Hardik Pandya Speaks Out About The ‘Rs 5 Crore Watch Seized’ By Airport Customs

Hardik Pandya Speaks Out: The customs agency had only taken one watch worth. 1.5 crore for “appropriate value,” according to Hardik Pandya.

Hardik Pandya Clarifies On 'Rs 5 Crore Watch Seized' By Airport Customs


Cricketer Hardik Pandya denied claims that he was detained at the. Mumbai airport on his return from. Dubai with two wrist watches valued Rs. 5 crore, stating just one watch worth Rs. 1.5 crore was taken for “appropriate appraisal.”

Hardik Pandya Speaks Out: According to a report by news agency. ANI on Tuesday, the Customs Department seized two watches on Sunday night since. Mr Pandya allegedly did not have a bill for them.

Mr Pandya issued a statement on. Twitter denying the allegations, saying, “I went to the Mumbai airport customs counter freely to declare the products. I had brought and pay the required customs duty. Wrong impressions about my customs declaration at. Mumbai airport have been circulating on social media, and I’d want to clarify what happened.”

“I’d freely declared all of the products I’d legitimately purchased in. Dubai and. Was. Prepared. To pay whatever duties were due. In truth. The customs agency had requested all purchase documentation, which were provided; nonetheless, customs is completing a suitable value for duty, which I have already agreed to pay “he stated

“The watch costs roughly 1.5 crore, not 5 crore as some reports on social media suggest. I’m a law-abiding person who holds all government entities in high regard. I’ve received full cooperation from the. Mumbai customs department. And I’ve informed them that I’ll give them with any legitimate paperwork they require to clear this problem. All charges that I have crossed any legal boundaries are completely false “Added he.

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