Falguni Nayar, Nykaa’s newest female billionaire, gives this advice.

Falguni Nayar: FSN E-Commerce Ventures Ltd, which runs the e-commerce site. Nykaa, raised $53.5 billion in its first public offering, with shares rising. 96 percent on the first day of trade.

Nykaa's Falguni Nayar, Newest Female Billionaire, Offers This Advice

Falguni Nayar joined the elite group of self-made billionaires last week, when the beauty company she established went public and immediately doubled in value. She’s now encouraging more women to take charge.

Ms. Nayar is the CEO of. FSN E-Commerce Ventures Ltd, which raised. $53.5 billion ($720 million) in its IPO and had its stock increase 96 percent on the first day of trading. According to the. Bloomberg Billionaires Index. Ms Nayar, who owns almost half of the company, is India’s wealthiest self-made female billionaire, worth nearly $7 billion.

In an interview following the trading debut. Ms Nayar remarked, “Women need to allow the spotlight of their lives to be on themselves.” “I hope that more women, like myself, dare to dream big.”

After working in investment banking and mentoring other entrepreneurs through the IPO process, Ms. Nayar started her company, which runs the e-commerce site Nykaa, in 2012.

Most Indian women used to buy makeup and hair care products from local mom-and-pop shops, where the range was limited and trials were unheard of. She saw an opportunity to provide clients with convenient online access to high-end cosmetic products. Along with tutorials and customer testimonials.

“India would be a tremendous retail market,” Ms. Nayar said. “Indians will aspire for more, their purchasing power will increase, and they will spend more on lifestyle products and services. Nykaa is at a great location.”

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