Kerala Wedding Traditions: God’s Own Country Weddings

Kerala Wedding Traditions: God’s Own Country Weddings. Knowing about people’s food, clothing, and traditions is the first step in getting to know them.

Explore the last with this in-depth look into wedding ceremonies in Kerala’s four main communities.

Kerala is, without a doubt, God’s own nation. Kerala has something for everyone. With stunning beaches, backwaters, coconut and palm trees, and lush grasslands as backdrops.

Kerala is home to a diverse range of cultures and religions. Just as it is home to a diverse range of backdrops. And these are shown when you investigate them through their rituals and traditions for one of the society’s most important threads: weddings.

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Kerala Wedding Traditions

In comparison to other traditional Indian marriages. They feature extremely few rituals.

The majority of traditional Kerala Nair weddings take place at a temple, surrounded by friends and family and in the presence of God.

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1. Nischayam:

The Nischayam is a traditional engagement that is part of the Kerala wedding rites. Exchanging their matching and certified horoscopes.

The ring ceremony is then followed by a Mothiram Maattal. Which is a traditional name for it. Bridal ornaments are among the gifts exchanged over her.

2. Mehndi:

The Mehndi ritual for brides is similar to other Mehndi celebrations in India. In Kerala wedding ceremonies, the bride’s aunts begin to draw pretty patterns on her hands and feet. In contrast to a traditional Mehndi function. After some time, an artist may decide to pursue it.


1. Dakshina Kodukkal:

This ceremony is performed by the bride and groom, right before they leave for the wedding venue. They seek blessings from all the elders of the house. The Dakshina is a symbol of the elders’ blessings.

2. Kanyadaan:

The Kanyadaan is a broad word for the mainstay of a Kerala wedding for a Nair marriage. It starts with a formal welcome for the groom and his family. Followed by the joyful entrance of the blushing bride.

The groom’s father gives him a Mangalsutra to wear around the bride’s neck after the wedding. This is referred to as a Thalikettu, and it complements the bride’s traditional Kerala wedding jewelry.

3. Pudamuri:

This happens in the Pudamuri tradition during a Nair Kerala wedding. The groom presents his bride with a saree on a tray. This symbolic gesture signifies that he would always be her provider.

4. Sadhya:

Similarly, Sadhya is a traditional Nair wedding supper eaten during Kerala wedding rituals. It consists of 25 courses served on a banana leaf. A variety of rice, pickles, curry, and sweets make up the complex feast.

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