How To Overcome Emotional Stupidity

How To Overcome Emotional Stupidity- To put it another way, stupid or incompetent people are frequently too stupid or ignorant to recognize their own stupidity or incompetence. They believe they are fantastic.

We’re all prone to stupidity and arrogance. Leaning more on other minds is one approach to start correcting it. Individuals are less likely to be stupid than groups.

I understand that this does not apply to you, dear reader. But think about sharing it; you could just be able to help someone in need…

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Tips to Overcome Emotional Stupidity

  • It is not as difficult as you may imagine; however, you need start small and gradually increase your thinking time.
  • Start each day with on any of your daily routine. If this is too much for you, divide your daily tasks. Allow yourself some rest in between tasks to avoid overworking your brain.
  • Consider how you drive, what you say to others, what you buy in stores, what you read in the newspaper, what you watch on TV, your political views, what you say and “like” on social media, what you do with your free time, how you discipline your children, and what you eat. Once you’ve mastered these, you can begin to consider your seemingly normal emotional responses to specific situations, as well as some of your core beliefs. But, once again, begin small. You don’t want to become too involved in the process and become overwhelmed.
  • Try not to dwell on the same topics each day. You’re well aware of your tendency towards being bored.
  • Once you’ve established the habit, gradually increase the amount of time you spend thinking.
  • Now try reading a book that isn’t fiction. ‘Self-help,’ ‘home decorating,’ ‘alternative medicine,’ and religious/ spiritual publications should all be avoided. These are also made-up stories. Try reading a book about science or current events. Remember to reflect on what you’ve read.
  • Watch a little less TV every day. Or at the very least, try to watch a few more documentaries.
  • Make an effort to surround yourself with smart individuals. Also, learn to pay attention to what they’re saying. 

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