Leopard Barges Into School, Attacks Student, and Is Confined In Classroom

Leopard Barges: A number of individuals were observed standing atop high walls around the school site, attempting to figure out what had occurred.

Leopard enters Indian school and injures five people before capture | India  | The Guardian

New Delhi: 

On Wednesday, a leopard went into a school in Aligarh, Uttar Pradesh, and assaulted a pupil before being locked up in a classroom.

The event, which occurred at Aligarh’s Chaudhary Nihal Singh Inter College, sparked widespread outrage, with a mob forming outside the school as employees awaited forest officers to remove the leopard.

“As soon as I walked inside the classroom, I noticed a leopard. The animal attacked and bit me on the arm and back as soon as I turned away “Lucky Raj Singh, the student who was assaulted by the animal, expressed his gratitude.

He only sustained minor injuries and has since been released from the hospital.

“This morning, a leopard entered the campus as students were arriving. The animal assaulted one of the students. The injured toddler was taken to a government hospital where he was treated. He has returned home and is doing well “Principal of Chaudhary Nihal Singh Inter College, Yogesh Yadav.

Leopard Barges: “The leopard is in room number ten at college. The authorities in charge of the forests have been notified. The local police station has also been informed. We’ve been keeping an eye on the animal via CCTV “he stated

Therefore, The cat was seen wandering about the locked classroom in visuals. A number of individuals were observed standing atop high walls around the school site. Attempting to figure out what had occurred.

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