Annaaatthe Movie Review: Even Rajinikanth can’t redeem Annaaatthe because it’s poorly scripted.

Annaaatthe Movie Review: Even Rajinikanth: 2.0/5 from the critics We observe a troubled woman heading out of a bar where the people who have been bothering her are laying in horrible shape, due to a mysterious man, during the scene that leads up the intermission in Annaatthe. As she walks away, we notice a saviour perched atop a building, throwing a giant shadow that appears to follow her around like a protecting shield. It’s a fantastic visual theme that perfectly captures the plot of Annaatthe — a brother defending his sister from all harm.

Annaatthe Movie Review: Even Rajinikanth cannot save badly written  Annaaatthe

However, it also gives a new layer of meaning to the movie. A Rajini film nowadays works better when his presence is represented by a shadow or silhouette rather than the man himself, who has gradually grown to resemble a shadow of the. Superstar we know.

In a scene set outside a court, when he admonishes. Prakash Raj, who comes in a thankless role as a minor adversary who is rehabilitated by the hero, we catch him trying to play the. Rajinikanth fans know from 15 years ago.

Annaaatthe Movie Review: Even. Rajinikanth: Yes, he still performs everything we expect to see him do on film at the age of 70. He mouths punchlines (which lack punch now that he has made his political intentions clear), playsfully romances the heroine (here, it’s. Nayanthara, who is content to play a role that is more of an extended cameo), gets emotional, throws us throwbacks to his previous films (here, it’s. Khushbu and. Meena, one-time. Rajini heroines who are now comic supporting actors), shakes a leg to D Imman’s peppy songs. However, there is one adversary that even. Rajinikanth can’t defeat: lousy writing! And this tyrant is simply too powerful in Annaatthe.

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