Team India will stay in two hotels, with the safety of the players being a top priority for us: South Africa’s Cricket Chief

Team India: Cricket South Africa (CSA) chairman. Lawson Naidoo said the board is in close contact with the. BCCI and appreciates the precautions taken by the Indian government.

Team India To Stay In Two Hotels, Players Safety Priority For Us: Cricket South Africa Chief To NDTV

The discovery of a novel Covid strain named Omicron has raised concerns over India’s tour of South Africa. Cricket South Africa (CSA) chairman Lawson Naidoo told. NDTV that the board is in close contact with the. BCCI and welcomes the precautions taken by the Indian government, calling other countries’ travel restrictions an overreaction.

Team India: Only 2000 people would be permitted inside the stadium each game throughout the series, according to. Naidoo, once they have been verified as having been vaccinated. He also went into detail about the bio-secure environment bubble and the. CSA’s emergency plan in case things get out of hand.

Excerpts below:

Despite the new Covid variation, the BCCI president stated yesterday that the tour will continue. Have you received any correspondence from BCCI, either formal or informal?

We communicate with the BCCI on a daily basis, keeping them up to date on developments in South Africa.

What would you like to say to the BCCI now that most countries have imposed travel restrictions?

The World Health Organization has stated that travel. Restrictions are an overreaction to the discovery of a new Covid-19 virus type. Travel restrictions have been found to be unsuccessful in controlling the virus’s spread. The Indian government, in our opinion, has taken appropriate precautions to reduce. The spread of the virus among travelers entering India.

Is there anything specific that BCCI has requested for the tour?

The BCCI has not made any particular requests.

Is that going to be a major consideration?

The research on the variant is still ongoing, and more information will be available in the coming weeks, but for the time being, the severity of the strand appears to be less severe than earlier variants. In this aspect, our scientists are world leaders.

What about the tour’s safety, measures, and procedures taken by the South African board to ensure a smooth run?

Therefore, As the safety of the players, match officials, and team management is a top priority for us.

What about the biosecure bubble and the players’ isolation period?

For the duration of the tour, both teams will be in a bio-secure environment. This year, South Africa has previously hosted Sri Lanka and Pakistan, so we are familiar with ensuring secure surroundings.

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