Two days after Diwali, Delhi and its surrounding cities are blanketed in smog.

Two days after Diwali, At 6 a.m. Delhi’s AQI was. Recorded to be. 533, putting it in the “severe” category. Particulate Matter (PM) levels were at their highest in three years.

Delhi Air Pollution: Delhi, Neighbouring Cities Wrapped In Smog Blanket 2  Days After Diwali

 New Delhi: 

For the second day in a row, a dense layer of deadly haze blanketed. Delhi and adjacent areas, with the air quality index value remaining in the “severe” category.

At 6 a.m., Delhi’s. AQI was recorded to be. 533, putting it in the “severe” category. Particulate Matter (PM) levels were at their highest in three years.

Two days after Diwali, Following the Diwali festival. Delhi’s air quality index plunged to the “severe” category on. Friday, as individuals disobeyed the ban on firecrackers and the national capital awoke to a layer of deadly fog.

In addition, Particulate Matter (PM) 2.5 concentrations were 341 per cubic metre at Jantar Mntar in the city on Saturday morning, well beyond the WHO’s recommended safe limit of 25. PM2.5 in the air can cause heart and lung illness, as well as lung cancer.

For instance, Those suffering with respiratory issues have been urged to remain indoors.

“There is an excessive amount of smog. Breathing has becoming tough for us.

Another biker commented: “There is hope if the government reinstates the odd-even arrangement. However, it does not appear that pollution will decrease very soon “..

New Delhi has the worst air quality of any major city on the planet.

Therefore, Despite the Delhi government’s entire prohibition on firecrackers. Even green ones, several people were. Observed bursting crackers on. Diwali, one of India’s most important festivals, contributing to the degradation of air quality.

Experts warn that a deadly cocktail of emissions from firecrackers, stubble burning, and local sources, as well as unfavorable climatic circumstances — calm winds, low temperature, and low mixing height — are among the factors to the city’s bad air quality.

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