The Hinduja Family Feud Endangers a Century-Old Business Empire

The Hinduja. Family Feud: With a combined net worth of $15 billion, the four Hinduja brothers always put up a united face. With little to hint that all was not well in the Hinduja household.

The Hinduja Family Feud Puts Century-Old Business Empire In Jeopardy

Watching Bollywood movies with his grandfather. Srichand Hinduja, the patriarch of a large worldwide corporate dynasty, was one of. Karam Hinduja’s favorite pleasures as a boy in London.

In a recent interview in Geneva, Karam said, “He and. I, without fail, once a week, whatever was new.

The Hinduja Family Feud: He had no idea that a quarter-century later. He and his wife would get caught up in a real-life family drama that would rival any Bollywood narrative. And, unlike the majority of the tearjerkers they’ve seen, this one might not end happily.

Karam, his sister, mother, aunt, and grandmother are battling the Hinduja family for control of the $18 billion British-Indian conglomerate. Gopichand, Prakash, and Ashok, three of SP’s three brothers, urge the group to cling to its age-old ethos of “everything belongs to everyone and nothing belongs to anyone.”

As court disputes rage in London and Switzerland, and the SP side claims misogyny may be driving acts against his daughters, there may be no turning back. Therefore, The 107-year-old conglomerate’s 107-year-old feud is threatening to unravel, putting one of the world’s largest corporations in peril. The Hinduja Group employs nearly 150,000 people in 38 countries in areas such as truck manufacturing, banking, chemicals, power, media, and healthcare. The Hinduja Group has dozens of businesses, including six publicly traded firms in India.

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