Most Popular Sports in India

Most Popular Sports in IndiaSport has always succeeded to bring a big portion of the populace together on one side of the aisle in India.

There are few occasions when Indians come together as a country to support a single cause, and athletic events are among them.

In terms of sheer popularity and following, some sports far outnumber others, while others struggle to get traction.

Cricket is without a doubt one of India’s most popular sports.


Cricket‘s popularity in India is unrivaled when compared to the amount of interest it generates in any other country.

In terms of football passion, Brazil and Argentina are close, but the sheer number of cricket fans in India tilts the scale eastwards.

Apart from elite sporting channels broadcasting and promoting cricket matches on a regular basis. India’s cricket performance plays a significant impact in the sport’s continued popularity.


Foot ball, the most popular sport in the planet, is a mystery in India.

While the ISL has a sizable fan base in India.

Given India’s population and the demographics of some of the other countries that have qualified for the World Cup in recent years. Failing to qualify even once might be considered a massive professional and institutional failure.

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Kabaddi has risen to prominence among traditional Indian sports thanks to the unexpected growth of the Pro-Kabaddi League.

In 2014, the PKL surpassed the IPL as India’s second most popular league.

At the moment, Iran and India are the world’s two best kabaddi players. Until 2017, India has won all of the Kabaddi World Cups.

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Though badminton has long been a popular sport among the general public, it has had less success on the international stage.

This pattern has shifted as a new generation of Indian players has established themselves and their country on the world stage.

After distinguishing herself in numerous competitions. Saina Nehwal won a bronze medal at the London Olympics in 2012, cementing her place in history.


Hockey, India’s national sport, is still attempting to reclaim its glory days, when it brought home gold medals from every Olympic Games.

India dominated the hockey world with over eight Olympic gold medals, led by Dhyan Chand.

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