T20 World Cup: Afghanistan makes a fan appeal after crowd chaos, and the ICC requests a “thorough investigation” from the ECB.

T20 World Cup: Afghanistan After thousands of ticketless fans attempted to storm the Dubai stadium for Afghanistan’s match against Pakistan, Afghanistan captain Mohammad Nabi begged for calm at the T20 World Cup.

On Friday, Afghanistan captain Mohammad Nabi begged for peace during the T20 World Cup as thousands of ticketless fans attempted to storm the. Dubai Stadium for the high-profile match against Pakistan. Many fans who had purchased tickets were unable to attend. Nabi urged Afghan fans to get tickets to the team’s remaining tournament matches. “Please get a ticket. And come to the stadium, Afghan fans. Don’t make the same mistake twice. This isn’t ideal “Nabi remarked this after his team was. Defeated by five wickets.

T20 World Cup: Afghanistan The International Cricket. Council expressed regret to ticket holders who were unable to enter the stadium, which will also host the final on November 14.

According to an ICC release, “more than 16,000 tickets have been issued for tonight’s encounter between Pakistan and Afghanistan.”

Thousands of ticketless fans, on the other hand, arrived at the venue and attempted to force their way into the stadium.

“Dubai Police and security personnel guarded the stadium to ensure everyone’s safety inside. And large additional. Resources were sent in to disperse the. Crowd and calm the situation.”

“The International Cricket Council (ICC), the Board of Control for. Cricket in India (BCCI), and the Emirates. Cricket Board (ECB) regret to any spectators who were. Refused to enter the stadium despite having valid tickets.”

“The ICC has urged the ECB to conduct a full investigation. Of tonight’s events in order to learn any lessons,” they continued. “The ECB will work closely with authorities to ensure that this situation does not occur again in the future.”

The events of Friday brought back memories of the two teams’ 2019 50-over. World Cup match in Leeds, which was marred by brawling and a pitch invasion.

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