” she noted.

However, she determined that children who have been. Vaccinated have a lower risk of transmitting the virus to the “at-risk” category.

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