Ravi Shastri says Virat Kohli may step down as India captain to focus on his batting.

Ravi Shastri says Virat Kohli: According to former India head coach Ravi Shastri, after resigning the T20I captaincy, Virat Kohli may do the same in future formats to focus on his batting.

Virat Kohli, according to former India head coach Ravi Shastri, may give up captaincy in other formats after doing so in T20 to deal with the enormous strain that comes with the job, especially during COVID times. Shastri’s time in charge of the Indian team came to an end with the side’s early exit from the. T20 World Cup. Kohli has stepped down as captain of the shortest format following the showpiece event, having rested for the. T20 series and one Test against. New Zealand to recover from bubble fatigue in COVID times.

Ravi Shastri says Virat Kohli: Shastri was asked about Kohli giving up captaincy in other formats to help manage his workload in an interview with India Today.

“India has been number one in red ball cricket for the last five years under his captaincy.” Unless he wants to give up or is psychologically exhausted, in which case he says he wants to concentrate on my batting, which may happen soon.

“It won’t happen right away, but it’s possible.” The same thing may happen in white ball cricket if. He decides he’s had enough and concentrates on Test captaincy. That decision will be made by his mind and body. He will not be the first to do so.

“Many successful players have given up captaincy in order to concentrate on their batting for their team.” Kohli, according to Shastri, is by far the fittest cricketer in the team.

“He’s certainly eager, and he’s in better shape than anyone else on the team. There’s no doubt about that. When you’re physically fit, your life expectancy skyrockets. On the captaincy front, it will be his option, but I believe he will decline to play white ball cricket, but he should continue to play red ball cricket since he has been the best spokesperson for Test cricket. That will encourage him to continue “Shastri stated.

Many players in the team, including Kohli, would take extensive vacations to recover from bubble fatigue, according to Shastri. He also discussed the need of split leadership in the COVID era.

“It will relieve the individual’s stress, especially in these times. Many players will take a break. I expect a lot of games to want to take a break, and that’s understandable. You should take a break from the game now and then.”

Shastri emphasized that playing the World Cup so soon after the IPL was not ideal for the team, but refused to blame the BCCI because the rescheduling was forced by COVID-19.

“I won’t say that, but they didn’t have an option once the IPL was scrapped in April. However, I do not believe this will occur in the future. Kapil is correct in his assessment of the scheduling aspect, since it will have an impact “When asked about Kapil Dev’s statement about players prioritizing the IPL above their country, he responded.

“Every board, not just the BCCI, must be cautious when it comes to scheduling. Remember, if you include the IPL, we play more cricket than any other team in the world.”

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