Kerala: The local secretary of the CPM was stabbed to death.

Kerala: The local secretary: The CPI(M) state secretariat said in a statement that the murder was part of an RSS plan to eliminate political opponents. According to the party, the murderer’s plot should be exposed.

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A CPI(M) local secretary was stabbed to death in. Kerala’s Pathanamthitta district on Thursday night.

According to authorities, the victim, P B. Sandeep Kumar, was returning home on a two-wheeler. When he was allegedly waylaid and. Attacked by a gang of five. He was. Pronounced. Deceased at the hospital.

Kerala: The local secretary: The murder, according to the CPI(M) state secretariat, was part of an RSS campaign to remove political opponents. The murderer’s plot, according to the party, should be revealed.

The BJP did not respond to the charge until late in the evening.

Therefore, The incident occurred at 8 p.m. near Thiruvalla, according to police. According to PTI, there were 11 stab wounds on the body. Kumar, 32, was also a past member of the village panchayat.

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