India now has 10,929 cases of Covid, with 392 deaths.

India now recorded 10,929 cases, down 14.2 percent from yesterday’s total (12,729). According to the government, 392 people died in the last 24 hours in the country.

10,929 Fresh Covid Cases In India, 14.14% Lower Than Yesterday: 10 Points

New Delhi, November 6

According to figures from the Union health ministry, India registered 10,929 new coronavirus cases on Saturday, bringing the total number of infections to 3,43,44,683, with 392 additional deaths bringing the total number of deaths to 4,60,265.

According to data updated at 8 a.m., the number of active cases fell to 1,46,950 from 1,48,922 on Friday.

For the past 29 days, the daily increase in Covid cases has been below 20,000. For the past 132 days, less than 50,000 daily cases have been reported.

Active cases account for 0.43 percent of all infections, the lowest level since March of last year. According to the government, the national recovery rate is now at 98.23%, the highest level since March of last year.

The daily positive rate was 1.35 percent on average. For the past 33 days, it has remained below 2%. The optimism rate for the week was 1.27 percent. According to the data, it has been below 2% for the past 43 days.

1,40,362 people died in Maharashtra, 38,102 in Karnataka, 36,204 in Tamil Nadu, 33,048 in Kerala, 25,091 in Delhi, 22,903 in Uttar Pradesh, and 19,201 in West Bengal, out of a total of 4,60,265 deaths.

Officials in Kerala claimed they had reconciled 268 deaths from the prior month, adding that the state had reported 46 deaths the day before.

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