Justice Gogoi on Rajya Sabha Attendance: “I Go When I Feel Like”

Justice Gogoi, the former Chief Justice of India and a. Rajya Sabha member. Stated that he is a nominated member.

'I Go When I Feel Like': Justice Gogoi On Rajya Sabha Attendance

New Delhi: 

Justice Ranjan Gogoi, the former Chief Justice of India, defended his choice to join the. Rajya Sabha four months after leaving from the Supreme Court, a decision that drew much criticism.

He said he accepted the job without hesitation because he wanted to promote concerns related to the judiciary and the. North East region, which he calls home.

However, since becoming a member of the Rajya Sabha last year, Justice Gogoi‘s attendance in the Rajya Sabha has been fewer than 10%.

Justice Gogoi: He highlighted the pandemic as one of the reasons for his poor attendance in an interview with NDTV.

“You ignore the fact that. I filed a letter to the house for one or two sessions explaining that owing to. Covid, I would not be attending the session on the medical suggestion,” he said.

“I go to the Rajya Sabha whenever I feel like it… whenever I believe there are important topics on which I should speak,” Justice Gogoi continued.

“I am a member who has been nominated. I am not ruled by any political party. It doesn’t tie me when the bell rings for party members to arrive. I choose to go there, and I choose to leave. I am a member of the house who is self-contained.”

The former Judge was nominated to the upper house by the. President of India, at the advice of the. Centre, effectively making him a government nominee. 

On the advice of the. Centre, the President of India nominated the former judge to the upper chamber, essentially making him a government nominee.

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