Mohammed Shami is tougher than you think at the T20 World Cup, haters.

Mohammed Shami is tougher than you think at the T20 World Cup, haters- Pacer has recovered from injuries and personal issues in the past. He is mentally tough enough to endure the new social media attacks on him.

A cricket match can be won or lost, and it doesn’t really matter after a day or two. Hatred, on the other hand, persists. Like the stench of rotting meat that no amount of Arabian perfume can mask.

The extraordinary online abuse on Mohammed Shami, who, like the rest of his squad, did not perform well against Pakistan, could be enough to shatter him.

After this horrible occurrence, you can’t blame the world’s best all-round paceman for deciding “enough is enough.” Stepping away from the game in the middle of a World Cup. If you know Shami, though, you can rest assured that he will not.

The Uttar Pradesh native, who moved to Kolkata as a young lad to pursue a career as a cricketer, is a warrior through and through. Whether it’s injuries, religious bigotry, familial concerns, or weight issues, we’ve all been there.

M.Shami has always had a difficult road ahead of him since the arclights were cast upon him.

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Shami at the T20 World Cup, haters.

Shami was attacked by Muslim fundamentalists in 2016 simply because he uploaded a photo of his wife sans a veil.

Two years later, his personal life was in shambles, and it appeared that his international career was coming to an end.

He travelled to England shortly after that terrible period in his life and faced the media after bowling a superb spell at Edgbaston.

Even the Indian press was hesitant to ask him the inevitable question, but Shami practically took it upon himself to address it.

“My personal troubles gave me the strength to battle even harder on the field to show myself,” Shami remarked. He was a true believer in what he preached…

And now it’s a disgusting attack simply because a segment of Indian cricket fans didn’t have the Sunday evening they had planned for themselves.

The fact that Mohammad Rizwan, the Pakistan opener who bowled Shami out on Sunday, tweeted on Tuesday. “The demands, hardships, and sacrifices a player must make for his country and people are immeasurable.

@Md-Shami11 is an absolute legend and one of the best bowlers on the planet. Please respect your celebrities. This game should bring people together, not divide them, #Shami #PAKvIND “may add gasoline to racists’ fires

But, ideally, the team management recognizes Shami’s importance and will do everything possible to keep the paceman away from it.

MS Dhoni, at the very least, would. As captain, he persuaded a half-fit Shami to play through discomfort in the 2015 ODI World Cup. Causing his injury to worsen and forcing him to miss a year of international cricket. For the sake of India!

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